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PHPfox Importer for SocialEngine

Created by: SocialEngineAddOns
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.2.0 - 4.9.9


  • Is this mandatory to have my PHPfox website and my SocialEngine PHP website on the same server?

    Yes, it is mandatory that your PHPfox and SocialEngine PHP websites are both located on the same server.
  • What will happen to the existing content of my SocialEngine PHP website at the time of migration?

    This migration will overwrite the existing content of your SocialEngine PHP website with the content of your PHPfox website.
  • Can I run this migration script in Test Mode before running it in Live Mode?

    Yes, you can run this migration script in Test Mode before running it in Live Mode. You can choose this mode from the settings of this script before starting migration.
  • Can I run this migration script multiple times?

    Yes, you can run this migration script multiple times, but upon every execution of this script, all the existing content will be overwritten. So, if your SocialEngine PHP site has any existing users or content since your last migration, then that will be lost when you run the migration script again.
  • Does this migration script also work with third party plugins of PHPfox and import their content?

    No, this migration script will not import / migrate the content of PHPfox’s third party plugins to SocialEngine PHP. If you want to migrate any of your PHPfox third party plugins’ content, then please contact us for your custom requirement.
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  • October 27th, 2015 by demix .

    The best plugins I've ever seen! All matter and completely! does not skip anything! excellent care! Advised
  • October 11th, 2015 by Ferry d.

    I am a bit of a perfectionist, and i realise i sometimes can be a lot demanding. That's why i chose SocialEngineAddOns as my one and only developer. I have been a member since 2012, and still love their products. Nothing is too much to ask and they have a lot of patience.

    It's really a company who thinks that the costumer is the king!

    Hope they will keep developing more cool stuff.
  • September 24th, 2015 by Simon E.

    You can not go wrong....

    Use the SocialEngineAddOns PHPfox Importer Plugin for SocialEngine, site back and relax. Using SocialEngineAddOns plugins and support, your community will very quickly become a professional and very high quality platform.

    If your serous about your community, don't think do....

    Thanks a million SocialEngineAddOns...
  • September 18th, 2015 by Fernando C.

    For me social engine is the best plattform for my purpose of socialNetwork, also i hire the services of socialengineaddons, this team of developers are more profesionals and have more knowledges on Social Engine.

    Have a great support and a great plugins to do your social Engine a great project.

    For me is the best Software to create my bussines.
  • September 16th, 2015 by Dayne E.

    This Mod is truly a God send! SEaddons migrated my Phpfox to SE with ease. The process was smooth, I look forward to continue purchasing their Plugins.
  • September 15th, 2015 by David H.

    There should be no discussion which platform is better: phpFox or SocialEngine. SE has an active community of developers and many well build websites are based on the platform. Even even big players as Electronic Arts use the system. From those developers in the community Social Engine Addons stands out from the crowd. If one plans to make the transition to the new system, they are the team you should put your trust in. They are willing to give you the additional support you need and will go the extra mile to make your website work fine.
  • September 10th, 2015 by Donald T.

    1st What you need to know.

    Two of many FOUNDATIONAL critical components needed to run a successful network are:
    1) Your platform script ie, phpfox or socialengine… which will need clean code, stability speed, and support…
    2) Modules, Apps & Themes which will determine the look, feel and how your users will interact (or not) within your community.

    I know that sounds simple and obvious but here is what I have personally come to discover about phpfox and why you MUST use socialengine and socialengineaddons instead. BELIEVE ME, I AM SAVING YOU ALOT OF TIME, MONEY & COUNTLESS HEADACHES.


    Phpfox’s old flagship platform Nebula is outdated and can’t compare to the more modern and stable socialengine php script. Phpfox’s apps and themes are not even in the same class as the SEAO brand. So now phpfox is trying to catch up with a new flagship product called Neutron (which still looks like an outdated facebook clone)

    The problem? With this new attempt that has not been battle tested or scaled yet, the script has bugs, speed and stability issues. What’s worse is since its new and unstable there aren’t any useful apps, themes or modules at this time. They call Neutron their future but the future is now and you cannot afford to be their Ginny pig paying with your hard earned money and dashed dreams.

    Don’t believe me? Here is an excerpt right from their own words on their site.
    “Neutron is our future flagship product and is developed for our future, while Nebula has been our flagship product that has tons of awesome apps and themes. Since Neutron is new there isn't a large database of apps and therefore we continue to support Nebula.”

    2nd Socialengine
    In contrast, SocialEngine is firing on all cylinders and all of us who use their script love them! They update us on what they are doing every month. The script is super stable and well documented, the code is crystal clear and their support tops the cake. Out the gate you will notice the superior speed compared to phpfox hence this is why I urge you to migrate now. You will immediately feel the difference, trust me! I’m not saying everything is always easy, but overall socialengine stands up on its own.

    3rd Socialengineaddons
    SEAO is to socialengine as cereal is to milk. SEAO goes hand in glove as they understand the ins and outs of the SE php script and people. I have used other developers in the SE community and SEAO is without question the best. They encompass EVERYTHING you will need on your journey. I don’t know what I would do without them.

    To be more specific SEAO has all extremely well built themes, plugins and modules. Not only are they stable, but they’re relevant to the modern world we live in today. Their products cover the full gambit of what’s needed to run a successful network and then some.

    SEAO also have a host of services you can choose, from setting up your servers to making custom changes on your site. The mobile apps they have designed are far superior than any other app on the market and for this reason alone SEAO is the only true choice if you want to be successful.

    But the biggest most important reason you can’t go without SEAO is their support. The support that I get from SEAO makes me feel like they are an insurance company. What I mean is accidents happen but with insurance you have the peace of mind that life will still go on no matter what and you won’t be stuck without what you need. They support their products but I’m not kidding they support you. That is priceless my friend and its 1000% true.

    I am sharing this with you as many people have shared their truths in these forums and it has helped me tremendously. I hope this helps you!

    phpfox vs socialengine is not about comparing pros and cons because socialengine is by far superior across the board. However, I would bet my life savings that if you use SE and SEAO together, what you will accomplish will blow you away!
  • September 9th, 2015 by Francisco Ramirez H.

    These guys know how to work hard, so your site is always working in the best way.
    Whenever I need help they are there to support me
  • September 7th, 2015 by Fernando S.


    im working with SocialEngineAddons for years. I cant imagine my proyect without them. They are the most professional people i have ever seen. They are continuously creating new plugin and new updates. All my proyect are made with Social Engine and i always take SEAddons plugins. The support are really great. I hope we all can count on them for ever!!

    Thank you very much!!
  • September 7th, 2015 by Brent .

    We have been working with SocialEngine AddOns for several years now. They keep getting better and better and as a result, are setting the pace for the entire industry. We implement their solutions and they keep coming up with new ones. Ive been doing high tech for 30 years - you will not find a better partner in the marketplace

    1. Best Products.
    2. New & Innovative Products keep on coming
    3. Support is ON TARGET, ON TIME, EVERY TIME
    4. The future is Today with SEAddons

    You can rest easy and focus on your business and SEAddons will help you ever step of the way.

    Good Good not really, they are just GREAT!

    BrentA - GoMainSt
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