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Quick Signup (Widget)

Created by: I4US
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.x.x - 4.x.x


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  • October 11th, 2011 by anthony s.

    This Quick Sign up is great for people to join fast, but still needs more work before it's perfect as i found issues with is as soon as i started using it, as follows...

    1: There needs to be a username element, as many of the members who sign up to this complain that they don't want their email address name before the @ sign to be their username.

    2: This widget bypasses the email authentication which you may have on your regular sign up, so people could sign up with fake emails and get straight into your social network (spam)

    3: if the username, taken from their email, exists it doesn't let the user chose another, instead it adds a number on the end for their username ie... Mark would become Mark1, Mark2, etc... so there needs to be option for the user to type in a different username instead if taken.

    4: it seems to bypass bad word filter or blocked email filter, as i was able to fake test using a blocked email and it still jumped in and registered.

    So a good widget that is needed, but needs work to stop fake sign-ups and to give members username freedom.
    Will become 5 star if these updates/changes are added in the future.
  • April 18th, 2011 by Paul R.

    Now it is so easy to get people to sign up and great if your website has an affiliate program.
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