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  • December 22nd, 2015 by j, H.

    wheres the mobile version??
  • October 18th, 2015 by g s.

    I had a small customization job (integration of their Trasnporter Addons to work with the Integrity Theme) and seTweaks and Mr. Mousavi did an excellent job dispite server issues on my end.

    The dedicated server I had had some issues (specifically ionCube and mod_rewrite) that couldn't be resolved by anyone (SE, host, other dev), so after seTweaks was kind enough to make a valiant effort to get things to work, I gave up and moved to a dedicated server at FastComet. They took care of ionCube, and Mr. Mousavi installed the Theme, Addons, and Customization and made a few simple changes and viola - all set.

    Perfect? No, but not the fault of seTweaks. I have 3 pages (yes, 3 pages not plugins) on my site out of 140+ Plugins that respond differently than they should. The other Plugin dev won't correct them so I'll live with it for now.

    The Theme looks really nice, and has quite a bit of flexibility, especially the Landing Page. Being able to quickly change fonts or change/add menu icons is wonderful - it's amazing what a different font (the right font) can do to a site and its perception. Would I like more? Of course (no theme or plugin seems to provide every single feature/function we Site-Admins expect).

    When I needed support, seTweaks was there in a reasonable timeframe. It's sad to see posts here that are negative and blame the dev for things outside their control (I could have unfairly done that during the initial install - but instead chose to switch hosts which resolved the issue which was NOT an issue with seTweaks, but could have looked that way initially).

    If you're looking for a theme that will guarantee compatibility with every plugin out there, I don't think it exists. I've had issues with a theme from a dev on their own Plugins, and although they resolved the issues - the point is it was issues with their own Plugins. To expect a Plugin <$70 to be guaranteed perfect is simply unreasonable. At lease seTweaks explains that up front (it's not their fault if a site-Admin can't read their terms). They will do their best to resolve certain issues, but to expect them to work for free, on something that isn't their fault, on something they explicitly state they aren't responsible for ... well, some Site-Admins just expect a little too much (which makes some of us other Site-Admins look bad).

    seTweaks developes great themes - in flexibility, in appearance, and for me (140+ Plugins from 5+ devs) quite compatible from my personal experience. Their support is great as well.

    I'm glad to have purchased from, and worked with seTweaks and look forward to doing both in the future.
  • October 12th, 2015 by Texter V.

    I purchased the Integrity Theme , installed ioncube loader and followed step by step instructions.
    I host on AWS>

    It now has crashed my site and I cant even log in.

    Now what?
  • September 7th, 2014 by Muhammad S.

    I have purchased this theme and expected it to be an easy install, once i uploaded the 2 module files, it crashed my site and i couldn't login, it said cannot be decoded by this version of the ionCube Loader, not only they failed to mention that we need ioncube loader on our server and a specific version, i am using hostgator and only option i had is to choose Php versions after alot of attempts it didn't work, Thanks to Ali Mousavi from support who i believe has no technical knowledge, didn't help me at all to fix this issue and when i asked for a refund he asked me to look at hurrendous and scary terms of service, and forced me to buy additional installation service for $29, i am sure they make it that complicated so people are forced to pay for the installation service, i am very disappointed by this greedy company, so make sure you think twice before wasting your hard earned and don't be fooled by the reviews, i am sure plenty of them are created by themselves.
  • July 29th, 2014 by Alessio R.

    I bought the integrty theme from them, despite the pain I've been having for 2 months customizing EVERY SINGLE PLUGIN to match the theme, the only two times i asked some questions to their support, the answer ihas always been on the same register, very stubborn: we don't offer customization support, it's clearly stated on the conditions you accepted when you bought it. Even when I asked a question about an evident defect in the theme, the answer was: we know about that defect and we haven't figured it out how to solve it. I asked that 2 months ago, still not a single word from them about it. I really regret my purchase. The theme looks nice, but dealing with them is really not a pleasant experience. Perspective purchasers should take that into consideration. Disappointed.
    • Responded July 29th, 2014 by Ali M.

