Meet Our Team

James Clark

James Clark Co-President and CEO

James' career has been about combining the power of online conversations with visual storytelling. With a passion to serve others, James works with the product, dev and customer service teams to bring SocialEngine's vision to reality.
Jason Cormier

Jason Cormier Co-President and CMO

Jason's journey as an entrepreneur and business leader evolved through the ever-changing practice of digital marketing and social media. Today, he helps guide strategy based on the greatest value customers are finding from SocialEngine.
Stepan Mazurov

Stepan Mazurov CTO

Stepan's development experience began at Room 214 nearly a decade ago, where he developed a proprietary blog platform. He managed and trained teams for software development projects for five years prior to returning to lead SocialEngine.
Mike Feineman

Mike Feineman Cloud Development Lead

Leading the PHP developer team for Room 214, Mike built a proprietary Facebook application framework, enabling development of custom Facebook applications for well-known clients. Today, Mike leads SocialEngine Cloud development.

Kyle Neal Community Relations Manager

If you have a problem, yo, he'll solve it. All he asks is that you check out the hook while the DJ revolves it. Having Kyle on the case is like having Tina Fey as your dentist. Sure being at the dentist is terrible, but at least you'll have fun while you're there.