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  • Advanced Music Albums, Songs & Playlists Plugin
    Advanced Music Albums, Songs & Playlists Plugin is the best plugin as it offers your users the flexibility and creativity to create their own music albums, upload songs, rate music albums & songs, create playlists on your website in the way they want and much more! This plugin provides integration with SoundCloud. If you've decided to add music to your website, you've come to the right place. This plugin allows you to easily add music to your website. Best suitable for all musicians and music lovers to get benefited from advances in audio and internet technologies designed to enrich the web with fast, highly compressible music downloads and interactive audio player. You create music albums with custom images and details.
    Updated March 25, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Business Directory
    The booming of Social Network has created a trend in online advertising. Many businesses now look at niche social network for opportunities because nothing can kick off a business faster than community reviews. Members of a niche social network tend to trust each other judgement and they will recommend products/services to other members if they thinks those products/services are good enough, thus potentially creates an exponential growth for businesses. When business grows, more people will know about your social network. So, as a social network owner, how do you help businesses grow? The answer lies within Business Directory Business Directory provides business listing features for niche social network. Members can create a business or claim a business created by other members. Members are able to review and rate any business that they have experienced with. "Brochure" feature allows members to print all info about a business on paper. Members can check-in a business when they stop by. In addition, Business Directory supports integration from various modules such as Photo, Video, Job Posting, Listing, Advanced Payment, Advanced Feed System etc.
    Updated March 20, 2015 Visit Website
  • Responsive Clean Wide Theme
    Responsive Clean Wide Theme is made 100% Responsive with a fluid grid system which automatically adapts your SocialEngine website to any mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops so that your website looks amazing on any device. This theme is tested and works well with all modern browsers. With this theme you have endless Color Possibilities and a lot more!
    Updated March 16, 2015 Visit Website
  • Uber Theme
    Beauty through simplicity. Make your social website uber awesome in minutes. Enjoy the responsive theme on mobile devices!
    Updated March 19, 2015 Visit Website
  • Guests/Guests Newsletter
    Guests is important feature of each social network, and what about profiles which i visited already? We have prepared plugin guests, which allow to see guests, visited profiles, guests newsletters, Realtime popup notification with custom design from admin panel.
    Updated March 03, 2015 Visit Website
  • SocialenginePress - Plugin for Wordpress Single Sign On
    Socialengine Press Single Sign On Plugin provides a seamless log-in experience to your SocialEngine users by allowing users to sign in to your Wordpress site. When a user signs into your SocialEngine site and visit to your Wordpress site, The Socialengine Press Single Sign On Plugin passed the credentials to Wordpress and allows the user to participate in Wordpress simply by signing in to your site.
  • SocialenginePress - Plugin for Wordpress Blog
    Socialengine Press Blog Plugin for SocialEngine Community to deploy and manage the blog automatically when blog is published by user from the Wordpress. It is a combination of SocialEngine and Wordpress technalogy to get the best features of Wordpress for bloging, and best feature to engage user by SocialEngine.
  • SocialenginePress - Plugin for Wordpress Product
    SocialenginePress - Plugin for Wordpress Product allow you to integrate your SocialEngine & Wordpress site, so that you can buy and sell your product online.
  • Future Auto Posts Plugin
    * Future Auto Posts / Scheduled Automatic Posts plugin for SocialEngine PHP. * This plugin allows site members to add posts on activity wall with future scheduled date. Post will be published on site automatically on scheduled date and time. Very useful feature for new sites to look busy, active and regularly updated with new content and posts. * Additional features like post privacy, repeat on daily, weekly and monthly basis also included. * Built-in integration for SEAO Advanced Activity Feeds/Wall plugin and Hire-Experts Wall plugin. * Free installation service.
    Updated February 26, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Job Posting
    Job Posting provides features that you can find on professional employment website, plus some unique features that suitable for a Social Network. For company representatives, they can create company, post, and share jobs. For other members, they can apply for job, follow or favorite a company. One the best selling feature of Job Posting is Job Alert. Members will receive notifications whenever a new job is posted that matches their preferences. There are various widgets that help members find the jobs they are looking for such as Job You May Be Interested In, Hot Employers, Related Jobs etc.
    Updated March 20, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced Comments Plugin - Nested Comments, Replies, Voting & Attachments
    Comments are a very effective way to increase engagement on your website. By enabling comments for a content on your website, you open the gates for people to initiate conversation around that content. Even a slight increment in ease and functioning of commenting on your website has the potential to considerably increase user interest. Comments are relevant for a wide variety of content types. Hence, if yours is a content driven website, then this Advanced Comments Plugin is a must-have tool. This plugin comes packed with many useful features like replying to comments, nested / threaded comments, voting for comments, photo & link attachments in comments, tagging friends & content in comments, filtering comments and more!
    Updated March 19, 2015 Visit Website
  • Responsive Course Template
    Planning open online school or have already education business and would like open social site with courses? We have 2 products for it Course Template and Course module, which solve 2 problems design and functionality. Responsive layouts - works good on any mobile/tablet! Unique Slidehoshow, Features, Popular courses block on home page, Big footer with many widgets, Order now and get Free installation Service!
    Updated January 22, 2015 Visit Website
  • Nested Comments
    Nested Comments plugin replaces flat comments with threaded comments for more organized discussions. Module also allows admins to leverage static pages and use them for discussions as well.
    Updated January 23, 2015 Visit Website
  • Numeral Persian/Arabic Captcha
    numeral Persian/Arabic Captcha is a mod that replace reCaptcha with a Persian numeral captach.
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • Socialengine Members You Know Plugin
    Members you know plugin is best tool for attract users to your community that tends to user gain more friendship and engagement in your community. so that they will be motivated to share ideas, images, data or any type of data among friends.It also provide the functionality to logged in user to know who has visited their profile.
    Updated January 08, 2015 Visit Website
  • Social Api - REST Services for Socialengine
    SocialEngine REST API is a SocialEngine add-on that allows you to integrate your SocialEngine installation with third party applications, display the SocialEngine content in websites, develop mobile applications that can use the SocialEngine content and more.
  • Members Verification Plugin
    Userbase and content are the biggest assets of any online community. Having a genuine userbase not only attracts more users to your website, with more content and interaction, but it also increases trust and credibility of your website. Members Verification Plugin enables site members to verify other members. Members can add comment / note / recommendation while verifying others. Members that receive a threshold number of verifications are marked as "Verified" at many places on the site. Hence, this plugin enables a robust, crowd-sourced way of verifying members of your website.
    Updated March 19, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Live Chat System
    Social Chat lets users enhancing their conversations by sharing photos, videos, links; and especially emoting to others with numerous emoticons. With a full set of smileys, there is always a right one for every mood! Furthermore, from the point of view of avoiding conflict, it is always better to have the Message History feature which is already included in Social Chat to enable users to access their message history and retrieve the past conversations. And from the moderator perspective, Social Chat provides admins the ability to define Word Filter / Word Ban, which will give a hand in helping your community become healthier.
    Updated January 13, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced Comments
    Woud like add smiles and uploading picture (like facebook) into standart comment form and wall comment form? we are prepare good plugin for this - Advanced Comments! Plugin included 3 good smiles package with shortcodes! Also you can add category of smiles with picture of category and smiles into this category. Many restrictions with member levels settings page. Lifetime support and free installation!
    Updated December 22, 2014 Visit Website
  • Jalali Calendar
    this modifications will replace the Gregorian calendar with the Jalali calendar.
    Updated December 18, 2014 Visit Website
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