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  • Avatar Styler plugin
    Avatar Styler lightweight plugin that allows you to make custom avatars by using your photos and applying filters on them.
    Updated July 17, 2015 Visit Website
  • Free! Advanced Poke, Wink, Slap, etc & Gifts Plugin
    Got a friend that you need to tell something or gift something really quick but, they’re AFK? Then this is the right place for you! This could be your next announcement after installing “Advanced Poke, Wink, Slap, etc & Gifts Plugin” on your website. With this plugin you can create various actions and virtual gifts that your users can send to each other. This plugin simulate a physical poke, smirk, wink, slap, etc to other member to get their attention. You can say that this plugin is an enhancement to Facebook’s popular Poke feature. With the Actions like Poke, Wink, Smirk, etc, your users can send Gifts like Star, Cash, Heart, Beer, Cake, etc also. This plugin comes with 20 pre-installed Actions and Gifts.
    Updated July 09, 2015 Visit Website
  • Social Boost plugin
    Collect loyal members around your community. Using our new Social Boost plugin you will be able to have more likes and followers of your pages on social networks. Also you will be able to reward your users for subscribing to your page or newsletter.
    Updated July 02, 2015 Visit Website
  • Responsive Spectacular Theme
    Spectacular is a fully responsive, visually rich theme for content focussed online communities. This sophisticated looking theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of websites. It contains many useful features like: Browse dropdown in header, Image Rotator with Action Button, Banners on widgetized pages, and more! This theme has also been created using best CSS3 and design practices, and is highly customizable.
    Updated July 01, 2015 Visit Website
  • MailFeeds Plugin
    Would you like your users can answer to Comments/Messages like what you are doing in other famous social media communities in Facebook, LinkedIn via reply to received the notification email without login to the community website? Would you like post a new status to the community website without login to the website and just with reply to the notification email (comment notification / message notification)? MailFeeds Plugin is doing that for you.
    Updated June 30, 2015 Visit Website
  • SEConfig Core Plugin <Free />
    Prior of installing all our modules, you need to have a central core module installed, named as SEConfig Core, It’s totally free plugin,its a core plugin.
    Updated June 29, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Multiple Listings
    Together with the growing of internet, as we can seen nowadays, e-advertising has enormously extended its content and presentation to viewers. However, in social network, they are still having limitation due to the technology provided. Multiple Listings is developed to be a better choice for community’s owner to not only shorten this gap but also to enrich their social network to all the members. Multiple Listings plugin enables your social network to have a robust multiple listing system. Your site is able to have different independent listing types with 5 different layouts of their choices, 2 styles of Features Listings slider and many more . In addition, many actions on listings such as compare listing, add listing to wishlist, rate/like/comment/share etc…. are allowed users to perform to. Last but not least, the beauty of User Interface and many interesting features would be an excellent add-on to your social network.
    Updated June 26, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced Events - Events Booking, Tickets Selling & Paid Events
    This product provides a full-featured events booking & ticketing system on your website. Paid and Free tickets can be created for events on your website and users can purchase or book them. This versatile tool can also be used for selling and booking of many other things like gym memberships, tours & activities, classes & workshops, sports venues, parties, etc. Thus, not only can this product be used for selling event tickets, but it can also be used for creating a marketplace of services on your website for some cases. So, if you have a niche social networking community or an interest based website, then this extension coupled with the "Advanced Events Plugin" will open up new avenues for you to make money from your website and provide good offerings to your users.
    Updated June 22, 2015 Visit Website
  • Page progress bar
    Great FREE plugin for your social network based on socialengine! Beautiful progress indicator for your page load. 14 design variations, and any color! Easy installation, no coding!
    Updated June 20, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin
    Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin is the best plugin with a list of amazing tools and options for viewing Albums and Photos in various different views - Grid view, Advanced Grid View, Slideshows, Masonry view. It is 100% responsive. You can add albums, upload photos via 3 options, providing titles, detailed descriptions and tags, locations etc. Albums & Photos can be searched within particular kilometers / miles based on the location. Masonry Galleries, Fullscreen responsive Lightbox Viewers, Advanced Grid View, Welcome Page, Categories Views, photo upload via Drag & Drop and URL, in-build Social Sharing, member profile photo upload via 3 options, photos and albums send via SE message are a few of the FEATURES from this plugin which you will surely love to Have! Possibility of adding Watermarks/Advertisements for each individual image on Member Level Basis can increase .
