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iPhone and Android Native Apps for SocialEngine

Created by: SocialEngineMarket
Compatibility: SocialEngine PHP 4.0.5 - 4.X.X


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  • September 4th, 2013 by Jerry F.

    Anton and his Team are trustworthy and skilled. Their pricing is competitive and estimates are reasonable. They have developed an app that is intuitive and easy to use. I recommend this product and their services and know that you will find the do quality work and meet all the deadlines.

    Jerry Frech
  • August 2nd, 2013 by Paul K.

    This app from Social MarketPlace is the best I have seen thus far! Especially the pricing and functionality. The best part is that Anton and his team knows how to communicate and deliver not just their products, but their support and services which beyond what I have seen thus far! Thanks Anton again

  • June 23rd, 2013 by Roland T.

    This domain name expired on Jun 22 2013
    • Responded June 25th, 2013 by SocialEngineMarket T.

      Hi Roland,

      The site is already up since Sunday, June the 23th.
      That was an issue with domain registering company.

    • Responded June 25th, 2013 by SocialEngineMarket T.


      Could you please specify why did you post such a comment to a product page?
      Is it somehow related to the app? Our demo app was stable during the site's black out...

  • September 4th, 2012 by Maelle K.

    I have seen so many options for mobile apps, even though limited I am very pleased and so are my members.
  • July 15th, 2012 by Carlos V.

    The app appears to be good at first but I have a list of several bugs that need to be ironed out and I am still waiting on a response, its been weeks!

    Its not fully integrated with SE so be prepared to pay $$ for those features that you suddenly discover are not there but you would think they would be there. They DO NOT provide the source code so you are stuck paying and waiting for them to fix or make changes.
    - when someone signs up on mobile, there is no email to welcome them
    - when someone signs up on mobile, its not integrated with the feed
    - when you want to look at a profile of a member, it take you to your profile
    - for security, you want to know who these people are so when they sign up, they should not be active until they are confirmed
    - there is a sync issue btwn mobile and SE not the same time or information
    - when someone checks in, you are unable to confirm a checkin on mobile
    - there is no add photo on sign up
    - you can upload a video but you cant take a pic or upload a photo

    There is no on-the-fly layout change as they have described. What they are saying is that you can change the colors and a logo, that is it. If you want to change 'layout' you have to pay $$.

    The push SMS notification requires server configuration changes but even after the change, it still doesnt work.

    They don't keep track of issues and get lost because they don't have a ticketing system.

    They test on your live system so they will post garbage and they work at times when you dont know making modifications without notifying you - you cant tell if its a legit posting or change or someone has hacked your system. Right now, something happened to my system and I cant tell if they are doing something or not. Who knows after you give them access if they are giving authorization to someone else to access your system.

    During my Apple and Android submission, they messed up keywords that cant be easily changed. To change, it would have to resubmit the entire application and wait 14 days for it to go-live.

    It seems to me that they test in Android ONLY. So, you need to record all those iPhone bugs on a document or record the error and send them the video so that they can see the issue.

    Many times they are NON responsive and often I feel that they are rude. ITs HIGHLY FRUSTRATING when you are running a very active website.

    If you are about to make this purchase, I would be happy to take you through my experience, please fee free to contact me anytime! or you might want to wait for SE to come out with their own iPhone and Android enabled mobile apps and avoid all the non-sense. If you do purchase, good luck!
    • Responded May 21st, 2013 by Carlos V.

      Since my last posting, just recently SEM updated my app and all is working as described. Now that all the bugs are worked out, I think this iPhone and Android app solution is worth the money - it works and its affordable.

      Thanks SEM
  • July 14th, 2012 by Greg B.

    I was wondering if you are planning on adding support for SE's blogs, music, polls and Forum? I would order both Android and iPhone apps right now if these were available via app. My users access these all the time. Thanks for your response in advance
  • July 3rd, 2012 by Dan B.

    I am a VERY SERIOUS and stickler for PROFESSIONALISM kinda guy. First with my company and then other companies I deal with. I just expect the BEST. The BEST Products, Service, Features, Environment, Tools and Connection.

    I have been a very satisfied and active customer of SocialEngine for some time now and have developed a very unique Social Platform utilizing many different developers.

    "I HAVE DISCOVERED" who the GREAT developers are... who the so-so developers are... who the CROOKS are and who are the most responsive and PROFESSIONAL. Many SE developers are familiar with my company and have had some level of experience with us. (I have never had to write a negative review until 2mos ago though I have had some negative experiences. It's just not my nature to do that, however my company was treated so badly that I had to and I hope it's my ONLY time ever doing it. Eventually that developer and my company settled and moved our separate ways).

    But that's not WHY I write this review. I HAVE DISCOVERED something along the way and part of my discovery involves this company; SocialEngineMarket.

    These guys know how particular I was in the beginning. Skeptical? Yes! Because they were the first people I dealt with after my horrible ordeal.

    SocialEngineMarket, though I haven't bought as many plugins from as I have other developers have quickly become my company's DEVELOPER TEAM. Let me tell you why...

    I have purchased over 100 plugins, themes, modules and widgets from many SE Developers. SEM has been the ONLY TEAM to be able to actually do customization and development on my heavily customized web site, fixing ALL these other Developer's plugins, themes, modules and widgets. They have literally been hired by me to do very sensitive changes, theme re-works, module customizes, mixing other developers nice features that I may have liked with another developer's feature that I liked and causing them to work seamlessly.

