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Why Choose SocialEngine?

SocialEngine PHP, a white label social network software, provides a way for you to create your own social networking community. The user-friendly admin panel of this PHP based script makes it easy for you to customize your website. SocialEngine PHP, considered one of the best social networking scripts, is fast, secure, and responsive.

Why should you be at the mercy of big social media platforms?

  • Why should you have to pay for access to your users?
  • Why should someone else profit off your data?
  • Why should you have to have to dilute your brand?
  • Why should you have to sacrifice control?
  • Why should you have to give away the rights to your content?

SocialEngine gives you the opportunity to claim your independence.


You can monetize your site through member subscriptions or selling adspace, but it doesn’t have to stop there. However you choose to monetize your community, SocialEngine can help.

Dedicated Mobile Apps

The future is mobile, so why should your community get left behind? SocialEngine comes with free dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps that you can list in the Apple/Android store.

Privacy and Security

Keep your community safe with state of the art privacy and security features offered with SocialEngine. Keep unwanted eyes off your data and give your users the peace of mind they deserve.

Member Controls

Guide your users in their experience with SocialEngine member controls. Weather you’re setting up paid member levels or just keeping the community safe, SocialEngine offers a wide variety of member controls to help you out.

You'll be building your community before you know it


Choose (1) SocialEngine Managed for fast and easy install, set up, and managed on our servers. (2) Host it Yourself for the control you need.


Utilizing the most secure global payment options, SocialEngine offers prices for any budget.


Hit the ground running with lightning fast install and setup.

You're in good company

From Fortune 10 companies to Fortune 10 Million, SocialEngine also powers public and private online communities for brands like

Apple EA Sports MasterCard NASA Kaplan Shell MuckerLab

As Featured In

TechCrunch readwrite Mashable Los Angeles Business Journal Fast Company Business Insider

Android and iOS Mobile Apps with Every Purchase! Try Them Now!

Design the perfect community experience across all devices with our amazing dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps!

Let's Make Something Great

SocialEngine is award winning software for building social network communities.