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iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps for SocialEngine

Created by: SocialEngineAddOns
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.2.0 - 4.8.12


  • Q. What is the difference between Mobile Starter and Mobile Pro Plans

    Ans: The only difference between these 2 plans is that: With the Mobile Starter plan, your iOS & Android apps will be submitted to the app stores with the SocialEngineAddOns App Store account, whereas with the Mobile Pro plan, they will be submitted with your own app store account. Benefits of submitting your apps with your own app store accounts (Mobile Pro Plan) are: We will be providing you the .apk and .ipa app build files. You will have control on the publishing / un-publishing of the apps. While submitting your Apps to the App Stores, we will take and post good screenshots of your App for the App listing. You will be able to change them easily as per your choice from your app store accounts. After your App is submitted, you will also be able to add additional graphics for it from your app store account like: Feature Graphic, Promo Graphic, Promo Video, etc.
  • Q: If the Mobile Pro plan has so many benefits, then why would someone subscribe to Mobile Starter plan?

    Ans: Mobile Starter plan has a lower cost than the Mobile Pro plan. Additionally, with the Mobile Starter plan, you also save the $99 per year fee of having your own iTunes iOS developer account. Thus, if you want to see what your community's mobile apps would be like, with a low initial start-up cost, then you can go for the Mobile Starter plan. You can anytime move from the Mobile Starter plan to Mobile Pro plan by filing a support ticket from your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area, and our support team will help you out. App transfers from SocialEngineAddOns app store account to your app store account will be subject to app store terms. (See iTunes app transfer terms here:, and Google Play Store's app transfer terms here: .)
  • Q: Can I cancel my mobile apps subscription any time? What will happen when I cancel my subscription?

    Ans: You can cancel your subscription any time, and renew your subscription later. While renewing your subscriptions, you will not have to pay their one-time fees again. We recommend that you should not cancel your subscription to get continued support for our mobile apps and to upgrade the apps on iTunes and Google Play when we release new versions. If you cancel your mobile apps subscription, then you will not be able to file support tickets for any support related to mobile apps. Additionally, with the Mobile Starter plan, you need to have an active subscription for your app to be available in the app store. With the Mobile Pro plan, as the apps are published with your app store account, you have control on the publishing / un-publishing of the apps.
  • Q: I do not want recurring subscription, and need the apps with a one-time payment. How can I get the apps with one-time payment?

    Ans: If you want to get Mobile Apps for your SocialEngine based community along with uninterrupted 6 months support by paying just one-time payment, and do not want to avail the benefits of recurring subscription, then you can order this plan: One-time Payment with 6-months Support, that is also mentioned in the above plans list. For details of this, please
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  • September 25th, 2016 by Wes P.

    I ordered iOS and Android. Both quality apps and good support.
  • September 23rd, 2016 by Sabit M.

    I am a long time customer of SocialEngine Addons and each plugin is worth to buy, but this is hammer, momental is really price reduced, this working is for big praise... :)
    Thank You
  • September 22nd, 2016 by Geoff H.

    We have had exceptional service from our third-party developer, Social Engine Addons, who are configuring our mobile app (iOS and Android) for our site The prompt assistance from both Sales and Support have been outstanding; and we would most certainly recommend Social Engine Addons as a reliable third-party developer.
  • September 22nd, 2016 by magnus f.

    The SEAO mobile app is really an awesome and very useful app.
    It is easy to configure and understand. It also works well with other SEAP plugins.
    Really recommend

    // Magnus
  • September 20th, 2016 by Fumiki K.

    Thank you for having a wonderful product offered.
  • September 20th, 2016 by David H.

    The apps of SEaddons are a reasonalbe extension for every web based social engine community. They are well integrated into the basic plugins and correspond well with a growing number of plugins provided by Social Engine Addons. The design is modern and stylish for both systems and caters the needs of the relevant user groups. The process to create the apps with the Seaddons team is well thought through and leaves enough room for individual customizations.
  • September 15th, 2016 by Donald T.

