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  • Responsive Creative Template
    Our new product continues category of trending full width templates. Creative have 3 columns structure, with custom left and right columns with unique widgets. Many settings in admin panel make this template very flexible and customizible. Dark/Light left/right column, Any main color, Multilanguage, complies with the standards of socialengine, Clean code, redesigned all things of old design socialengine in 1 creative template. Buy it now and will install it for free!
    Updated October 30, 2014 Visit Website
  • Responsive SocialTime Template
    Which home page you prefer for your website: old gray world or long trending with some unique blocks? If you select 2, then go to demo of socialtime and buy it immediately, before your competitors not ahead you! You just do not know the good old design socialengine, it is totally new. Responsive design - works good on any mobile or tablet! Our design will work on each custom module. Add slideshow, boxed version, editable background for header titles, many unique modern blocks. You may use ANY COLORS as MAIN! All phrases translatable, All Blocks on home page editable, We provide free installation service for this template.
    Updated October 28, 2014 Visit Website
  • Day-Logo plugin
    Now you can change your social network logo on certain occasions such as Valentine Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, just like Google does. Just upload logos and set the occasion dates, and Day-Logo plugin automatically displays them in time. View detailed information on our site - Test it on our demo - Find more plugins for SocialEngine here -
    Updated October 27, 2014 Visit Website
  • SocialLOFT | Get Satisfaction Feedback Plugin
    This Feedback plugin is a cool tool to increase the interaction between users and your site. This plugin enables site admin to collect valuable feedbacks and ideas from the community to improve the new just released feature as facebook does now.
    Updated October 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Search Plugin
    Searching and browsing data are the most important aspects of user-driven websites. Users love websites that enable easy searching and content finding. Advanced Search Plugin increases engagement and user retainment by making search convenient across your website's data. Features like powerful search, auto-suggesting of search results, search results ranking, one interface for searching across various content types, advanced searching and more, make this a valuable plugin for your website.
    Updated October 16, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Contact Us Form Plugin
    Advanced Contact Us Form Plugin is important to help you manage your relationship with your users and customers. This plugin has powerful contact management tools, where you can create form questions, segment through categories, subcategories and custom fields, track, analyze and communicate with your inbound form submissions. The contact us form is very flexible and can be used for multiple uses such as: simple “Contact Us” Contact form, “Customer Feedback” Contact form, “Support Contact” form, “Price Quote Contact” form, “Demo Request Contact” form, “Newsletter Signup” form, “Advertise with Us” contact form, “Suggestion” form, etc.
    Updated October 17, 2014 Visit Website
  • Responsive Modern Theme
    Responsive Modern Theme is made 100% Responsive with a fluid grid system which automatically adapts your SocialEngine website to any mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops so that your website looks amazing on any device. This theme is tested and works well with all modern browsers. With this theme you have endless Color Possibilities and a lot more!
    Updated October 27, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Members Plugin - Better Browse & Search, User Reviews, Ratings & Location
    Are Member Connections and Network Building important for your community? If yes, then this plugin will be very useful for your website. Advanced Members Plugin contains numerous features and great user interface to highlight members of your community, and enable easy browsing & searching of members. Basic and Advanced searching for members is available. Location and Proximity based searching enables users to find other members around them, or around desired locations. Users can also Rate and Review other members to maintain strong connections and validations in your network.
    Updated September 23, 2014 Visit Website
  • CometChat for SocialEngine Cloud
    The easiest way to enable your site users to audio/video/text chat!
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • CometChat - Leading SocialEngine Chat
    CometChat is the leading chat solution for SocialEngine which enables your site users to audio/video/text chat with each along with sharing photos & videos, playing games and a lot more!
    Updated September 18, 2014 Visit Website
  • Linkedin Login
    LinkedIn Login plugin allows community members to signup and login easily with LinkedIn accounts
    Updated September 09, 2014 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Responsive MetroUI Template
    Responsive Metro Template takes inspiration from Microsoft’s famous typography based design language. The template focuses on application’s content and relies on typography to bring out outstanding aspects of a social network. Its informal yet professional design is suitable for both entertainment and business social network. By combining a wide spectrum of colors and special effects along with methodical layout arrangement , Responsive Metro Template creates a futuristic look that separates itself from other contemporary design template.
    Updated September 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Social Ads
    Social Ads was developed to serve this purpose. It's a powerful tool that allows administrators to create and manage ad packages effectively. Advertisers have various tools to keep track of the progress of their ads. Additionally, ads can be placed anywhere from header to footer, which provides advertisers many placement options to choose from. Variety in ad types, flexibility and full control on every aspect make social ads a prime candidate for implementing an advertising system on Socialengine platform
    Updated September 08, 2014 Visit Website
  • Simplex Theme
    Simplex is an Exceptionally Simple Theme for SocialEnginePHP v4 that has all the basic features your SE website must have, like- a beautiful Landing Page for your site, quick Login & Signup popup form for visitors, an attractive and responsive slideshow, fixed - floating Main Navigation Menu with a choice of icons, Members Cloud widget with color effect on mouse-over, Feature Blocks for easily configuring and highlighting your site’s idea, attractive social icons in footer, and a lot more!
    Updated October 14, 2014 Visit Website
  • Socialengine 2-Step Verification Plugin(Anti-Spam)
    Socialengine 2-Step Verification Plugin allows the socialengine community owners to add one more layer to secure the socialengine website. The plugin helps to secure the login process and force user to verify the unique code received to their mobile via sms.
  • Socialengine Mobile Verification plugin(Anti-Spam)
    Socialengine Mobile Verification Plugin allows you to protect your socialengine website by adding SMS verification functionality to User Registration functions.
  • Horoscope plus In Relation
    Stay up with daily horoscope information and know what surprises are waiting for you. In relation features helps you to be in close relation with lovely people in your life. 2 widgets which totally change you social network!
    Updated July 25, 2014 Visit Website
  • Zephyr Theme
    Make lots of customizations with just a few clicks. Delight users with a catchy Landing Page and a user-friendly responsive design. 10 premade Color Schemes, 5 Header Layouts, 2 Footer Layouts, 4 News Feed Layouts and many more features.
    Updated September 19, 2014 Visit Website
  • Advanced Messages
    Advanced Messages plugin improves usability and user experience by providing smart and simple style like in facebook. It is now easy to talk, share emotions using smiles and attaching media contents (photos, videos, music, links). All of this features work via ajax loading, that makes this plugin really useful and easy to use!
    Updated October 09, 2014 Visit Website
  • Socialengine User Importer
    Socialengine User Importer plugin allows social networking site’s admin to allow them to import user’s data from CSV file.
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