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Find SocialEngine Contractors

SocialEngine is designed to be customized! But if you have no programming or design experience and you want to make substantial changes beyond what's possible in SocialEngine's admin panel, consider hiring a third-party contractor to help you make the customizations you need. We've partnered with upWork to help you find qualified, experienced contractors to help you with your custom project of any size.

How to find an individual developer, designer, or other contractor:

  1. Post your custom job in the SocialEngine Group on upWork.
  2. Qualified contractors interested in your project will reply to your post.
  3. You select the contractor that you feel best fits your job requirements.

We think upWork is a great way to find help for your custom SocialEngine projects. upWork will also give you various tools to monitor your contractors as they work on your projects, and you'll only pay for time actually worked.

How to find a development firm that specializes in SocialEngine:

If you're looking for more than a single developer or designer, check out our list of recommended developers that specialize in SocialEngine development. If one of them looks ideal for your job, you can contact them directly for a quote.

Disclaimer: The products and downloads listed here are offered by third-party publishers. We do our best to review them, but we can't cover everything. If any issues arise from the use of these items, please work with the third-party providers directly to find a solution.