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Event Calendar Plugin for SocialEngine

Created by: iPragmatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.1.x - 4.2.x


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  • November 25th, 2012 by Serguei I.

    After installing I have a new menu item for event calendar, unfortunately, it does not work, because of the wrong URL scheme ("index.php/ecalendar"). I change it in the database table `engine4_core_menuitems` to "ecalendar", now the link works and it shows calendar. It is blank though, as well as a demo calendar at developer's site. There are plenty of events to display...
    • Responded November 25th, 2012 by Kapil J.

      Hi Serguei,

      Sorry to hear that the plugin didn't working for you. Could you send us the details of issue and admin access to your site at so that we can take a look and fix any issue you faced.

      Let me know if there is any question you have. You can also contact us on skype at makeurownrules to discuss the issue.

    • Responded November 28th, 2012 by Serguei I.

      Before getting access to my server, please make sure the demo is working at your site (
      below are today's screenshots:
      there are two events available
      but nothing at the calendar
  • October 6th, 2012 by Alasandro B.

    Well I just purchased this plugin and all went well with the installation. No errors... BUT, when I go to my events page I didn't see a calendar!

    I've just put in a support ticket and now I am waiting. Waiting to see if you guys (developers) are ready to back up your product. I have high hopes that this experience will end with a positive review. I took a chance and purchased this plugin from an obviously new developer with no ratings. I do hope my second review will be one that will prove this company to be everything every SocialEngine owner is looking for... developers with excellent support, and honest business practices.

    I have my fingers crossed!
    • Responded October 6th, 2012 by Kapil J.

      Hi Alasandro,
      Thx for purchasing the plugin and we hope this plugin would value asset for your community. We have replied to your ticket and asked for credentials for your webhosting. Once we get them,we shall try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

      Well we have been working won socialengine since 2008 and has been providing best services to our clients. We have been maintaining big communities like socialkidspot, lacubanada etc.We have been featured as spotlight developer for socialengine recently and you take a look at our interview at So be assure of our best customer support and we shall not disappoint you. We also looking forward to have positive review for our plugin rather than negative.

      Feel free to contact us at if you have any question.
    • Responded October 7th, 2012 by Kapil J.

      We have resolved the issue on your site and updated the ticket as well. The issue was due to HE-Page plugin installed on your community but we have resolved it now. Even though it's w'end but we still manage to resolve the issue for your site so you can expect best services & support from us :)
    • Responded October 7th, 2012 by Alasandro B.

      Well, I awoke this morning to find a message in my inbox telling me that the issues have been fix. Turns out it was a third party plugin page that was causing the problem... I was a bit surprised and impressed to find out that I had given the wrong credentials to their tech to to access my servers and they were able to fix the problem anyway by working through my admin panel. NOW THIS IS THE KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I wish ALL SE developers demanded from their staff.

      Not only did they IMMEDIATELY respond to my request, they were very professional and courteous in our communications. I have spent thousands of dollars on my site and have dealt with quite q few different SE developers and I must say that These guys not only know what they are doing when it comes to the technical side of their business... they are also professionals who know how to treat their customers/clients. Looking forward to doing more business with them in the future! Great job gentlemen! 5 STAR RATING on the product and the customer service!
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