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  • SocialRadio
    30 radios with 1 click and adding more without problem, this is all about our new plugin SocialRadio. Many features such as: favourite list, featured list, listen on new popup(don't worry about popup blocker), share options and standart like/comment form. Worked great on mobile and responsive design! Just look and buy it for only 19$, installation was included!
    Updated October 07, 2015 Visit Website
  • Mac OS Menu
    Are you an admirer of simple and convenient interface from Mac OS X? Then this plugin is for you! The plugin allows you to create a floating Apple Mac Style Menu on your website.
    Updated October 02, 2015 Visit Website
  • Page-Instagram plugin
    The new addon for Pages which allows to page owners additionally promote their pages using the Instagram service for this purpose. The page owner may create album using the search by hashtag or by account username.
    Updated October 02, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced messages plugin
    The plugin was written using the AJAX technology what means all the actions will be native and will not require reloading the page, while using the plugin.
    Updated October 02, 2015 Visit Website
  • Admin Tools
    The Admin Tools plugin is a reliable and useful tool for advanced administrators, which helps you to manage the database, to work with different types of files directly in the admin panel of your website.
    Updated September 25, 2015 Visit Website
  • Activity Feed Autoload
    This widget emulates Facebook "auto-load-more" feature. It is a good tool which helps you to look through more information on any activity feed of your website!
    Updated September 25, 2015 Visit Website
  • Scroll To Top
    You no longer have to endlessly scroll the mouse to return to the top of the page or to search the page up button on your keyboard.
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • Member Map
    It is a perfect widget, that allows to view a map with the location of your users on your website. Your users will be displayed on Google map according to the country, city and location profile fields.
    Updated January 01, 1970 Visit Website
  • Advanced Notifications
    Stay tuned over a variety of actions with informed notifications! Now you will be aware of all the events, which take place on your site using the New Advanced Notifications Plugin from our company.
    Updated September 03, 2015 Visit Website
  • PHPfox Importer for SocialEngine
    SocialEngine is a powerful platform for building online communities with its awesome features, stability and extensive customizability. If you are planning to move your community from PHPfox to SocialEngine, then we have the right solution for you. Our import tool: PHPfox Importer for SocialEngine will transfer your data and content from your old PHPfox website to your new SocialEngine PHP website in a short span of time.
    Updated September 02, 2015 Visit Website
  • YouNet :: Ultimate Social Music Solution
    Social Music Solution – Your community music playground – is the place to enjoy and expand your love of music, enjoy all the entertainment available in your community, your social network. Social Music with its niche layout, stylish arrangement, your music can be organized in a compact way on the page. It’s where your Users can explore their favorite Albums, Songs by Full Player or Mini Player. Thanks to its responsive layout, User will be able to look through music on their mobile phone, tablet, etc... every-time and everywhere. There is also the integration of various modules such as Credits, Advanced Comments, Advanced Feed that ideally make the full use of Social to Music and others interesting modules which will be updated soon.
    Updated October 07, 2015 Visit Website
  • Home Page Background Videos Plugin
    Videos are much more effective in communicating ideas and stories, than pictures. They are one of the most powerful tools of visual communication. Latest UX design trends emphasize on using videos for capturing visitor attention. The "Home Page Background Videos Plugin" enables playing of videos on the homepage of your website in background. A single video or a series of videos can be played to enhance user experience of your website and increase user engagement. Such videos are also very useful in conveying your website's idea to visitors in an effective way. With the easy and cheap online availability of good videos, it is also very easy to find videos that are relevant for your community's idea.
    Updated August 26, 2015 Visit Website
  • Advanced Blogs
    Plugin extends the standard socialengine plugin Blog, We are added uploading blog thumb, many custom widgets. Also we change many standart blogs styles, activity feed. This plugin make your blog section more user-friendly, and modern without changing any core file, just a usual installation with all previous content saved!
    Updated August 23, 2015 Visit Website
  • Dating Plugin
    This plugin gives the opportunity to extract all the community members and their user information within a single page. It allows to become friends with new members, chat and get well acquainted with friends already, or express a sympathy to people whom members are interested. This plugin is the best choice for your social network to increase the community users and create a friendly environment.
    Updated August 09, 2015 Visit Website
  • Store Bundle plugin
    Store Bundle product addon allows to increase the sales of your store through providing users with discounts for buying several products at once. An administrator can create multiple “bundles” on the different products.
    Updated August 07, 2015 Visit Website
  • Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin
    Page Builder and Shortcodes plugin makes it easy to create responsive widgetized pages with URLs of your choice using the widgets you know and love. This plugin has various elements which you can use in widgets as well as in shortcodes on Pages. Pages and Elements support Multiple Languages on your website. Various elements like tabs, accordions, pricing tables, modal windows, etc can simply boost your site theme with their clean, flat & awesome looking user interface elements in the form of simple shortcodes or widgets. Shortcodes for elements can be easily created with a single click setting.
    Updated August 18, 2015 Visit Website
  • Avatar Styler plugin
    Avatar Styler lightweight plugin that allows you to make custom avatars by using your photos and applying filters on them.
    Updated July 17, 2015 Visit Website
  • Free! Advanced Poke, Wink, Slap, etc & Gifts Plugin
    Got a friend that you need to tell something or gift something really quick but, they’re AFK? Then this is the right place for you! This could be your next announcement after installing “Advanced Poke, Wink, Slap, etc & Gifts Plugin” on your website. With this plugin you can create various actions and virtual gifts that your users can send to each other. This plugin simulate a physical poke, smirk, wink, slap, etc to other member to get their attention. You can say that this plugin is an enhancement to Facebook’s popular Poke feature. With the Actions like Poke, Wink, Smirk, etc, your users can send Gifts like Star, Cash, Heart, Beer, Cake, etc also. This plugin comes with 20 pre-installed Actions and Gifts.
    Updated July 09, 2015 Visit Website
  • Social Boost plugin
    Collect loyal members around your community. Using our new Social Boost plugin you will be able to have more likes and followers of your pages on social networks. Also you will be able to reward your users for subscribing to your page or newsletter.
    Updated July 02, 2015 Visit Website
  • Responsive Spectacular Theme
    Spectacular is a fully responsive, visually rich theme for content focussed online communities. This sophisticated looking theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of websites. It contains many useful features like: Browse dropdown in header, Image Rotator with Action Button, Banners on widgetized pages, and more! This theme has also been created using best CSS3 and design practices, and is highly customizable.
    Updated August 04, 2015 Visit Website
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