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Created by: CEOfox
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.2.0 - 4.X



  • What is requirements?

    Yes, it requires CEOfox Core 4.6.0 and Credit 4.0.1 (which you can download in installation guide)
  • Is it a tar file?

    Yes, it is a tar file and easily to install via AdminCP
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  • November 13th, 2014 by Claudio T.

    A company should NEVER sell this kind of plugins if them are not even tested.

    Wrong menus, wrong positions, no payments are working.

    • Responded November 14th, 2014 by CEOFOX .


      We tried to help you fixed all problems and explain you many times that the problems (exactly just minor problems about css and all of them are fixed) come from the conflict between 3rd party developers, you don't use Social Engine default theme (but from another developer) so it may conflict with other 3rd party plugins, it is normal, in this case we were willing to help even help you out of our working time, we try our best efforts and solve all issues. You still not satisfied, you request refund, we accept and release you refund.

      In general, we are considering that you are trying to talk something bad then request refund and reuse in future?

      In our side, we done our work by supporting you to overcome issue, we think we done well, on your side we don't know.
    • Responded November 14th, 2014 by Claudio T.

      I have asked for a refund.

      CEOFox has tried to support me on what they could but the plugin was full of issues starting from PayPal APIs not updated.

      If I have bought your plugin is because I needed it, I was not interested in any refund as I have never asked it for all the other plugins I have taken in the past.

      I have tried to disable your plugin just clicking on "disable" but the entire admin panel got corrupted and I have to reinstall the website now.

      In the end the support told me the below:

      "Actually, when you bought this plugin, we are really stress because all customers from *.it will be like that then when you did that we are not surprise, we are planing to block all purchases and requests from Italian."

      Apart from technical side, is very bad to find racist support.

      My rate is the worst I could give to an organisation from a technical perspective but more important from a personal point of view.

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