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  • Donations
    Simple and useful fundraising feature for your site. Donations plugin is aimed to give you an opportunity to make and accept donations using PayPal.
    Updated September 14, 2016 Visit Website
  • iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps for SocialEngine
    Put your Community in the Hands of your Members! This product enables you to get Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine based online community, thus allowing many of your users to stay connected on-the-go with your community on their mobile devices. Having your own Mobile Apps is very crucial to increase engagement on your Social Network, and for the success of your online community. With many interactive features, monetization possibilities, beautiful interface, easy content browsing & searching, quick content creation, messaging, status updates, photo sharing, activity feeds, and lots more, this product provides optimal features to keep users engaged to your apps on mobile. These apps for SocialEngine provide ultimate, modern features to increase engagement and user retention in your community.
    Updated September 07, 2016 Visit Website
  • Translation Plugin (Widgetized)
    A great tool to translate the entire site with!
    Updated September 14, 2016 Visit Website
  • Zip Code Radius Search Plugin
    This plugin will add a zip code radius search to your Social Engine 4 members page (
    Updated September 14, 2016 Visit Website
  • Challenges
    Need extraordinary motivational feature for your site? We developed it, our new plugin Challenges force your users to return to your social network and update his progress on new challenges. Many features and more then 8 widget, good quality and free installation service included.
    Updated August 11, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Events – Videos Extension
    Advanced Events Videos Extension enabled to you upload Videos for the events on your website. With this extension, you would be able to upload from Youtube (via Single URL and Playlists), Vimeo, Daily Motion, From URL, From Embed Code and My Computer.
    Updated August 12, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Events Plugin
    With this plugin your users can create both online (webinars) and offline (having location) Events on your website. They can choose to create events for their classes, workshops, fundraisers, sporting, trainings, conferences, networking, religion, social, non-profit, and nearly any other type of event. Event Calendar enables you to search & organize events easily on your website. With event Lists users can maintain a list of events they want to join or they are interested in.
    Updated August 10, 2016 Visit Website
  • Personal bookmarks
    Simple plugin, which allow your users to add some favourite pages, into special tab. Which available on the right or left column (based on settings), also we allow to customize all colors of this global box, for fit your site theme. In package you will found 3 widgets: global main widget, your recent bookmarks and global popular bookmarks.
    Updated August 03, 2016 Visit Website
  • Reactions and Stickers Plugin
    Reactions: This extended like feature will allow you to convey your feelings via reaction, including like eg: If your friend has joined new company you can react Happy / Wow, post which relates to politics can be reacted as Happy / Wow / Angry, as per one’s opinion. Stickers: Another option to Smilies / Comments; a quick & exact reply to your friend's comments / posts without typing a comment, is all what a sticker is. Sticker Search over categories like Happy, Love, Sad, Celebrating, Angry, etc enables lesser reply time on comments. Like if your friend is going for an exam you can search “All The Best” sticker and post it instead of typing it.
    Updated July 25, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Blog Plugin
    Advanced Blog Plugin provides advanced features for writing blogs on your websites - custom Publish date, custom URL for blogs, location, multiple photo upload, reviews, etc. With the option to change text Blog and URL to any other texts of your choice, you can use this plugin for Articles, News, Classified, etc. You can also enable / disable all the features from admin panel to make complete use of the plugin. Unique and attractive 8 different views of blogs will enable you to highlight and showcase blogs easily on your website. Possibility of adding Watermarks/Advertisements for each individual image on Member Level Basis.
    Updated July 21, 2016 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Location-Based System
    At some point your SocialEngine community will eventually grow and contain millions of content / items. That is actually a good sign for a social network. However, by having too much global information, it might create some negative effects which bothers end-users with accessing to the right-located content. Our Location-Based System plugin will solve those needs and difficulties.
