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  • Integrity Theme - The most flexible SocialEngine theme
    With 7 different colors and more than 50 options in admin panel, Integrity from seTweaks is the most flexible SocialEngine theme. Customizing all elements in the landing page, menu icons and colors, drop down menu, font selection, custom CSS are just a few features of Integrity.
    Updated December 12, 2015 Visit Website
  • Affinity Theme - Reponsive
    An ambitious theme, built with attention to details, made to support lots of your ideas and customizations with over 100 options in the theme's admin dashboard.
    Updated January 18, 2016 Visit Website
  • Responsive Luminous Theme
    When it comes to a website's usability, clean and crisp design are important factors. The new Responsive Luminous Theme has been developed keeping exactly this in mind. It has been aesthetically designed to emphasize your website's content and to increase user engagement.
    Updated August 04, 2015 Visit Website
  • AppleBuzz Theme
    A boxed-app design, a shiny Main Menu, a proffessional Footer, a landing page to create an awesome presentation, and much more ... Everything for a user friendly experience.
    Updated November 27, 2014 Visit Website
  • Transformer Theme - Responsive ( Mobile and Tablet Ready )
    Transformer converts your SocialEngine into a whole new fresh design with great details and a user friendly interface. the clean design of the theme is easy on the eyes and users will enjoy browsing your community. Transformer is also a responsive theme and optimized for IPad and all tablets. Mobile theme and FREE 60 days support is included.
    Updated December 12, 2015 Visit Website
  • Facehook Premium (Style Switcher/Multicolor Select)
    Very clean and sleek design that's based on facebook. With a lot of improvements and additional features.
    Updated March 18, 2013 Visit Website
  • Cottonic Template ( with Editable Welcome Page )
    Cottonic is a well designed and detailed template and a welcome / landing page with a trendy design style. template includes 4 different color schemes, blue, red, green and pink and its designed for all types of social networks.
    Updated December 12, 2015 Visit Website
  • Folious Theme
    Folious theme was developed for communities based on SociaEngine 4. The design of Folious theme has fresh and creative look through the aid of neutral colors, light background and big header.
    Updated April 23, 2014 Visit Website
  • Switter Standard Template – Twitter Style
    Very clean and sleek design that's based on twitter. With a lot of improvements and additional features.
    Updated March 18, 2013 Visit Website
  • YouFace Template with Facebook Style
    Using YouFace Template to make your site to be a Facebook of your niche community
    Updated August 13, 2013 Visit Website
  • Responsive Spectacular Theme
    Spectacular is a fully responsive, visually rich theme for content focussed online communities. This sophisticated looking theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of websites. It contains many useful features like: Browse dropdown in header, Image Rotator with Action Button, Banners on widgetized pages, and more! This theme has also been created using best CSS3 and design practices, and is highly customizable.
    Updated March 15, 2016 Visit Website
  • Zephyr Theme - Responsive
    Delight your users with a catchy Landing Page and a user-friendly responsive design. Slideshow for Landing Page, 10 premade Color Schemes, 6 Header Layouts(*including a vertical version), 2 Footer Layouts, 4 News Feed Layouts and many more features. Everything customizable within the theme's admin panel with over 100 options.
    Updated January 18, 2016 Visit Website
  • YouLite Template
    Using YouLite to make your site to be a fresh and clean SocialEngine site
    Updated August 13, 2013 Visit Website
  • Thebook Theme
    A catchy Landing Page, a clean and friendly layout with a boxed-app design, a Header with what your members will get accustomed immediately, and more...
    Updated August 15, 2013 Visit Website
  • Prism Theme
    The most stylish template for SocialEngine 4. Prism template is a good choice if you are looking for amazing design, but don't have a budget to afford custom design yet.
    Updated December 13, 2013 Visit Website
  • Shopping Hub - a Social Commerce Theme
    Get an engaging Social Commerce website with this theme and our “Stores / Marketplace - Ecommerce Plugin”, and get a boost in revenues from your website’s stores and marketplace.This theme has been articulately designed with beautiful and user friendly interfaces. It contains many components that will make your website special, like: Homepage with a new layout, Social Commerce widgets, Sleek & Contemporary design with fixed-floating header that makes navigation links quickly accessible, Pop-ups for Quick Login & Signup, and many more!
    Updated August 04, 2015 Visit Website
  • Adrenaline Theme
    Does not matter what is your social network about, this is the perfect template for it.
    Updated August 03, 2015 Visit Website
  • TreeHouse Theme
    A theme like a playground! With it's intuitive & friendly interface it will be a delight for your users, they will get in fast and will stay in. And because it is a responsive theme, your users will be able to use it from their tablets or other smart devices. Mobile theme included. Instant Download. Free installation, at your request.
    Updated August 03, 2015 Visit Website
  • Agora Theme
    Agora, a friendly theme that fits your social network concept.
    Updated August 03, 2015 Visit Website
  • StarsClub SE PHP Responsive Theme
    StarsClub theme SE PHP v4 responsive template, crispy clean, multi color, stylish and user friendly. Topbar Menus plugin worth $50 included. It supports all official plug-ins and also includes mobile theme. With additional customized widgets to provide extra functionality.Compatible with all major web browsers. Free installation and colors change. 30 days free after sale support.
    Updated February 26, 2015 Visit Website
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