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Created by: Booya! Media Inc.
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 3 - 4
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  • July 31st, 2015 by Brian R.

    This service does create a functional app, true... But it's not really for social media. I wouldn't recommend it at all. If you run a pizza shop or something, this is the app-creator for you. Otherwise, stay away. There's some core functionality issues that due to the cookie-cutter solution they offer, they can't change to make it more socialengine-friendly. I definitely regret the purchase and will be replacing their app with a good one shortly.

    One really good example: push-notifications. They talk about this great push notification system that they have - yet, unlike any other social media app, the push notifications DON"T WORK for any posts! According the the developer it's because SE's API changes too much. That's right, one of the core features of any social media site, the ability to be notified when someone 'likes' a post, or mentions a user in a post or comment doesn't function on Booya's app. There's no way for the user to know except to log in (or, of course an email from the site, which defeats the purpose of push notifications...)

    The 'special features' that they have aren't generally good or needed for a social media site. I've pulled the app from the app store and will be either working with another developer or just creating my own.

    Again, I would not recommended Booya as a mobile app provider for SE sites based on my experience using them. I'm mildly surprised SE 'recommends' them.
    • Responded July 31st, 2015 by Jason M.

      Hi Brian,

      We are happy that we launched your app successfully into the app store for you with your approval and review time. We are sorry that you require custom development outside the scope of the app. Unfortunately you will find that working with other SE app developers does not provide the streamlined tools we offer with your app or the ease of use to update your app anytime.

      Any other SE app developer will charge you allot more to make a custom app. And more importantly as SE updates their code base, the app you bought will go out of date in just a few months with their next code release. We get around all these issues with our platform that is fully native and comes with over 50+ native app sections that can be customized.

      Any good app owner will find that it is much more cost effective to skin your SE pages with a CSS mobile theme rather than pay for a custom deigned layout for which you have no control without a developer to help you. Again we solve all these issues, and that is why we are the #1 SE app.

      Good luck with your SE site, and best of luck!

  • January 30th, 2015 by Cupid D.

    I purchased this service. Their service is misleading. I asked for a refund within the first month of service as it STATED in their policy; "If whatsoever reason you are unsatisfied with your mobile application within the first month of service, Booya! Media guarantees to refund the first month of service with no questions asked. Booya! Media is backed by 100% satisfaction guaranteed.". However, when I requested a refund they denied it and proceed by literally erasing/removing that part of their policy. I witnessed this after I refreshed the policy page. Unfortunately for them, I captured multiple screenshots of the policy before I requested the refund, which was before they reacted in a unbusinesslike manner by erasing/removing their 100% satisfaction guarantee section.

    DO NOT do business with this company! I repeat DO NOT do business with this company!
    • Responded July 18th, 2015 by Jason M.

      Even though the work was fully completed, reviewed by them and live in the app store they wanted a full refund and we provided it. We can't please everyone but do stand behind our product 100%.
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