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  • ELITE SocialEngine Hosting
    Tired of fake or faulty SocialEngine hosting? Get SocialEngine trusted hosting and you get unbeatable and the most reliable support! All support tickets are answered in under 10 mins! You will not find hosting at a better offer than this! We offer unbeatable deals for all SocialEngine Developers. We are the best, fastest and most reliable hosting for Social Engine and more. We offer all in one solution for your SocialEngine community. Check out our fully optimized DDoS protected servers for the ultimate SocialEngine experience and the fastest performing SocialEngine community. • Free Social Engine Support & Installation • Free REAL 24/7 LIVE CHAT support! • DDoS Protection • No HIDDEN Fees! • No SPAM! • No Hassle! We also offer other CMS applications that can be installed free of charge! Get the absolute best hosting for your Social Engine PHP community! You will receive your own WHM/cPanel/FTP Managed/Unmanaged SE hosting at an affordable flat monthly rate that you're going to love + we have several options! Our secure private SocialEngine specialized hosting plans are always changing. So stay up to date and lock in our special offer now while it still lasts!
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  • Best Hosting Solutions For Socialengine PHP
    Our company provides solutions at an affordable price, with No Hidden Fees, No Contracts, and No Empty Promises. We provide personal and business solutions with a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
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  • Advanced Forms Plugin
    Powerful set of tools for creating custom forms, not only for admins but also for regular members. Quickly build and design your SocialEngine forms using the intuitive and fast form builder packed with features.
    Updated March 26, 2014 Visit Website
  • I love Metro Template
    Want to change your SocialEngine beyond recognition? Tired of sad gray color? You should to Say hello to bright "I love Metro" template. Unique design based on metro style, Autocomplete search, Advanced notifications as facebook, 2 different home pages, 15 metro styles, Scroll to top feature and etc functions will give your site new wave of users. Very very focused on details. We can say, it is our Best template at all Time!
    Updated March 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • Publisher Plugin
    The Publisher plugin by provides a quick and easy system for managing your content.
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • DocumentShare Plugin
    With DocumentShare by your users can upload documents directly to your social site. Documents are always available, easy to find, and easy to manage. - See more at:
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • DB2Dropbox Plugin
    Backup your SocialEngine database to Dropbox.
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • Photo Feed / Instagram Media Plugin
    This plugin allows your social network to have dynamic, content rich photos (and videos) on your website by dynamically retrieve Instagram media and display them on your site.
    Updated April 02, 2014 Visit Website
  • Contest plugin
    Looking for a way to attract local businesses? Run social media contests and attract new businesses, users and increase their loyalty. Contest plugin for SocialEngine allows you to run photo contests in your social network. The contest participants upload their photo for the selected subject matter, participants can share their submissions to friends on Facebook, Twitter or on any other social service to increase their chance to win. The winners are chosen by votes of your site users.
    Updated March 19, 2014 Visit Website
  • Optimized SocialEngine Deployment
    With more than 4 years of SocialEngine development, we can help optimizing your deployment so that your social network is performed better. In this package, we will do general deployment optimization on your server basis. This package can be done on dedicated server(s) OR on Amazon cloud service (if your SE is running onAmazon Web Services)
    Updated March 05, 2014 Visit Website
  • Static Pages, HTML Blocks and Multiple Forms Plugin
    Static content is an integral part of all websites and mostly contains essential information. It is important that such content should be presented well as it is normally seen by all visitors and users. This plugin enables you to create multiple, custom, attractive and informative Static Pages and HTML Blocks in multiple languages on your website. You can also create Multiple Forms on your website and embed them in Static Pages / HTML Blocks. Such forms can be used for various purposes and are very useful to gather desired information from users / visitors.
    Updated March 03, 2014 Visit Website
  • Responsive Theme
    Do you want a Clean, Flexible, fully responsive and retina ready Social Engine theme without ruining the one you've already got? Are you happy with your SocialEngine theme, but want it to be fully responsive? Then this lightweight & simple in design plugin is just for you! We provide a smart and well hand crafted environment that allows you to serve outstanding communities with a streamlined fully responsive design. Check out our screenshots that show off our demo site! There is no limit to what you can accomplish using our Responsive Theme. Modify your network's theme without ruining your current design. All of our plugins are ALWAYS responsive in design!
    Updated April 17, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Payment Gateway
    Advanced Payment Gateway is an extension of SocialEngine Payment Gateway. With Advanced Payment Gateway tightly-integrated in place, it offers more payment processing option to site owners as well as members . In addtion, the billing cycle option is also well compatible with recurring payment mechanism from other Payment Gateway(s). The payment flexibility increased remarkably which will definitely help to reduce the number of subscriptions dropped at middle.
    Updated February 26, 2014 Visit Website
  • Integrity Theme - The most flexible SocialEngine theme
    With 7 different colors and more than 50 options in admin panel, Integrity is the most flexible SocialEngine theme. Customizing all elements in the landing page, menu icons and colors, drop down menu, font selection, custom CSS are just a few features of Integrity.
    Updated April 12, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Events Plugin
    Events form essential part of most online communities. They can be an important factor in the success of your community as they connect your users both online and offline. This plugin enables your users to create and organize events for both online & offline activities. It contains engaging features & attractive user interfaces to make events browsing, display and related actions on your website engaging. Multiple admin configurations, custom fields, customizable pages, widgets and flexible features allow you to extend this plugin based on your site's requirements, and you can use it for various purposes like Conferences, Parties, Meetings, Shows, Classes, and many more.
    Updated February 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • Android Application
    This is a rich for features Android application for SocialEngine PHP. It has a clean & attractive design(6 themes avaiable) and supports over 30 plugins. Android application increases users engagement and content generation, it allows members to sign-up and log-in, instantly receive push notifications, easily share posts, videos, photos and location, browse gorgeous photo gallery, play videos, find nearest venues, attend in events and many more! Go ahead and check more details -
    Updated February 04, 2014 Visit Website
  • Splash Screen
    Professional Login and Signup widget for your landing page. Comes with Facebook & Twitter Share Metadata for social media news feeds. Has a sign up area and a log in area right on the landing page to encourage new signups! We will help you set up your metadata, just ask! :)
    Updated February 26, 2014 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: SocialEngine Mobile Application - iOS App - iPad Version
    With the fast growing trend of mobile social networking, the line between mobile and web is being blurred. More and more people use mobile devices to access social networks every day. Continuing the success of SocialEngine iPhone Application, we are proud to introduce SocialEngine iPad application as a tool to increase mobility for your social network and to further support iPad users.
    Updated March 26, 2014 Visit Website
  • Mandatory Notice Plugin
    Getting important information to your users can be difficult. Emails can be lost or accidentally deleted, and not everyone notices those banners at the top of the page. With the Mandatory Notice plugin, however, you can ensure that your users have received your message.
    Updated January 21, 2014 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Mobile Application - Full Package (iOS, Android)
    Mobile Application is essential to the success of any Social Network, this need is no doubt. YouNet Mobile Application for SocialEngine based site is a perfect answer to this need. This is a Mobile Native Application, which could help your user easily to access your site from iOS, Android Phone, Tablet Devices. It does not only bring the better way for your user to experience your site but also make your site more professional. The unique design is specially designed for SocialEngine based Social Site, users still find it’s very easy to use just as Facebook, Google Plus, but still, the core of SocialEngine and your site are still there, which is distingue your application to Facebook one.
    Updated January 21, 2014 Visit Website
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