      Yes, you are right. we don't work for free and custom modifications are not included in our product support. this has been stated in all our product pages and when it comes to our policies which is a legal contract between us and the customer we do not make any exceptions.

      Regarding the quality of Integrity Theme, I don't think I need to defend our product as reviews from our customers are speaking for itself.
  • April 16th, 2014 by Ferry d.

    I have been using social engine for 5 years and seTweaks has so far the best theme i ever had! a must buy
  • February 28th, 2014 by Tanya H.

    SE Tweaks is one of the very few companies that I know I can go to and get fantastic support, quick responses, high quality developed themes and plugins, all at very reasonable rates!

    One of my most memorable moments working with SE Tweaks, was when I recently reached out to them with an issue that was caused by another third-party developer, that needed to be addressed immediately. To my surprise, the developer responded to my frantic email on a Sunday!! I was shocked and so grateful for their fantastic assistance and patience with me to help me fix the problem as quickly as possible. I knew right then and there that SE Tweaks is worth every cent, and is officially one of the very few companies I trust whole-heartedly with making my site work the way I need it to! :)

    In regards to their products ... I've now purchased two themes from SE Tweaks, and both have been FABULOUS! I am very thankful that SE Tweaks is part of the SE developer community, assisting SE customers and contributing quality products.
  • February 21st, 2014 by Zcupy L.

    Very nice theme, great work thanks
  • February 17th, 2014 by Donald T.

    First off let me state some facts here. I spent no less than a month looking for the best theme when I first bought my script (Several Months Ago). I mean, I really researched EVERY Theme out there. Remember, the theme of your site will absolutely play a key role in the success or failure of your site. When I saw the Transformer theme, it was light years ahead of ALL the competition in terms of look and feel. Needless to say I purchased it and let me say I never had any issues at all with it. Infact, I did a couple custom changes to it via SE Tweaks, in which honestly they were QUICK to answer all my questions, ATTENTIVE to my ideas , MORE THAN REASONABLY PRICED as it related to the cost of my request.

    I found myself actually happy with excitement from my stomach (a feeling I rarely get) while working and looking at my results with this theme. The quality is so high, it makes your script and plugins appear cohesive and well planned out. So there I am a happy site owner when literally two days ago I get a notification that SE Tweaks released a new theme... I wasn't expecting this...

    I looked at some screenshots and thought WOW Okay.... I see the mobile screenshots and started thinking... I emailed SE Tweaks with some questions in which promptly they got back with me.... Although I had no intention or wasn't even thinking of getting another theme, I bought it.

    I have been working on my site for the past four months, I am VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE when it comes to what a network needs to be successful. I knew I needed a landing page that will quickly convey what my site is, how it works, include calls to action, look absolutely attractive and since I'm no programmer or designer I really needed an easy plugin or something that all I have to do is put in the information and.... violla!

    No Kidding, THIS THEME HAS IT ALL! Maybe you didn't hear me, THIS THEME HAS IT ALLLLLL!!! Oh and by the way did I mention, THIS THEME HAS IT ALLLL!! It has a landing page that is straight from the pages of whats new, current & happening on the web and networking scene. The theme comes with an administrative panel with options galore that make this theme UNIQUELY YOURS, and not something that 100 other people bought and all the sites look the same. The options and set up of the theme makes it seem more like a plugin instead a simple theme which is all you get with other developers.

    In what has become the standard for SE Tweaks no other SE theme can come close to it's modern, sexy design, user interface and functionality however, back to the landing page. When you visit a restaurant if it is ugly or non welcoming you will leave. Well if this theme was a restaurant your mouth will salivate to get in, and no joke I know people who visit your site with this theme will be drawn to "go in" and that is the name of the game my friends.

    So here I am spending my time writing a review for a theme I needed and didn't know it. That says alot when someone is not even looking for a product, buys it and leaves the best review they possibly could. The Integrity theme speaks for itself. I would bet my eye sight you will feel the same way when you get this theme.

    GET IT! GET IT! GET IT! You can't afford not to.
  • February 16th, 2014 by colin h.

    Just bought SE Tweaks Integrity theme - first impressions - very impressed!
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