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  • August 14th, 2014 by Michael B.

    I partnered with Techno Global to create my social networking vision from scratch. We used socialengine but created and modified many features in order to create the desired look and functionality I needed. My project was a bootstrap and I was very conscious of cost considerations. Techno Global was excellent in this regard. They offered suggestions and even compared my requests to my overall budget. They are well organized with Jira as a project manager and willing to communicate with me upon request.

    I used an outside designer and the team was able to implement my designs with great results. In the end, through working with Techno Global I was able to build a successful functional prototype of my network. I am very pleased with the outcome.

    Jorge is an excellent leader and easy to talk to. I consider him a friend.
  • July 17th, 2014 by Michael O.

    We have used Technoglobal to create a social network from scratch using socialengine as the base. They have an incredible knowledge of the program as well as advanced programming skills. They also have an understanding of our goals and offer useful suggestions. They are not your typical offshore shop that will only program specific features without regard to the overall site strategy. They have excellent communication skills, are extremely well organized (using Jira for project management), are always willing to speak/gotomeeting to discuss any questions regarding the project. They are also efficient and fairly priced. I recommend them without reservation.
  • January 13th, 2014 by Emmanuel L.

    After almost one year of work with Jorge Canal's Techno Global Inc company (, I would certainely recommand them to work on any Social Engine solution.

    When I decided to work with them, last year in february, I didn't know the team. I just chose them because their answer to my questions seems the most serious one. Know I have been working with them for almost a year, I am a fan of both their knowledge and working force, as well as the huge humanity the guys and especially the boss, Jorge, is having both toward me as a client but also towards his employee.

    Their best qualities are:
    – Big knowledge on Social Engine
    – Big knowledge on Amazon servers
    – Big knowledge on code and programming
    – Excellent at implementing design
    – Human contact and always polite (which is something I really appreciate)
    – Inspirational talk about business with Jorge

    Important notes:

    – I have worked with my own designer, as I wanted a person with the proper cultural understanding of design from my country (Denmark). Tehcno Global has therefore not (yet) designed for me, but they have been excellent at implementing my own design.

    – The only critical part has some times been, the testing part. Often the team has been pushed by me to deliverer on a tight schedule and the results where not always properly tested (I couldn't afford to pay for another foreigner team to test the programming). So I have myself dedicated a lot of time on testing. Doing that, we have succeeded to avoid most of the troubles.

    As a summary, I can only recommand the team to you. I am so please to have found them. BUT – there is a but – I do NOT want you to take the two guys I work with from me, cause I still need them to work for me. ;-)

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