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Created by: Inscripts
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 3.X - 4.X
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  • January 28th, 2016 by Andrew H.

    If they would run in a competition for the worst customer support they would win it by a mile.

    Beside the fact they are very slow they don't seem to even bother thinking . I'm a software developer myself and if i would offer this kind of support to my customers and make them belief i have no idea how my software works it's totally unacceptable .

    On our site it breaks some of the SE functions (forums post), i just keep going around in circles with them it's like they don't want to help or even worse have no idea . Asked if they tested their integration with forum , never got an answer to that , they didn't even bothered to check on their own demo site .

    While i have to admit they do have some interesting functions, the lack of customer support and the fact that they don't seem to be testing the script at least with the standard SE plugins it's unacceptable . SE shouldn't allow so called companies like this one to even use their name or post on the market without making sure it works properly.

    My advice : if you think you`ll need help from them , STAY AWAY !
  • February 21st, 2015 by Jeremy B.

    Has been one of the main sources of communication on our site. One of the best chat scripts we've ever used.
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