    1. The apps are stable
    Don’t you HATE when using an app and it crashes or gets stuck and you have to remove the battery to get your phone to work again.

    Well I never had any of these problems with this app I have had SEAO’s mobile apps since it was completed over 2 years ago and neither my users or I have experienced stability issues at all. Both apps are compatible and functional for all mobile devices.

    2. They Look Amazing.
    Even the best app would falter if it doesn’t look good. This is the magic of SEAO’s apps. From the moment it’s opened on any mobile device it looks amazing and credible. It give me goose bumps just thinking how great my app look thanks to SEAO. (not kidding)

    3. Easy to navigate.
    Simple and easy is the only way to describe the navigability of their mobile apps. From the time your users download your app they will be cruising it with ease. I tested it with new users who didn’t know my app but they were able to “get it” in seconds because of how well they were able to navigate through content.

    4. Unique.
    This app will show your uniqueness through its well designed features? The options available from flash screens and other customizations that can be done with this app will give you a look that will be unique to your community.

    5. Feature Rich
    Push Notification, monetization options, single sign on and so much more. SEAO really thoroughly thought this thing out. The feature set that comes with these apps truly makes for a well rounded community centered experience.

    6. Shareable. The most successful mobile apps are the ones that has social sharing in mind. That’s another reason why this app rocks! There are social sharing features in all the right places. I’m not kidding. With just a few taps content is blasted across other social networks with ease. Love It.

    7. Inexpensive.
    With all that has gone into this app I would expect to spend thousands of dollars… so when I saw the many options I had to purchase with such nominal investment I was sold. I bought it immediately. I appreciate that.

    8. Top Notch Support
    When you do finally get a mobile app, don’t forget that it will need updates and new features constantly if you want to be successful. SEAO put this requirement on auto pilot for all who get their apps. They always bring new features and updates to my apps via several subscription options ALL which fit any budget. This is basically a headache reliever because you never have to worry about anything but your concept with their support
    9. Fun.
    Possibly the most important quality in any app is its level of enjoyability. With their ease of use, feature set and design, it is so pleasurable to interact with them.

    10. This is the best app developed on the SE platform. (It’s the truth)
    I have personally downloaded and tested EVERY app out there as I only want the best. Don’t be fooled by good looking screenshots but when you REALLY use the app its weird and buggy. I am only saying this because its true and I have first hand knowledge.

    SEAO’s mobile app is light years ahead of any other app made for your SE community. Trust me I have tried them all and still do. I’ve yet to see an app come close to what you get with SEAO’s apps. Save time and money and stick with the best. Go download their demo right now. It will speak for itself.

    Even though I’m sharing my personal experience I am 1 billion percent sure you will agree with every word I have shared once you become part of the mobile app family. I wrote this from the heart to help you make the best decision possible. Believe me go with this product, you will be happy you did and your users will too. Get it now.
  • September 13th, 2016 by William S.

    I recently purchased a few products from SocialEngineAddons .com and was quite impressed with their level of service. I purchased a very professional looking theme from them along with a video plug-in, and encountered a need to reach out to their support.

    Being a first time customer, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, when I submitted my first ticket I was very promptly attended to. The staff is professional and really care about making sure their products work as advertised. They kept a very productive line of communication open with their development staff to accommodate my requests.

    SocialEngineAddons has great products and great service. I can confidently recommend them to others, and will absolutely do business with them again soon.

  • September 13th, 2016 by Shadi H.

    I have enjoyed working with Socialengineaddons from the very start.
    They always follow through on the promises they make and are very dedicated to provide good service and support. I can strongly recommend this developer to anyone who are looking to build a social community.

    Keep up the good work and service guys..
  • September 12th, 2016 by Oscar R.

    Perfectly iOS and Android App for community, and nice tools!!

    Thanks all Team!
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