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  • No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA - Spam Protection Plugin
    In today’s online world, No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA plays an important role in keeping websites spam-free. Spam protection on the web is the most vital part to run an online website hassle free and to make everyone’s web experience safe and secure. No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is a service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. It is a test to differentiate humans with bots. It is easy for humans to solve, but hard for “bots” and other malicious software to figure out. By adding No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA to your site, you can block automated software while helping your site members to enter with ease.
    Updated May 23, 2016 Visit Website
  • Member Profiles Cover Photo Plugin
    When people arrive at Member Profiles on your website, where do you want them to first look? We suggest you to show them the Cover Photo, a large unique image at the top of the member profiles that represents who your members are or what they care about.
    Updated May 07, 2016 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: REST API
    “REST” stands for Representational State Transfer, and “API“ is short for Application Program Interface. In combination, “REST API” is a particular architectural approach to putting together the agreed set of standardized ways and interaction rules that a particular piece of software can be used. Basically it’s a methodology designed to let the programs talk to each other in a way as simple as possible. Are you having a desire to extend your application, build a SocialEngine community, excite your users and spread across the web? If so, our REST API plugin can assist you in doing that. In the help of getting rid of any frustration in using custom code and relying on the database, this plugin was born to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and well-tested framework for creating APIs.
    Updated May 24, 2016 Visit Website
  • User Accounts Privacy & Content Security with Password Plugin
    User Accounts Privacy & Content Security with Password Plugin protect your site member Photos, Videos and make user account more secure. Using this plugin, your site users block any other site members by choosing specific member by using autosuggest of members, profile type and based on networks from Block Member Page.
    Updated April 28, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Videos - Pages, Businesses, Groups, Multiple Listing Types, Events, Stores, etc Extension
    Displaying similar content of a website at one place is always an engaging and user-friendly element for content driven websites. It not only helps in engaging your users but also in retaining them on your site with easy content browsing method. To display videos at one place on your website and provide quick video uploading via lightbox along with other useful features in multiple integrable plugins like: Advanced Events Plugin, Directory / Pages Plugin, Directory / Businesses Plugin, Groups / Communities Plugin, Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin and Multiple Listing Types Plugin - Listings, Blogs, Products, Classifieds, Reviews & Ratings, Pinboard, Wishlists, etc All In One, we have developed a new extension: Advanced Videos - Pages, Businesses, Groups, Multiple Listing Types, Events, Stores, etc., that allows you to integrate these multiple plugins with Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists plugin, upload independent videos and easily import your already uploaded videos from various plugins into Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists plugin.
    Updated April 25, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Videos & Channels – Video Importer & Search Extension
    Video Importer & Search Extension gives functionality to import videos directly on your SocialEngine Community. This Extension save your time by automatically importing videos from admin panel of this extension.
    Updated April 21, 2016 Visit Website
  • Responsive Elegant Theme
    Responsive Elegant is a Classic Theme for SocialEnginePHP v4 that has all the basic features your SE website must have, like- a beautiful Landing Page for your site, quick Login & Signup popup form for visitors, an attractive and responsive slideshow, Main Navigation Menu with a choice of icons, Members Cloud widget, Responsive Banner Slideshow, Simple Image Banner, Parallax Image Widget, Feature Blocks for easily configuring and highlighting your site’s idea, attractive social icons in footer, and a lot more!
    Updated April 18, 2016 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Full Slider
    Sliders have more and more important roles on most of websites nowadays. They not only make your site look professional but also introduce its purpose efficiently. If you are not satisfied with built-in sliders supported in plugins, we believe that our Full Slider plugin will be an excellent solution for you. Many more powerful features are given to help you free-to-design your own attractive sliders and place them in any page. You can configure slides with images, videos, transitions, animation effects, slide navigations, styles of texts and a lot of other supported options. Let join with us now and make your site more special with the Full Slider.
    Updated May 24, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced avatar
    Powerful tool for user avatar, User can take photo from webcam, from already uploaded photos, Use random funny image (select from the million variation), Upload his own avatar. This is first step, and if you want to save new user, you need to show him professional look of updating his user avatar!