    They recently created new company Mascot, Icons, Buttons and Logo for me. With few revisions we were able to finalize the most unique and captivating artwork i have ever seen and trust me I have paid others to try to do this for me with no success.

    Anton and his very skilled Team of Developers have gained my trust and confidence far above any other developing company in the world. They are VERY HONEST and offer Very FAIR PRICES. They don't get impatient with you and maintain a HIGH LEVEL of Professionalism which you have discovered is my Pet Peeve. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their SERVICES as I KNOW if they CAN SATISFY and MEET my many request without any LAG TIME, DELAYS or MISTAKES that they can meet anyone's request.

    I currently have The SocialEngineMarket Dev Team working on another grand developing project on my site. And I tell you EVERY JOB I entrust to them, I release with FULL CONFIDENCE in their ABILITY. They have NEVER let me down. My professional relationship with this company has grown far beyond the level of trust I have given other SE Developers and I Must really THANK ANTON and his Dev TEAM for JOBS WELL DONE.

    I look forward to a long and successful professional relationship with SocialEngineMarket and deliver the Highest and ULTIMATE STAMP of APPROVAL to a company I believe will become if they are not already SocialEngine's Premier and Highest rated and suggested Development Company on their list of Developers.


    Dan Beas
  • July 3rd, 2012 by MARK S.

    Great Phone apps! If your trying to launch space shuttles then this isn't the app for you. But if your trying to have the latest mainstream phone apps (Andriod & i-Phone) then look no further.
    I am the creator of myeurotrash website and I have no issues with this, a must have and its affordable!

    Mark Shemwell
  • June 7th, 2012 by Iain G.

    Despite creator's website advertising apps being native apps, it is not so! It is simple browser app that connects to code that creator uploads extra on your site.
    Code itself is old fashion PHP, raw MySQL and jQuery mobile, with many security holes (specially in signup process). Despite that I do have to say that overall the app does a good job and I like it's smooth look and feel. If developers take care of security issues it is very good app for the money and I will be willing to change my review to thumbs up!
    • Responded June 12th, 2012 by SocialEngineMarket T.

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the critics. We'll take your comments into consideration and they will be applied in future releases of our app.

      Some comments that I hope will give you a better understanding why we've chosen such an app architecture :

      1) This is a native app as it works on a mobile device and can be downloaded from Google Play and AppStore. We also have a WebApp option - it's opening through device's browser. Our application is not opening in browser but is an independent application. We use webview and html to build the UI and here is why :

      - the app is always pulling data from the server. There are no pages that the app can build without any request to the serverside. As it's the social network all actions are hapenning in the real time. Thus our app doesn't increase the number of queries to the server. From the other hand if the reply comes i.e. as a json, we would need to parse it, build a native interface, etc. That would take much more of app's resources.

      - such an architecture give us an ability to easily customize the interface in terms of colors, images etc. If we did it via Objective-C it will be much more complex to create an on-the-fly plugin in the app from SE admin panel.

      - technologies we're currently using is a popular trend nowadays. Some examples: Titanium, PhoneGap. They use common scheme and HTML+JS to build native app's UIs. There's also a possibility to use Adobe Air technology that actually substitute native controls of iOS apps. Also, such popular apps like GMail, TripAdvisor and others are using this technology to build the UI.

      We didn't reinvent the bicycle or did something wrong. We're using own methods, that's true, but we consider that to be a good choice as we have spent some time analyzing different architectures. And our apps contain a number of features (PUSH-notifications, video and music upload, AdWhirl integration to show iAds and AdMob adds) that can be done in native apps only, so we consider the one we propose is truly native.

      2) Regarding security holes. In our app there's a particular verification: the access to our server side code is opened for only those devices that contain a certain set of HTTP titles. These titles are assigned by our app. As the potential hacker don't know this set he won't be able to find a security hole even if such exists. We're constantly testing the sign up process and closing any security holes. It will be highly appreciated if you can provide us with detailed info on where and when have you found security holes.

      Hope this helps.
      Best regards,
    • Responded July 9th, 2012 by Iain G.

      Dear developers, thank you for your comprehensive answer. I appreciate you take criticism positively and constructively. That is real professional company behaviour.
      I do understand you have chosen the technology mentioned from several reasons especially price. It would cost hundreds of dollars to each customer if you would have done entire app in native code instead of using webview (= inline browser). I was just not happy to call it full native app as there are/were developers who created truly full native app (eg. booya media) that we use now. Yes you are right full native app uses more phone resources, but is also therefore extremely fast since it loads only raw data and images rather than all images, HTML, CSS, JS files of what makes web view site. That kind of speed can never be achieved with web view,... But once again this kind of app development costs thousands of dollars, so I understand.
      As of the security issues: the android version we had from you is from beginning of 2012 and there is a way to view it in in regular browser (firefox) by navigating to publicly viewable folder app code is uploaded (/public/app). That is where security holes are exploitable. Therefore (at least in version we have) your comment about special header that device sends to be authenticated is not valid. Surely to prevent/fix this is quick fix, few lines of code.

      Once again, thank you for great product, it is bargain for the price and does what is needed.
  • February 13th, 2012 by Travis S.

    I have an app with these guys and they did a great job. I'm working on the first update to improve it even more and I have full confidence that they will be able to accomplish what I'm looking for with no problem. I'm also purchasing a different plugin from them because I know what kind of work they do.
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