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  • YouNet :: Social Ads
    Social Ads was developed to serve this purpose. It's a powerful tool that allows administrators to create and manage ad packages effectively. Advertisers have various tools to keep track of the progress of their ads. Additionally, ads can be placed anywhere from header to footer, which provides advertisers many placement options to choose from. Variety in ad types, flexibility and full control on every aspect make social ads a prime candidate for implementing an advertising system on Socialengine platform
    Updated August 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • Simplex Theme
    Simplex is an Exceptionally Simple Theme for SocialEnginePHP v4 that has all the basic features your SE website must have, like- a beautiful Landing Page for your site, quick Login & Signup popup form for visitors, an attractive and responsive slideshow, fixed - floating Main Navigation Menu with a choice of icons, Members Cloud widget with color effect on mouse-over, Feature Blocks for easily configuring and highlighting your site’s idea, attractive social icons in footer, and a lot more!
    Updated August 27, 2014 Visit Website
  • Socialengine 2-Step Verification Plugin(Anti-Spam)
    Socialengine 2-Step Verification Plugin allows the socialengine community owners to add one more layer to secure the socialengine website. The plugin helps to secure the login process and force user to verify the unique code received to their mobile via sms.
  • Socialengine Mobile Verification plugin(Anti-Spam)
    Socialengine Mobile Verification Plugin allows you to protect your socialengine website by adding SMS verification functionality to User Registration functions.
  • Horoscope plus In Relation
    Stay up with daily horoscope information and know what surprises are waiting for you. In relation features helps you to be in close relation with lovely people in your life. 2 widgets which totally change you social network!
    Updated July 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • Zephyr Theme
    Make lots of customizations with just a few clicks. Delight users with a catchy Landing Page and a user-friendly responsive design. 10 premade Color Schemes, 5 Header Layouts, 2 Footer Layouts, 4 News Feed Layouts and many more features.
    Updated July 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Messages
    Advanced Messages plugin improves usability and user experience by providing smart and simple style like in facebook. It is now easy to talk, share emotions using smiles and attaching media contents (photos, videos, music, links). All of this features work via ajax loading, that makes this plugin really useful and easy to use!
    Updated July 18, 2014 Visit Website
  • Socialengine User Importer
    Socialengine User Importer plugin allows social networking site’s admin to allow them to import user’s data from CSV file.
  • Multiple Listing Types - Paid Listings Extension
    Paid Listings Extension for "Multiple Listing Types Plugin" enables you to create multiple Packages for the various Listing Systems on your website. You can enable Packages for selected Listing Types. Packages can be Paid or Free, and they can vary in terms of features like: Price, Billing Cycle (one-time / recurring), number of photos, wishlist feature availability, and many more. Even custom Profile Fields can be made package dependent such that higher packages can provide more profile fields and a detailed profile to listings.
    Updated July 14, 2014 Visit Website
  • SocialLOFT | PetLover Theme - SE4
    If you are a Pet Lover running a niche social network using SocialEngine v4 for other pet lovers, pets and pet owners then this theme is for you. The landing page of this theme was done using Parallax Scrolling Web Design technique. It creates a WOW effect, provokes curiosity, and encourages viewers for action. Not only did the theme was designed specifically for pet social networks, it also includes a set of “pet-friendly” icons to enhance the appearance and user’s experience when it is used on your site.
    Updated July 14, 2014 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Credit System
    A new virtual currency system designed specifically for social network has arrived. With Credit System in place, site owners are able to encourage users to engage in content enrichment activity. A content-rich site will attract more users thus, bringing more revenue in either adverstising or subsription
    Updated July 10, 2014 Visit Website
  • Minimal theme
    Looking for a clean and modern design for your SocialEngine? Minimal theme has flat style and elegant interfaces with a focus on content...
    Updated July 04, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Menus Plugin - Interactive and Attractive Navigation
    Easy navigation around a website is of the upmost importance when it comes to designing a website. It enables users to locate necessary information on your website as soon as possible and users are encouraged to explore more. A good main navigation bar is a clear indication that your website is filled with knowledge and depth, and is an important tool to maintain good user interest in your website. The Advanced Menus Plugin provides a functional and visually impressive navigation system for your online community, and enables all of the above points. You have multiple options to configure the designs and contents of your website's main menu, mini menu and footer menu.
    Updated July 01, 2014 Visit Website
  • 2048 GAME Module
    Move the tiles with the arrow keys. Each time 2 tiles with the same number touch, the numbers are added and the two tiles merge. Produce the magic number of 2048.
  • Free Persian language (All in one)
    Persian language for Socicalengine 4 and all standard plugins.
    Updated June 22, 2014 Visit Website
  • Auto Online. User Database
    Blank activity wall? Users are not active? We know how hard it is to grow your social network and come up with a new plugin. Add with 1 click = 2000 users with unique quality avatar. Configure as you want to show online users in a certain period! Virtual users will like, comments and create new posts! Your network to get a new impetus to the growing!
    Updated June 05, 2014 Visit Website
  • SocialLOFT | "Dating is Art" Theme - SE4
    "Dating is Art" theme is catered for online social dating sites using SocialEngine framework. It is meticulously crafted to make your dating site looks attractive to members and be profesional at the same time.
    Updated July 14, 2014 Visit Website
  • Socialengine Testimonial Plugin
    Socialengine Testimonial Plugin is best way to collect testimonials from users. Admin also can provide access to write public user for testimonial. After Approved by Admin Testimonial will be show in list for public users.
    Updated June 28, 2014 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Responsive Event Template
    Special Template Exclusive for Event Site With the fast-paced growth and diversity of devices with which users can surf the internet, a question on how to make the web layout to be adapted with all devices’ screen sizes: laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets becomes a tough question. Responsive Web is the best and ultimate answer for this tough puzzle. We have been working hard to bring you a new responsive event template, you’ll get new design for landing page which now supports new widgets such as hot events, popular events, sponsored events and a slider with full size photo that easily catches users’ attention. Search page before sign in is a new page with 3 view modes and rearranged components to help users find their events easily. It’s compatible with both default and our Advanced Event, so even if you don’t have Advanced Event, you can still have gorgeous design using default SocialEngine event.
    Updated June 27, 2014 Visit Website
  • Jobs Board
    Jobs Board is a plugin which allow your users to hire or apply for jobs. Key Features: Member Level Settings Scalable Options via Custom Fields (Job, Resume, Candidate and Employer) Modern Design but will be suitable with all Social Engine themes Working fine with Social Engine 4.2.0 - 4.x.x
    Updated April 29, 2014 Visit Website
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