Our Products

SocialEngine Cloud

SocialEngine Cloud $39/month

Create a website for your community in minutes. No hosting or coding skills needed. Make your own social network with modern features like those found on mainstream networks like Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Instant Setup
  • HTML + CSS
  • Monetize your site

SocialEngine PHP

SocialEngine PHP $299/license

Create a social network on your own server. Download the SocialEngine PHP source code and make any custom changes you want. Pick from hundreds of third-party themes and plugins. Includes 100% source code access and data ownership.
  • Host it yourself
  • PHP + HTML + CSS
  • Monetize your site

Which one is right for me? If you don't want to setup your own server, SE Cloud is right for you. If you'd prefer to host your community on your own server, go with SE PHP.

How long does setup take? You can launch your community minutes after signing up, or you can take as much time as you need to personalize and customize it.

Do I need to know code? Nope! You can create a great website with SE Cloud or SE PHP without any coding, but you're free to customize the code and make it even more unique.

Will I own my site? Yes. You own all of your content, member data, and any customizations you make to the SE PHP source code. It's yours!

Can I use my own domain? Of course you can! Once you sign up, you can easily add your own custom domain name (e.g. mycommunity.com)

Can I switch between SE PHP and SE Cloud? Yes, you can add a new SE Cloud site or purchase a new SE PHP license at any time. However, note that there is currently no way to migrate your site content from one site to another.

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