Meet Our Team

Alex Benzer Founder, CEO

Alex heads up our product design and vision. Notoriously clingy to product, he still tackles lots of our front-end stuff personally. After work, Alex makes weird A/V programs with his Monome and Kinect, and haunts restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley.

Warren Shaeffer COO

Warren is a Harvard grad who honed his entrepreneurial and finance skills at MuckerLab, Golden Gate Capital, and JPMorgan. When he’s not plotting office ping pong domination, you might find him playing squash or hiking around Griffith Park.

John Boehr Lead Software Engineer

John, the software architect behind SocialEngine 4, is proficient in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Linux. He prefers to write language parsers without bison, and is enthusiastic about wearable computing and transhumanism.

Jung Ho Kim Software Engineer

Jung is passionate about designing web experiences that disrupt and improve users' lives. Some of his other passions in life include Korean BBQs and 4AM trips to McDonald's for chicken nuggets and buffalo sauce.

Kyle Neal Customer Service

If you have a problem, yo, he'll solve it. All he asks is that you check out the hook while the DJ revolves it. Having Kyle on the case is like having Tina Fey as your dentist. Sure being at the dentist is terrible, but at least you'll have fun while you're there.