Reseller Program

Add SocialEngine to your own products and services

Could your clients benefit from SocialEngine? If you're interested in provisioning social networks or branded communities for your own customers, our Reseller Program is a great solution. Qualified resellers receive a special license to include SocialEngine in their products and services.

20% discount and other benefits

As an approved reseller, you will be able to purchase SocialEngine licenses from our client area and use them for your clients' projects without sending your clients to our website. This effectively lets you offer social networks to your customers with a very quick turnaround, giving you the ideal foundation for their custom development project or specialized hosting account.

  • Receive a 20% discount on every purchase.
  • Purchase licenses of SocialEngine and use them for your clients’ projects or directly in your company’s own product or service offerings.
  • Choose to completely hide the “SocialEngine” brand from your clients and their end users.
  • Make your own customizations to SocialEngine and provision instances of your customized versions while retaining full ownership over any added source code.
  • Pre-purchase licenses of SocialEngine and provision them to your customers as needed.

Eligibility & Terms

  • You must acknowledge that you agree to all the terms of our reseller agreement.
  • You must have a publicly-available website that provides detailed information about your company and the products and services you provide. Your website must provide a consistent means of contact - actual contact information (phone numbers, a physical address, etc.) is preferred.
  • You may not use SocialEngine to offer a product or service that is directly competitive with This means that you cannot offer SocialEngine or SocialEngine licenses on a pay-to-download basis as we do on this website. You may only offer products and services that include SocialEngine as one of multiple components in a way that is explicitly distinct from our offering here at
  • You must agree to be responsible for providing technical support to your customers.
  • You must purchase a new SocialEngine license and set of plugins for each installation needed for each of your clients’ projects or websites.

Design Firms & Freelancers

Most people spend a sizable portion of their time on the web interacting on communities and social networks. If you're a consultant or design professional, you've very likely had requests for projects that require social components or even entire communities. Building these components from scratch is costly and time-consuming, and using more generalized CMS solutions like Drupal or Joomla often involves too much customization. With SocialEngine, you can quickly deploy social components or full-fledged social networks for your clients with as much or as little customization as they need. Our platform is 100% white-labeled so you can easily apply your clients' branding and integrate it into their existing websites.

Hosting Providers

As the hosting landscape becomes increasingly competitive, many hosting providers are exploring new markets by offering hosting accounts that come preloaded with specialized software. With SocialEngine, you can offer hosting accounts with ready-to-go community functionality and position it as a social network hosting service. Your company could also potentially offer a “one-click-install” option for SocialEngine with your own brand.

PR & CRM Consultants

Social networking offers all kinds of possibilities for improving your clients' relationships with their customers. Social components and communities are being deployed for companies of all sizes to help them foster loyalty and brand engagement. Building communities for your clients outside of Facebook offers them completely undiluted branding, content ownership, mobility, and the potential for deep analytics. SocialEngine can also be the central component for your next social media campaign - it’s an ideal foundation for a social website designed for consumer brands, films, bands, politicians - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


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