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  • October 26th, 2013 by Michael B.

    Our site was shut down by the server, Arvixe, because of too much traffic due to spammers and email runners who became members and was using our site. We had the facility to block specific IP addresses and emails, either through the cPanel or through the admin section of the template. This was painstaking and would be something we would have to do if we identified the offenders.
    We decided to find a system which would help and got some information about Spam Trawler. It seems to be just the thing which would free us from the task of checking and locating offenders and banning them.
    As it turned out when we read the details about the installation, we decided to get the tech people at Spam Trawler to do that since we did not want to make a mistake and take our site down.
    They serviced the whole installation within a few hours.
    In just two hours after that we had four pages of offenders blocked and a list of those identities which were unblocked. This will save us time, money and also downtime on our site due to server shut down when there is too much increase in traffic.
    I would recommend this if only because of the even for the installation service and support time.
  • June 20th, 2012 by Dan B.

    I am so PLEASED that this company is everything they said they are. After such a bad experience with Integration4Us who I do not recommend to anyone. Not only did they take our money and not provide the product purchased but they also injected maliscious code on our site.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SpamTrawler to anyone looking for a professional and quickly attentive staff who won't steal your money.

    A fresh sigh of RELIEF after what we went through with Integration4Us
  • September 23rd, 2011 by Ben M.

    you must have this...! stops 99% of spam...... great service and price.
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