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YouNet :: Ultimate Video

Created by: YouNetCo
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.7.x - 4.8.x


  • How to define the number of Videos/Playlists displayed on listing page?

    Please go to AdminCP >>> Plugins >>> Ultimate Videos >>> Global Settings >>> and set the value at respected fields
  • What is the Watch It Again widget?

    Our Ultimate Videos plugin also supports Watch It Again widget where it recommends videos user have already watched. The list of videos were pull out randomly from History.
  • Does Ultimate Videos work on Mobile View?

    Yes, it does. Ultimate Videos is fully responsive, it supports both Mobile View and YouNet's Responsive Templates.
  • Does Ultimate Videos work on Responsive Templates?

    Yes, it does. Ultimate Videos is fully responsive, it supports both Mobile View and YouNet's Responsive Templates.
  • Does Ultimate Videos work on Mobile Application?

    For the full list of supported plugins on Mobile Application, please visit its posting at
  • Do I have to install default SocialEngine Video plugin in prior to install Ultimate Videos?

    No, you don't have to. Ultimate Videos is a stand-alone plugin which doesn't required default Video plugin.
  • Why do uploaded videos take so long to process?

    As same as other plugins, to prevent overload of server, Ultimate Videos is running on Cronjob - which schedules a command or script on server to run automatically at a specified time and date. If you want to speed up the uploading process by manually triggering the Task Scheduler, you can go to AdminCP >>> Settings >>> Task Scheduler >>> check on Job task >>> click on
  • Why can’t some of the video formats be processing after uploading?

    It might be because those video formats have not been supported in your server. To solve this problem, please contact your Hosting Provider to support them in FFMPEG.
  • How does ‘directly uploading videos to Youtube’ work?

    While uploading a video from local computer, users will have the ability to also post that video to Youtube through their Youtube accounts (Note: admin has the ability to enable/disable that option in AdminCP). By checking that option, the video will be directly uploaded to Youtube server and the converting process happens there. After that, the video will be pulled out from Youtube via its URL and display on SocialEngine website.
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  • October 19th, 2016 by broson w.

    Younet is such a great company.They did a great job on our apps and all our products we have bought they installed them fast and friendly truly a great company.We can\'t wait to see what they come out with next.
  • October 18th, 2016 by Juan H.

    Great Product This is just Another great addition for SE site!! And the support service is simply the best.
    I Highly recommend to you!
  • September 26th, 2016 by Peter C.

    I'm happy with all of the Younet products I use. What's more impressive is their responsive customer support if you need any tweaks or changes for your specific implementation.
  • September 19th, 2016 by Alvaro J.

    Thank you guys, this plugin gives an excellent twist to my site and renders it more colorful and alive. Keep doing your great things!!!
  • August 16th, 2016 by Vivien a.

    1) Our experience with YouNet has been very positive all around: the Plugins and Customer Support are Top in the industry. YouNet values and knows what Customer Care is all about.

    2) Ultimate Video plugin is great; it empowers our users to share videos easily.

    3) Social Music plugin is awesome; it empowers our users to share favorite music seamlessly.

    4) Advanced Photo Album is fantastic; it empowers our users to manage photo sharing very effectively.

    5) Metro Template is super; it empowers our online site to present a professional and user-friendly environment for users to interact with one another.

    In summary, YouNet's products and services are definitely Top-of-the-Line in the industry. We highly recommend YouNet to everyone.

    MBC - FC
  • August 9th, 2016 by Alessio R.

    I already had the old advanced plugin, upgrading it to this new one made my users happy, very nice interface and tons of additional features. I would recommend it for sure! Thank you!
  • July 31st, 2016 by Gianluca B.

    Great. I'm extremely pleased of the experience and response time of YouNet company. With the fast support from their supporters, I am loading each wonderful plugin a little at a time. This plugin is amazing. Highly recommended!
  • July 28th, 2016 by HAROLD S.

    Another great addition for SE site. younet is doing a great job for creating modules that will greatly improve the default features of SE like the video! Good job!
  • July 14th, 2016 by Aljasmi T.

    It's a very wonderful product. Highly recommended.
  • July 12th, 2016 by Rebecca L.

    I like this plugin because the videos really show well and the preview screens are much larger instead of a tiny thumbnail size image.

    Also there is a great "featured" videos slider to showcase the best videos on your network. It has a large slider and thumbnail preview.
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