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  • Advertisement in Wall
    Social network wall is very important and popular feature, which can be used as advertising platform. We are created ultimate interface for managing such ads from admin panel or from user interface. 1 more opportunity for your site monetization, allow to create user paid ads in wall.Allow 4 types of ads: Javascript, Embed, Image, Sponsored post. Works good with google adsence. Many settings and multilanguages.
    Updated February 06, 2016 Visit Website
  • Full page preloader
    Modern full page preloader animation with 30 unique design based on css3 and html 5. Included colors and backgrounds customization and Random feature, which will select from 30 design options. Check all design before purchasing by special link.
    Updated January 27, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advance Signup Group Selection
    Use our plugin and let your users select multiple groups to join while they are in the signup process!
  • Blossom Theme
    Blossom theme is designed and created for SocialEngine PHP v4. It is attractive, modern, beautiful and user friendly. No any change required in SocialEngine PHP core code for installation.
    Updated January 25, 2016 Visit Website
  • Kreative Theme - Responsive
    Be creative with this bold and compact new design. Use a video background on your landing page's slideshow to make it alive. Design your own color scheme with ease by yourself to match your brands colors, or choose one of the 6 premade schemes. Be unique, customize over 80 options to make an unique awesome network.
    Updated February 08, 2016 Visit Website
  • Slovak Language Pack
    Slovak language translation
    Updated January 22, 2016 Visit Website
  • Czech Language Pack
    Czech language translation
    Updated January 22, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Rich Content Plugin
    Advanced Rich Content is an awesome plugin which provides the maximum features you need in a Rich Content Editor.
    Updated January 08, 2016 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Ultimate Video
    With out-of-box thinking, with idea of sleek, modern and most friendly layout to customers, Ultimate Video were created, were generated to fulfill all of these wanted features. Stand-alone plugin without requiring default video plugin, Ultimate Video supports full features of Advanced Video and is able to stream videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo right on your site. In this new evolution, other than mobile web user experiences, by connection with YouTube account, videos are uploaded from SocialEngine directly to YouTube. Moreover, this plugin also supports many more video widgets and many more other features such as different mode views, separated playlist page, integrate with other plugins.
    Updated January 08, 2016 Visit Website
  • All in One Multiple Forms Plugin – Advanced Contact Us, Feedback, Query Forms, etc
    Forms are one of the most important elements of a website because forms help you manage your relationship with your users and customers. With forms you can always keep in touch with your visitors, partners and customers and gather their feedback, queries, suggestions, etc easily. So, it becomes very important to have good quality and good design forms for your website. With this “All in One Multiple Forms Plugin“, you can create as many forms as you want for multiple purposes like Contact us Form, Feedback Form, Suggestions Form, Query Form, Price Quote Form, etc as per your need and requirements. This plugin also lets you show the form in Popup or on a Page. This plugin has powerful Form Management tools, where you can create form questions, segment through categories, subcategories and custom fields, track, analyze and communicate with your inbound form submissions. These managements tools are available for each form. You can also redirect users to any URL of your choice after the form is successfully submitted.
    Updated January 01, 2016 Visit Website
  • Raven - Responsive Cloud Theme
    A SE Cloud theme with a Vertical Header and other cool features.
    Updated December 30, 2015 Visit Website
  • Social Login - Powered by SocialAll
    Social Login is the fastest way for users to login using existing social network accounts, without concerning about forgetting password or complex sign up procedure. With Social Login, your website will become more friendly and convenience thanks to password security and sign up time-saving. We support up to 15+ Social Networks.
    Updated December 24, 2015 Visit Website
  • Ultimate photo editor
    Ultra powerful photo editor, for all modules, including 3rd party modules! Many ready patterns, Effects, all photoshop power on your social network. Have Christmas patterns. Your users will have fun with this module!
    Updated December 17, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced Footer Plugin
    Footer of a website is very useful and is also an important tool to navigate within the site and distribute various information to the viewers of your website, but sadly this part is almost afterthought. The information shown in footer should not be too heavy or with too much of graphics and designs. But, it should be simple and should convey the right information that can give your users an opportunity to discover the correct and important information on your website. Advanced Footer plugin provides you various designs and options to display in the footer of your website which will help you in showcasing right information based on the type of user [logged in / non-logged in] on your website.
    Updated December 14, 2015 Visit Website
  • SocialEngine REST API Plugin
    This plugin provides robust, secure JSON REST API for SocialEngine. REST API opens up exciting world of possibilities for the SocialEngine platform, and so for your website too. It provides a standardized programmatic interface between your SocialEngine based website and outside applications, thus enabling all types of integrations with external applications and development environments. With this plugin, your website's SocialEngine installation can also be used as a backend for native mobile apps.
    Updated December 08, 2015 Visit Website
  • Challenge - SocialEngine Cloud Theme
    With the most modern board / grid style theme for SocialEngine Cloud crafted with a clean design and choice of smooth color pallete, your community members will enjoy exploring your site and will spend more time in your community.
    Updated December 13, 2015 Visit Website
  • Wet Antispam for SocialEngine
    A spam filter for forum posts, messages, activity comments, and blog posts.
    Updated December 03, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Responsive Christmas Template
    Christmas is coming around the corner, it’s the time of year when Santa comes around, every business push themselves up with this fabulous season, and surely no exceptional for social network, for your community. Responsive Christmas Template is available now with a full features of Responsive support, highlighted Latest Events, Recent Photos, Recent Blogs widgets to promote the season of year and to get attention to all members and even to Public. Other than those promote widgets, it is the first template which allows site’s admin to have an option to hide/show border’s decoration, Welcome Message, Snow Main background, Snow Top Border, Snow Footer and many more… Most of YouNet plugins are now FULLY responsive. Please refer the below list for detailed.
    Updated November 12, 2015 Visit Website
  • Cometchat addon for Touch-Mobile plugin
    We are happy to present add-on for integration of CometChat with our Touch-Mobile plugin. Now you will have an opportunity to chat in a convenient user interface optimized for mobile devices.
    Updated November 12, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced members & Verification plugin
    The new Advanced Members plugin makes your site more attractive and increases user activity on your site. The most important part of every community is members, we made a big work and combined an easy and functional interface and rich functionality in it.
    Updated November 12, 2015 Visit Website
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