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Sticky Note / Reminder Calendar / Schedule Notification / Post-It Plugin

Created by: Radcodes
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.1.x - 4.8.X
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  • September 17th, 2015 by g s.

    I don't know how to express how much I like this Plugin:

    - Simple to use
    - Very powerful
    - Very flexible
    - Easily integrated with all of the other Plugins content from other developers' Plugins so far (automatically I must add - I had to do nothing to "make it work" other than add the widget onto the appropriate page)
    - Filtering notes on the "My Notes" page is very handy since you can search by many things including the content type, or a word/phrase in the note (not just tags or in the title/label)

    This is just one of those "oh my - why didn't I get this sooner" types of addons that your users will really enjoy having. It's just like paper sticky notes - only better. Depending on where you place the (integraton) Widget, this can be extremely handy. For example, if you place it on a Group profile, you could (from the profile) see any exiting notes (one by one - using prev/next inside the block) - the most recent note appears first. There's also an icon to add a note from the block, which then will automatically attach this Group to the note (for filtering of "Groups" or filter by this group name, or any word you typed in the note, etc.

    What I can't seem to express is how simple and useful this is: the ability to read any/all notes (and create new ones) from any content page you want - and very quickly. It's as if every time a content page loads, any/all sticky notes you've "written" are right there - on the screen, right in front of you. And if you want to write another one, just go ahead. You can even edit any of the notes wherever they appear (i.e. you don't have to return to the main "My Notes" to edit a note, or change the optional reminder date/time). You can also delete it wherever you see it. This is like a sticky note app (well they used to call them programs back in the day) that I used decades ago in my windows PC.

    The main "My Notes" page is so handy, displaying all of your notes (with the filters/search capability I mentioned above). The Notes Calendar is useful too since it displays any reminders you saved with the note (this is an option when you create the note) . If you (Site-ADMIN) allow it, users can be notified via notifications & email shortly before the reminder time of the note.

    This is just one of those Plugins that does what it says (but in reality once you see the benefit, it's so much more than just a sticky note / reminder system as far as it's usefulness).

    Almost forgot, Vincent is great with support. I purchased only 3 plugins so far, but he's there quickly and thorough. I'll review the Folders and Badges plugins once I configure them and test them (the little that I've toyed with the Folders plugin, it seems to be a lot like this one - a must have, especially with how it easily integrates with your existing 3rd-party Plugins (not just SE standard Plugins).

    Well I've rambled on long enough. This is simply one of those products (well, plugins) that you would gladly tell your friends/family about and tell them if they didn't like it you'd buy it from them - this is truly that great/useful.

    Just go buy it - you will be happy/thrilled you did !
    • Responded September 17th, 2015 by g s.

      Some clarification about what Sticky Notes are available where:
      - If added from a Content (group, member, event, 3rd-party plugin such as SEAO Pages, SEAO Businesses, SEAO Advanced Groups, SEAO Multiple Listing Plugin, etc.), when you return to that particular content page, only the notes for that particular content page are available from the Sticky Notes Integration Widget (i.e. not all notes, only those from this content page).
      - The main Notes menu includes a menu item for browsing all of YOUR notes, and filtering as you wish. You can of course also add this function to your mini-menu, so you could quickly/easily (from anywhere) get to all of your notes if you wish.

      Great Plugin. Just go ahead and get it ... now :)
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