    Updated April 13, 2016 Visit Website
  • Photo Quick View
    The plugin is created to preview images, it makes browsing pleasant, allowing you to look through landscape or portrait photos full-size.
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • Orkut Theme
    Light and interesting theme in Orkut style. Make your network smart and attractive.
    Updated April 07, 2016 Visit Website
  • Secure Admin Url
    Secure Admin URL plugin provides Socialengine Site Owners to change the url of socialengine admin panel.
  • YouNet :: Responsive Purity Template
    The neat and fresh looking is what we always want for our social networking sites. Responsive Purity Template has been specially designed for those purposes. It is a simple, minimal and fully responsive SocialEngine theme with a multi-purpose that can be used for any type of businesses. It will give your users the feeling of freshness, purity & freedom on an optimal viewing experience; thus making your website looks great on across wide range of any devices and screen sizes. The Responsive Purity Template is very flexible and it comes with some awesome features such as: customized Landing Page with modifiable Slider, Welcome Blocks, Modules, Photos Grids Container, Groups Grids Container, Events Grids Container, etc. Furthermore, it also integrates with YouNet’s Social Connect plugin which displays beautiful Social Connect icons on the Mini Menu; as well as the ability to manage the number of items on Main Menu. Last but not least, Responsive Purity Template comes within an extensive package which has already included 7 additional theme colors for you to switch between them. Therefore, with its stunning design, amazingly comfy layout, and powerful functionalities we believe you will get the most satisfied customers ever.
    Updated May 24, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin
    Online videos are becoming the fastest growing trend for communicating information. Videos aren’t just more persuasive, but also serve as a great means for people to satisfy their needs for any kind of information. Whether it’s about promoting a content, marketing a product, or encouraging an event, a video does that all seamlessly. The need to communicate a large amount of information in a short span of time has made it essential for community owners to use an effective tool for showcasing and managing videos on their websites.
    Updated April 27, 2016 Visit Website
  • Responsive Captivate Theme
    A new and elegant theme that is engaging, intuitive and visually explosive. The Responsive Captivate theme provides a new and fresh look to your website and an option to customize the pages templates as industry best visual designs. It is fully responsive and easy to customize by using extensive & powerful admin panel. You can use the Responsive Captivate Theme for any type of SocialEngine community websites.
    Updated March 15, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Forums Plugin
    In order to build a highly engaged online user community, forums are a great platform to share your views with people across the world, and provide a good reason to your users to get interacts, to respond or to react. You can start a discussion, ask a question or post a topic, where people with similar interests / groups can get together and can discuss, post reply and encourage others to participate into the discussions. SocialEngine has already provided us such medium / platform, but in addition to the existing platform, we are here with a some enhancements in the SE-Core Forums. These advanced features, functionalities and amazing outlook provides you much more than what SE-Core Forums provides.
    Updated February 17, 2016 Visit Website
  • Hashtags Plugin
    Hashtags are today's trend. Hashtag feature is being used on social media websites which makes it easier for users to find posts with a specific theme or content. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, users find reason to hashtag(#) their post on online communities, to make it newsworthy and noticed. Hashtag can also be used as a reminder of the content that you might want to read again. Hashtags act as Call to Action links; If users see a hashtag of their interest, they’re more likely to click on that hashtag and browse content brought up by the hashtag. Using a hashtag also helps users reach their target audience and at the same time, makes it easier for others to find that content.
    Updated February 17, 2016 Visit Website
  • User Profile Plugin
    User Profile Plugin is the most convenient and attractive plugin that helps you to manage your personal profile in a way you want.
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • Advertisement in Wall
    Social network wall is very important and popular feature, which can be used as advertising platform. We are created ultimate interface for managing such ads from admin panel or from user interface. 1 more opportunity for your site monetization, allow to create user paid ads in wall.Allow 4 types of ads: Javascript, Embed, Image, Sponsored post. Works good with google adsence. Many settings and multilanguages.
    Updated February 06, 2016 Visit Website
  • Full page preloader
    Modern full page preloader animation with 30 unique design based on css3 and html 5. Included colors and backgrounds customization and Random feature, which will select from 30 design options. Check all design before purchasing by special link.
    Updated January 27, 2016 Visit Website
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