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Site Donations

Created by: Modcove
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.0.x - 4.1.6p1


  • Do you provide installation services?

    Yes! Simply submit your request for FREE installation via our ticket center at
  • What does debug mode do?

    Debug mode can be set via the Admin Console, and allows you to switch between the actual PayPal processing script, and the PayPal sandbox. If enabled, the donation module runs in sandbox mode which allows you to test donations without using real money. This is helpful if you decide to modify something within the script and want to ensure that it works properly before making it live.
  • What is 'Discounted Customization Services'?

    Discounted Customization Services means that if you purchased the Site Donations module, and would like Modcove to write a custom add-on for this particular module; then the cost that we quote for the additional customization will be discounted due to the fact that you already own the module.
  • Do you plan on releasing different gateways for this module such as 2checkout?

    Eventually, yes. If you purchase this module at the price it is currently set at; and we decide to add additional gateways or other features, then you will not be charged any additional price even if the price of the module goes up when said features and/or gateways are added.
  • Does this module require any additional items that I must have?

    No. All required files for this module have been included.
  • Some companies do not put their modules into tar files. Do you?

    Yes. When you have purchased the module, you will receive a single .tar file that you will simply install using the Social-Engine Administrator Console.
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  • July 30th, 2011 by Jeremiah L.

    They gave me an awesome plugin to start with and for the price its perfect if you want it in easy widget format and want to track things.

    However, the further customized the plugin for me to meet the standards of my site and I love it even more! Thanks Modcove!
  • July 8th, 2011 by Daniel .

    Is a great idea by I have to agree with Milton can you at least add more than just paypal see for example my website is for adults so paypal wont work. If you can add a possessing company that takes payment coming from an adult website I will buy it.

    And keep up the good work
    • Responded July 8th, 2011 by Richard B.

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your interest in Modcove. As with any review, we try to reply as promptly as possible. Do you have a few names of payment processors that accept payments from adult sites? If so I can forward this to our development department, and get it done asap.

      Richard Breene
  • July 5th, 2011 by Milton B.


    As much as I like you guys as third party developers, you need to come up with something new. A pay pal donation button? Please use some form of novelty to come up with something new and unique that may help site administrators to improve quality. Pay pal donation button is free with a simple code on any created SE page. Your price is $ 29.00 US. I would personally like to see a streaming plug in where admin can stream to the end user. Can you guys manage to develop something like that? All the best and happy developing.
    • Responded July 6th, 2011 by Richard B.

      Hi Milton, we are always looking for ideas on ways we can enhance social-engine. The donation button is indeed free from PayPal and we don't want to take that away from anyone. The price we have set for this module is based on the features you get from the admin console and the ability to customize the checkout features without having to edit 'hard-code'. We have several new plug-ins on the table and are attempting to release something new at least once a week. So please feel free to stop by and submit a ticket on a new idea you would like to see turned into a module and we will try our best to get it out on our market. We turned this particular PayPal idea into a module due to requests from the public, so if you can do the same and submit an idea, we will be more than happy to get it out as a module / plugin. As always, thanks for your feedback.
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