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  • July 30th, 2016 by Raay .

    Hello ivan,

    I install and use only Social Engine Pro plugins as they are always Clean, Light, Simple and Easy to use. There support is very good as always and i never faced any problems with there plugins. Very useful plugins and Highly recommended. Just try it, you will see his efforts.

  • June 23rd, 2016 by William K.

    I purchased a module. Their core module won't install making my purchase worthless. I've received no response from the company regarding this issue.
    • Responded June 29th, 2016 by Valentin D.

      Hello, our sepcore was upgraded for support ssl, Now you may use it without problem
  • May 30th, 2016 by Jose M.

    Hello Ivan,

    Iam not the kind of people write bad reviews about other companies, I believe we should all get alone, I have been chasing you for more than 10 days and you do not answer my emails.
    The plugin I bought from you needs to be debug immediately as I say in my emails to you, please do it as soon as possible.
    I have called you and talk with you and you said you will do it immediately, I am still waiting.
    Your support is not good and I have to say if this is the way you treat your clients, I might have to write a letter to Jason owner of Social Engine and explain him what you are doing.
    You have an obligation with your clients, please do your job.
    Jose from DiversAround
    • Responded June 1st, 2016 by Jose M.

      After weeks of chasing Ivan and his team ,I was able to get his telephone number and spoke with him, I was nice and diplomatic, he said he will fix the problem, what I did not know, the problem was me, he disconnect his telephone line, hahahaha.
      So I hire a new developer who never let me down social engine solutions and told them to take the plugin to surgery, open in up, learn how it works fix it and improve it.
      Iam very surprise why SE owners do not take in consideration what we have to say about companies such social engine pro, Se owners should have a quality control with 3rd party developers so they qualified as good for the community.
      Ivan sorry to say but your behave is unacceptable, if this is the way you run your company, go sell ice cream in a park next to your house.
      Very upset after giving you 7 weeks of time to rectified your attitude.
      Best Regards
    • Responded June 3rd, 2016 by Valentin D.

      Hello, sorry for delay i was ill. We just asked about access, but you not provide we cannot check our plugin.
  • May 19th, 2016 by Mickey R.

    I have been running SE since 2010 and have purchased over 100 plugins and have dealt with nearly all the developers for SocialEngine at some point. I decided to purchase their Advertise in Wall product a week ago. It did not install. I contacted the developer by submitting a support ticket from their website and never received a reply back. I then emailed them directly and waited a few days and still never received any reply back. Now I have to contact my bank and file a charge back. Please avoid this terrible scenario and do not do business with this company!
    • Responded May 23rd, 2016 by Valentin D.

      Hello, we replyed by email, but may be it go to spam folder. Please check it. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • March 23rd, 2016 by broson w.

    we have bought 7 plug ins so far and plan to buy at least 3 more never had a bad encounter with them very good work.
    • Responded June 27th, 2016 by broson w.

      I am starting to see why people are frustrated with this company I made a ticket a week ago no response I have not had a bad experience with you so far and have had many plug in from you and hope to buy them all the date site says fatal error can you please help me?
  • October 29th, 2015 by Frederic D.

    I have been dealing with this company since 2011 and I have to sadly admit that their customer support is the worst I have ever experienced in my Social engine life. I opened numerous tickets about questions, concerns, minor cosmetic changes, coding issuers, and I NEVER got any answer whatsoever.

    I t is obvious to me than Ivan, somehow probably the only person running this "company", only will get back to you once pushed against the wall with bad reviews in this section.

    For these reasons alone, along mediocre themes and low quality plugins, I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone trying to protect and grow their Social Engine site through hard work. It is one thing to have great ideas, but it is another one to put them in action through reliable coding and programming, and Social Engiene Pro keeps failing in delivering such thing.

    Bottom line, stay away ...
    • Responded October 29th, 2015 by Valentin D.

      Hello, you haven't open tickets with error, you not contact with us with any error.Why you make review before contacting us?
    • Responded October 31st, 2015 by Frederic D.

      Like I said, these people only reply when they see a bad review on this page. I have opened 2 tickets with them and they are saying that I never did. So I logged into my account on the SEP page and they deleted my tickets!

      I will try one last time to resolve this issue and if not, I will surely come back here and let everybody know how bad of a customer service I was provided with. Simply unacceptable!
    • Responded November 4th, 2015 by Frederic D.

      I have finally spoken with the manager, Ivan, and all tickets were answered and resolved. Thank you. Next time I will go straight to the source and bypass the middle man. Everything back to normal now.
  • October 8th, 2015 by Josef F.

    We got what we wanted and are satisfied. And it works.

    We bought some package of hours and they helped to bring our matters to a good end so we are satisfied now.
  • October 1st, 2015 by Lucy -.

    I bought several themes and customization of pages of plugins, just installed the plugin yet and I'm finding serious problems, the created page only works if the user is logged in to view public does not work and the pages are making mistakes, I talked to sir Ivan Belan and he said he would work for page translation also just does not work, I had one last email in return Date: 09/24/15 Time: 19:05, since I have sent multiple tickets, messages on facebook and not I return. I want my money back if not Pack the plugin in my project. Please help us. Thank you!
    • Responded October 7th, 2015 by Lucy -.

      After a few days answer my emails and we are customizing the purchased plugin.
      I knew by the developer who was sick.
      Now it has served me promptly and efficiently.
  • September 24th, 2015 by René N.

    I am from Germany and we love good work and good Quality made in time. The Work from Socialengine Pro was awful. They have the badest support I`ve ever worked with (and I already needed a lot in this area). I lost more than 250$ in this Company. It is just a guy who works as a bad freelancer.. Sorry but I don`t understand at all why Socialengine gives permission to name this Company on their site, it`s just not serious and even less serious and professional in their language. His English is not easy to understand, my Emails were difficult to read, when I had to remember 5 times until he responded to my question on the Project. Check the Vocabulary on their Site and you will see what I mean. Just don`t try it, they seem cheap but invest in Quality not in something that isn`t even real.
    • Responded September 24th, 2015 by Valentin D.

      Hi. We done your project and some changes which not agreed. you say: "Everything good, can you save it?". Which problems you have? Just send to us email and we will discuss about that.
  • September 23rd, 2015 by Zach B.

    I bought a very nice theme from these developers, they did a wonderful job on the design. I unfortunately had an issue where I can not upload photos or music into statuses the "Select file" button has no action. I reached out for help, three times now. Filed for a refund after many days of no help.

    Have received zero response from anyone in the company, I really would like to use this theme that they made. However, they will not respond to help me past this speed bump. What was possibly a small / resolvable issue has now delayed my project and become a big deal, I wasted time expecting a response that I never got.

    I don't recommend working with them, unless you are a professional who can fix their small mistakes yourself and do not need help.

    I will update this if they get back with me....
    • Responded September 23rd, 2015 by Valentin D.

      Hi, we responded each day, and remember that ask from you access 2 times.May be it go to spam folder... Please go to our site and create support ticket with access we will help.
    • Responded September 24th, 2015 by Valentin D.

      still not contact with us, do you interesting of fix error?
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