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  • April 24th, 2015 by Garrett N.

    I had a vision but no coding experience, so finding a capable team of developers was critical. Newrosoft has been of immense help in setting up and customizing SE for me, including implementing a video chat module, two currency systems, a tier/level system, a custom theme, and all sorts of other items. Additionally, Ryan Larkin has provided excellent support and documentation/tips along the way so that I can start to work with the Admin settings and appearance. We are now done with the first phase, and it will soon be deployed to (currently still on the dev server). I am VERY pleased with Newrosoft's work and highly recommend them!
  • March 6th, 2015 by Bill W.

    I contacted plenty of developers for a very customized plugin. Most said they could not do it, or it could not be done. NewroSoftMods had no problem putting it together. They worked with us to get the end product to our liking. I would very much recommend them again, in fact they will be getting more work from me very soon.

    Always had timely replies and complete work. I myself know enough about the code, and have reviewed some of there work. Very complete, work and no short cuts just to get the project done!

    I highly recommend.

  • February 26th, 2015 by Hans F.

    These guys are simply amazing! They can help you with anything you need related to your social engine customization project of any size.

    Their hourly rate is slightly higher than hourly rate of some other developers here, but honestly it is totally worth it, because they will go above and beyond to make you happy! Their project managers and developers are true professionals and they know perfectly what they are doing!

    If you need some high quality work done, go ahead and hire!
  • July 9th, 2014 by Melrick S.

    There is not enough space here or time allowed for us to express how we are blessed that we were able to locate NewrosoftMods! From day one they have been professionals, timely, experts in development, and most of all HONEST. We consider NewrosoftMods family. They are as much a part of our dream and vision as we are (or at least they definitely make you feel that way). We've been involved with them going on 4 years and I could not imagine using anyone else. We approached NewrosoftMods with a drafted design of what we wanted developed and as we communicated through all the changes, edits, upgrades, and new versions they were very professional and patient with how and what we wanted for our final version. One of my earliest fondest moments with them was I once asked them, as coders is there not anything that I can conceptually design for development that you can not develop/code? And their reply was, NO, but of course it'll cost you! Their prices are very fair and they don't hustle you on the dev hours. They are very consistent with their approach and time frame promises. I can truly say that no matter how successful we become we will want NewrosoftMods as a part of our extended team. Ryan and Shane are awesome! And we are very appreciative for having a good relationship between us and our two companies.
  • June 22nd, 2014 by Leon D.

    After going through several developers we were fortunate to find this team. They do great work, meet their deadlines and do not over commit. Professional is the word to describe this development team
    I have worked with quite a few but this is the best developer I have worked with so far.
    Really exceeded my expectations. They are very switched on, fast and responsive. They have great communication and excellent understanding. This helps when explaining something that as a non coder is hard to express.

I used thier services to build a couple of custom modules. Throughout the process, extremely prompt in both communication and resolving any issues. It’s a pleasure to work with real professionals like this as it makes the process smooth and keeps things on schedule.

    You can just concentrate on creating the ideas, and they will build them 

    Highly recommended.
  • June 20th, 2014 by Darrel D.

    We have been working with NewroSoftMods on our website, I have been very impressed with their willingness to customize the site to meet our needs. They take the time to understand what we are trying to accomplish. They respond promptly to e-mails and are very friendly and helpful. This development team is reasonably priced, and they have the ability and talent to make what you are envisioning into a reality. I appreciate all their high-quality work and I would highly recommend the NewroSoftMods team!
  • March 18th, 2014 by Caroline O.

    I bought the Translation plugin. There was an issue i had with the layout (didn't like the big translation bar at the top), but they sorted it out for me and it's now a cute, small drop-down in mini-navigation.
    They're friendly and i recommend them!
  • January 28th, 2014 by Craig D.

    We approached a number of SE dev companies with a set of integration and plugin development requirements.

    NewroSoftMods came out top, they are proactive, quick in understanding your scope of requirements and simply get what it is you're trying to achieve.

    Their communication throughout from scoping, pricing up the work and delivering the project is first class and if (like in most projects) you get "feature creep" coming in, they are quick to quote any additional hours needed so you can control budgets whilst getting what you need developed.

    Output of work is extremely good and we have been very impressed in what has been delivered. We have no hesitation is recommending them and will certainly be using them for future work.

    Fantastic work NewroSoftMods!! Thanks!
  • December 25th, 2013 by Kevin C.

    The Newrosoftmods team is amazing. They worked closely with me from the beginning to end of the project, providing quick responses to my questions, coupled with a strong understanding of what I was trying to accomplish. Stan and Ryan were easy to talk to/communicate with, and there were no language barriers at all from my perspective. Everything was done professionally and with great quality. I'll be continuing to work with them on ongoing upgrades and enhancements to my site.

    Thanks Newrosoftmods!

    Kevin -
  • November 9th, 2013 by Toni S.

    I used their help, and I got what I ordered and there was a small language barrier, but it did not matter to work, still they are good! hired over and over again :)
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