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YouNet :: Ultimate Social Music Solution

Created by: YouNetCo
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.7.0 - 4.8.x
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  • October 19th, 2016 by broson w.

    Younet is such a great company.They did a great job on our apps and all our products we have bought they installed them fast and friendly truly a great company.We can\'t wait to see what they come out with next.
  • October 18th, 2016 by Juan H.

    It's just amazing how this plugin empowers our users to Listen and to share their favorite music seamlessly...
    It has a lot of very Useful little features, the design is very nice and easy to navigate, it's a very attractive and a even more powerful music sharing/streaming features, great way to keep your members logged in longer to your site ;)
    Without saying that the support form YouNetCo is the best, they are very helpful and always able to fix any issues and integration to your page, I highly recommend this plugin not just for it's many wonderful features but also because of the company behind it ;)
  • August 16th, 2016 by Vivien a.

    1) Our experience with YouNet has been very positive all around: the Plugins and Customer Support are Top in the industry. YouNet values and knows what Customer Care is all about.

    2) Ultimate Video plugin is great; it empowers our users to share videos easily.

    3) Social Music plugin is awesome; it empowers our users to share favorite music seamlessly.

    4) Advanced Photo Album is fantastic; it empowers our users to manage photo sharing very effectively.

    5) Metro Template is super; it empowers our online site to present a professional and user-friendly environment for users to interact with one another.

    In summary, YouNet's products and services are definitely Top-of-the-Line in the industry. We highly recommend YouNet to everyone.

    MBC - FC
  • July 31st, 2016 by Gianluca B.

    Great. I'm extremely pleased of the experience and response time of YouNet company. With the fast support from their supporters, I am loading each wonderful plugin a little at a time. This plugin is amazing . Highly recommended!
  • July 14th, 2016 by Aljasmi T.

    It's a very wonderful product. Highly recommended.
  • June 2nd, 2016 by Benjamin M.

    This social music plugin is the best I've seen so far for SE. The design is very nice and easy to navigate. I look forward to buying other plugins from this company.
  • May 22nd, 2016 by Peter W.

    Younet's Ultimate Music plugin is a major upgrade from Socilengine's dull and clunky standard music player.

    If you are looking for more attractive and more powerful music sharing/streaming features on your site, this is well worth a look.

    The fact that Younet's is an HTML5 player is worth the price by itself. This means it will work on browsers which are not flash enabled, and even on mobile devices which do not have Flash.

    One minor gripe is that the player cannot be popped out so it is independent of the current window like the default player. That is a feature to look for in future versions. But it can be moved around, and set to play on all pages of your site.

    All in all, this is a good value, worthwhile upgrade.
  • May 17th, 2016 by Alessio R.

    This last version of the music plugin is really bautiful and packed with all the features you can imagine, I'm really happy with my purchase!
  • May 12th, 2016 by Travis C.

    Hey everyone I wanted to take the time to review of some more plugins and in this segment I will be reviewing the Advanced Groups, Ultimate Social Music Solution, Business Directiory, and Ultimate Video plugins.

    If you have already purchased the socialengine platform, then by now you have already realized many of its great features, as well as some of its limitations. if you are like me than you want to get more functionality out of a plugin to help separate it from just about every other social networking site and give your users more features to enjoy.

    Advanced Groups By YouNet

    What It Does Well:

    The Advanced Groups plugin like most of the plugins you see from YouNet is plays well with the responsive design templates from YouNet which is a huge plus because they are the best templates out there in terms of design and quality. However I have tested it with templates from SETweaks and it runs very well in those templates as well however you will lose some of the responsive design.
    The plugin boasts some useful tools such as group messaging, group video posting and one I find particularly helpful which is ownership transferring. This is particularly nice because you can make it so you can pass down ownership of the group as opposed to creating a new group each time. However there is one feature that this plugin executes that was literally the reason I purchased it myself. This plugin allows you to create events within a group that are private solely to the group members such as private meetings, but it also lets you post events that are public such as fundraisers or parties within the events plugin but the group is still the host.

    What could be improved:

    The plugin claims you can have multiple owners of a group but so far I have only been able to create one admin with ultimate control who can pass the ownership along. I would like to see multiple admins being able to be made. It is possible that this can be done and I am suffering from a glitch but non the less it is annoying.
    Sometimes I notice that events posted don’t always show up in the upcoming events slots which is once again probably only my system having the issue right now.
    Overall it is a great plugin worthy of adding to your socialengine site and should be considered.

    Ultimate Social Music Solution:

    What it Does Well:

    It looks good, I mean really good for a php based platform there is definitely some style with this plugin. You definitely need a younet template for this plugin though, so consider that before purchasing. It organizes your music and looks good, I had no issues with playback and was pretty neat. That being said it is not a necessary plugin for my network so I am not using it. I used it mainly just for testing purposes. I love that you can upload multiple songs at once and that you can upload from soundcloud. I love the idea of sharing music with others, but storage on your hosting will get expensive fast.

    What could be improved:

    Uploading music is still a pain. While being able to do multiple songs is awesome, it still takes forever and is tedious and sometimes the upload errors out which makes it frustrating. Would love to see a way to swap music with others in the community but I am sure there are legality issues with something like that.

    Overall it is a cool plugin but unless you have tons of space to be hosting large files on your own server this could lead to some issues. The plugin itself is great and if music is key in your network such as a music community or for aspiring musicians, then this is definitely a must have.

    Ultimate Video Plugin

    What it does well:

    It is smooth, elegant and functions well. It feels like a glorified wall of video being shared within a community. You can browse and filter for videos similar to youtube, you can see just latest or recommended videos and even create playlists.

    What could be improved:
    Honestly for what it is supposed to do, it does it really well and I have no critiques at this time.

    The neat part is that it’s all hand chosen content by your users. However the negative is that it is hand chosen content by your users, so the content is only as good as the users that post it. The plugin is awesome though and if video is a necessity this would definitely be my plugin of choice.

    Business Directiory:

    What it does well:

    This plugin allows any user to create a standalone business page separate from the user’s profile. It lays the business pages out in an organized fashion with filtered searches and maps. On the pages you can post interesting content in a similar way to your user profile, but it also gives you power to post job openings on for your business, even items for sale, coupons for special offers and interact with your customer base.

    What can be improved:

    I would love to see more flexibility in the information needed to create businesses using the plugin. It is very regimented in what info must be provided to actually make the page and I wouldn’t necessarily need/want to have all that information out there right away. I have found this is the case in many plugins across the board. I would love to see more sections that are optional to fill in and an “add a section” button so you can add more information when you need it and title it as you see fit.

    There is one really glaring oversight in my opinion that I would love to see an update for. At this time only users can create business pages. In most cases this is fine but in my case my network as it stands is a private network so I would like to keep the normal users separate from this business pages. At this point this is not possible which means every business owner would have access to communicate with and view the user’s profiles on the network. If a separate business login could be created or if the business users could be tethered to a business network that could not view the others that may solve the problem.

    Overall as long as you don’t need to keep your members and business members separated for any reason and you don’t mind user profiles being able to viewed and communicated with directly, then this is definitely the most complete and visually pleasing business directory plugin out there.

    Thanks for reading! Hope this helps in your decision making!
  • December 28th, 2015 by OMER G.

    Great customer support! The products are amazing and they look after their clients! will keep buying from them.
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