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  • July 30th, 2015 by Mykola B.

    YouNet is great company with very creative people.
    I like not only quality of their modules and themes but also the support level they offer!

    Thank you so much for your quality and help :-)

    Kind regards,
  • July 29th, 2015 by Gerald A.

    Be careful with this company. They are literally thieves. I am surprised how could SocialEngine support them when they have a total of 26 dislikes. Se details below.

    They create incomplete modules and neither of them work normally. I have sent them video proof of the problem and still they refuse to accept their problem.

    They miscarry the buyer with screenshots of module which actually does not work. See yourself the status of dislikes of this company:

    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Resume
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Member
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Responsive MetroUI Template
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Mobile Application - Full Package (iOS, Android)
    2 dislikes - YouNet :: News
    3 dislikes - YouNet :: Wiki
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Affiliate System
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Video
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Event
    2 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Blog
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Tour Guide
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Search Widget
    2 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced HTML Block
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Menu System
    2 dislikes - YouNet :: Social Store / ECommerce Solution
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Photo Album
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Minify- Speed Up Your SE4
    1 dislikes - YouNet :: Advanced Search Plugin Like Facebook Search
    2 dislikes - YouNet :: Ultimate News
  • July 29th, 2015 by Jing G.

    This is a good service provider.
  • July 28th, 2015 by Travis C.

    YouNet Review


    Today I am going to write a full review of my experience with Younet thus far. I am a current customer of Younet and the following is an honest detailed account of my experience thus far.

    I have purchased plugins from many of the bigger and high rated third party developers in the process of developing my network in order to make my network the best I could within my budget. These names include Radcodes, IByte, Socialengine Addons, YouNet and others and by the end I will rank them for you overall. Hopefully this review will save you money that I lost and the overall headache of picking a team to work with, but let’s stick with the company YouNet for the moment.

    Plugins – YouNet’s Plugins are beautiful! When it comes to PHP social networking these plugins are amongst the best in the business. They are rich with both style and features, easily managed from the backend with a decent amount of customization available at your fingertips. They are well coded and you can tell they were developed by experts in their field. There is not much criticism that can be given to them since they are as good as they are, but if I were to make any notes on them I have just one small one that people should be aware of. In plugins such as the multiple listing types, listing system, business plugins etc, when you go to the “create new” field, there are a lot of fields that you may find unnecessary to your purpose, there is no way to change them and many are mandatory fields which can mess with the using the plugin the way you intended. It is not a deal breaker by any standard, because they will customize it for you, but it will cost you plenty of $$$. My hope is they would allow you to choose what is mandatory down the road and potentially let you choose what fields are included in the “create new” section for members. One more thing to think about is their mobile app. It is miles better than any other app out there for socialengine that is not custom made. It is way smoother than the competition. If you don’t believe it download the demo and see it yourself.

    Themes – The YouNet Themes are super smooth, modern and stylish! They are stable and integrate beautifully with the YouNet plugins. They don’t mix well with other Plugins so if you are trying to mix and match you are better off with something like SETweaks who has some nice Themes. However if you are going with the YouNet Plugins (which you should) then go with a younet theme or a custom theme. The Metro theme is beautiful and responsive and makes the plugins look even better. I personally went with the deluxe package so I could have it all and I am thankful I did because it all looks much more cohesive and not like a bunch of parts thrown together.

    Customer Service and Support – As important as it is to have a good product, I think that customer service and support can make or break your experience. I have had overall average/good experiences in this area with most of the developers I have worked with, but YouNet has definitely provided a good experience thus far. I have only had one instance where my support ticked was not responded to in under 24 hours. Typically if you open one it has been answered by morning the next day. This does not mean the issue is resolved but they at least acknowledge your problem which is more than I can say for some other companies. They will notify you as soon as any issue is resolved which is usually a couple days or less unless it is a big problem. They are very knowledgeable of their plugins and encourage you to use only their plugins, which you do not have to do, but the reality is that if you do, the overall feel of your network seems better to me. YouNet service while good could still improve and should strive to do so for its customers, but it is better than many. If you have a problem on a week day you can feel confident in it getting resolved, but if your site goes down on a Friday which mine has a couple times now, you might as well forget about it because you are screwed until Monday. In this case it might be good to have a developer in your pocket who knows his stuff and can at least get you back up in a pinch. I am grateful I made my purchase and started working with them because they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have helped me understand their plugins (which some are complicated) and what I can do with them, fixed any errors I had, installed them wonderfully, and answer my inquiries in a timely manner. I will say that I was in a pickle and on the wrong type of hosting to allow certain plugins to function and had some issues after migrating my site to a new service, but YouNet corrected all my issues and got me back up in running with no questions asked. They have gone out of their way to help me and it is appreciated.

    Bottom Line:
    YouNet provides beautifully crafted plugins that give you control over your socialengine, the plugins feel much more polished and complete than any other plugins out there, but you will pay for it. The themes are wonderful and elegant, integrate well with other YouNet plugins, but are best served with only their plugins. YouNet is active in their blog, and keeping up with innovative plugins and features. They are knowledgeable and provide solid support and customer service for their plugins during the week and are easy to work with. Just be specific and detailed with what you want to avoid delay and confusion. They have the best mobile app for socialengine on the market and their deluxe package will give you all you need and then some to make a great looking network. They are efficient, professional, intelligent and honest developers and will get you up and running on your new social network.
    Rating out of 5
    Product: 5
    Afordability: 3 (Best Deal is Deluxe Package if you need mobile apps)
    Support: 4
    Customer Service: 4
    Overall : 4/5
    Recommend: Highly Recommend

    Out of the Companies I have made purchases and/or worked with, I will now rank them overall and give them an overall score based on fields above.
    1. YouNet 4/5
    2. Socialengineaddons 4/5
    3. SETweaks 3.5/5
    4. IByte 3.5/5
    5. Hire Experts 3.5/5
    6. WebHive 3.5/5
    7. RadCodes 3/5

    This is just how I would rank them but I feel comfortable recommending all of them on certain projects. So I don’t think any of them are a bad decision. But for the highest quality product/plugins you are best served by YouNet
  • July 14th, 2015 by Damien B.

    Works perfectly.
  • June 22nd, 2015 by Pawariss W.

    You've got such a great product and save us a lot of time for development and let us put effort on marketing side.
  • June 22nd, 2015 by Michael D.

    I have purchased a few plugins from YouNet and I have been very happy with them. My only suggestion is that they provide instructions for the admin. Some of their plugins they have put so much work and thought into that it takes a minute to figure out how to set them up. Great work though and I would recommend YouNet to others! Their customer service is awesome too! :)
  • June 7th, 2015 by Alessio R.

    Honest, serious, professional. These are, in my opinion the words to describe the people at YouNet, I bought the complete package, all the plugins are great, the support staff solved all the little issues which came up in a quite difficult integration into my site. Always kind, efficient and professional. I'd like to recommend them to everybody. One of the top-three best plugin providers (I have almost all of them). Thank you very much guys!
  • May 19th, 2015 by Alvaro J.

    Excellent developers!!! One of the "very few" really good plugins for SE and great customer service.
  • May 15th, 2015 by Tom G.

    I recently used Younet for a tricky project that required allot of patience to complete, special thanks to #TruongKhong and #PhongNDQ for their never ending patience and attention to detail. After working with a freelance coder in the UK for 3 years prior to this, working with Younet on Jira was a breath of fresh air - recommended.
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