    Updated July 01, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced Comments plugin
    Advanced Comments plugin is a great extension for our Wall plugin. This plugin allows adding the improved version of comments into your site feed. Advanced comments is a great way to increase activity on your site.
    Updated June 10, 2015 Visit Website
  • Eu Cookie
    This module allow on website to show info about european cookie
    Updated June 01, 2015 Visit Website
  • Stars Fashion Community Responsive Theme
    Stars Fashion theme SE PHP v4 responsive template, crispy clean, multi color, stylish and user friendly. Topbar Menus plugin worth $50 included. It supports all official plug-ins and also includes mobile theme. With additional customized widgets to provide extra functionality.Compatible with all major web browsers. Free installation and colors change. 30 days free after sale support.
  • VK Login
    VK Login makes it easy for people to signup and login using their VK (Vkontakte) account.
    Updated July 24, 2015 Visit Website
  • Polish Language Pack SocialEngine 4 Spolszczenie
    Complete translation into Polish, (backend and frontend)
    Updated May 27, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Resume
    Since the development of social network, it has become not only a part of people life, and nowadays it also is an integral part of the business development. In current, most of social network, social community have plenty of tool for business introduction, for job posting, and then come a need for a tool for users to promote themselves, to endorse their skills, their achievements and their professional. Resume was developed in completing the perfection of social network. Resume, a fantastic plugin, a valuable addition to a professional social network, has similar features as LinkedIn plus unique features such as recommendation, export, view template etc… Users can endorse skills of each other, show/hide certain section on their resume and import resume from LinkedIn. With this feature, users won’t have to rewrite their resume.
    Updated May 20, 2015 Visit Website
  • social engine android app
    SocialAPI is our social engine android app (not Hybrid HTML5/CSS) for online communities based on SocialEngine platform. This app have all major functionalities bundled with SocialEngine out of the box, namely User Registration, Profile, Activity Feed, Albums, Events, Notifications, Friends and Messages in a nice and compact user interface.
  • YouNet :: Advanced Comment
    Social Interaction is the most important aspect of any social network. Users usually interact with each other via activity feed, comment or chat. Current comment section of SocialEngine is rather boring. It lacks the ability to hide/show comments or reply to specific comment or tag other users. All it does is allowing users to post comment and that's it. Advanced Comment was developed to address these issues of default comment. Advanced Comment provides nested comments and replies to helps users communicate with each other on a matter effectively. Users can also attach link, photo and tag friend, group. Filter allows members to sort comments. Show/Hide allows members to hide offensive comments or show comments that are accidentally hidden. There are a lot more features that are waiting for you to explore.
    Updated May 05, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: User Feedback
    What makes a successful Social Network? Users, of course. The challenging task is to attract users but an even more challenging task is to get them to stay. If a user is already a member, he/she can simply send a message to administrator if he/she sees something that's not quite pleasant. But how about non-registered users ? How do they contact administrator? They obviously wouldn't fill out contact form because it takes too much time. This is a serious problem that needs addressing. Luckily User Feedback provides just enough tools for you to do so. This plugin makes leaving feedback easier for users either registered or non-registered. Other users can see each other feedback and vote. Each feedback also has status which lets users know whether their suggestions are implemented or not. The best thing is once a guest turns into member, all of hist feedback are kept within his account.
    Updated May 05, 2015 Visit Website
  • Socialengine iOS App
    SocialAPI is our native mobile app (not Hybrid HTML5/CSS) for online communities for SocialEngine 4.x based on our SocialEngine REST API. This app have all major functionalities bundled with SocialEngine out of the box, namely User Registration, Profile, Activity Feed, Albums, Events, Notifications, Friends and Messages in a nice and compact user interface.
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