    Updated August 04, 2016 Visit Website
  • Content Profiles Cover Photo Plugin
    When people arrive at Profiles of various content on your website, where do you want them to first look? We suggest you to show them the Cover Photo, a large unique image at the top of the content profiles that represents what abouts of the content. This plugin provides you the option to show Cover Photo on top of the Content Profiles with Attractive Tabs, Profile Photo, Content’s basic details [configured from admin panel] with a choice of 3 design templates
    Updated June 21, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Members Plugin – Enhanced Searching, Reviews, Compliments, Members Verification & Location
    Memberships are becoming increasingly popular and important on the web these days, which can prove invaluable for your business & website like member connections can be important for members in communities / websites related to of Bloggers, Dating, Careers & Jobs, Entertainment, etc who are logging for generating more income online, gather more information & provide better experiences to their existing members. This Advanced Members Plugin provides you all the features required to increase member engagement on your website - Follow Members, Members Verification, Reviews & Ratings, Location & Proximity Search, Compliments, Featured, Sponsored, VIP, Member Of the Day and Automatic Birthday Wishes.
    Updated May 27, 2016 Visit Website
  • Magentoengine – Magento Socialengine Integrator
    Magentoengine provides a seamless log-in experience to your Magento ecommerce store with Socialengine online community. It is most easy way to transform your magento store to online community to engage more customer. This extension boost your customer database by providing them ecommerce store with online community facility.
  • YouNet :: Video Channel
    Are you a YouTube publisher? Looking for a best SocialEngine plugin for YouTubers? If so, you are now at the right place. Our Video Channel plugin will help you improve the display of your YouTube channels and videos on your SocialEngine site. Since YouTube is the world largest video hosting site with thousands of new videos uploaded everyday, this Video Channel plugin will also guarantee more user engagement on your website. Video Channel plugin gives users the ability to collect videos from YouTube channels and gather those videos into their own channels on SocialEngine sites. With Video Channel, users can search for channels from YouTube or directly pasting YouTube URL; add channels and import selected videos from those channels; add videos to Favorite Videos or My Playlist; comment, like, share and even rate those videos right on their SocialEngine sites.
    Updated July 18, 2016 Visit Website
  • No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA - Spam Protection Plugin
    In today’s online world, No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA plays an important role in keeping websites spam-free. Spam protection on the web is the most vital part to run an online website hassle free and to make everyone’s web experience safe and secure. No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is a service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. It is a test to differentiate humans with bots. It is easy for humans to solve, but hard for “bots” and other malicious software to figure out. By adding No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA to your site, you can block automated software while helping your site members to enter with ease.
    Updated May 23, 2016 Visit Website
  • Member Profiles Cover Photo Plugin
    When people arrive at Member Profiles on your website, where do you want them to first look? We suggest you to show them the Cover Photo, a large unique image at the top of the member profiles that represents who your members are or what they care about.
    Updated May 07, 2016 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: REST API
    “REST” stands for Representational State Transfer, and “API“ is short for Application Program Interface. In combination, “REST API” is a particular architectural approach to putting together the agreed set of standardized ways and interaction rules that a particular piece of software can be used. Basically it’s a methodology designed to let the programs talk to each other in a way as simple as possible. Are you having a desire to extend your application, build a SocialEngine community, excite your users and spread across the web? If so, our REST API plugin can assist you in doing that. In the help of getting rid of any frustration in using custom code and relying on the database, this plugin was born to create an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand and well-tested framework for creating APIs.
    Updated September 28, 2016 Visit Website
  • User Accounts Privacy & Content Security with Password Plugin
    User Accounts Privacy & Content Security with Password Plugin protect your site member Photos, Videos and make user account more secure. Using this plugin, your site users block any other site members by choosing specific member by using autosuggest of members, profile type and based on networks from Block Member Page.
    Updated April 28, 2016 Visit Website
  • Advanced Videos - Pages, Businesses, Groups, Multiple Listing Types, Events, Stores, etc Extension
    Displaying similar content of a website at one place is always an engaging and user-friendly element for content driven websites. It not only helps in engaging your users but also in retaining them on your site with easy content browsing method. To display videos at one place on your website and provide quick video uploading via lightbox along with other useful features in multiple integrable plugins like: Advanced Events Plugin, Directory / Pages Plugin, Directory / Businesses Plugin, Groups / Communities Plugin, Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin and Multiple Listing Types Plugin - Listings, Blogs, Products, Classifieds, Reviews & Ratings, Pinboard, Wishlists, etc All In One, we have developed a new extension: Advanced Videos - Pages, Businesses, Groups, Multiple Listing Types, Events, Stores, etc., that allows you to integrate these multiple plugins with Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists plugin, upload independent videos and easily import your already uploaded videos from various plugins into Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists plugin.
    Updated April 25, 2016 Visit Website
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