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The SocialEngine Story

Co-founded in 2007 by Charlotte Genevier and Alex Benzer, SociaEngine (Webligo, LLC) began as a provider of white label software to help businesses build their own branded, interest-driven social networks.

At a time when people were still deciding if Facebook was just for kids, Alex and Char recognized the difference between the social graph (connecting people who know each other) and the interest graph (connecting people with similar interests). They focused on the latter.

Within the first four years, SocialEngine had acquired nearly 10,000 customers leveraging their SocialEngine PHP product to power large online communities for the likes of Apple, Electronic Arts, MasterCard, NASA and Shell.

Entering the Boulder, Colo., Techstars accelerator program in 2011, SocialEngine recognized an opportunity to serve a broader range of customers through cloud-based technologies. The following year, SocialEngine Cloud was released as a subscription-based solution for individuals and companies desiring to instantly launch scalable, online communities without the added responsibility of hosting and server administration.

At the same time, James Clark and Jason Cormier, co-founders of Boulder-based digital marketing agency, Room 214, were in their fifth year of helping companies use social media to connect with customers and advocates online.

They listened to many brands asking common questions: How do we facilitate online conversations? How can we give greater place to people already inspired about our brand and related subject matter? Will we have to pay Facebook to communicate to the community we’ve already invested in there? Can we create our own community as part of our social media effort?

In response, Room 214 evaluated numerous community platforms, scripts and plugins. SocialEngine was a unique leader, having two separate product teams (one for SocialEngine PHP and the other for SocialEngine Cloud), in addition to a worldwide network of third-party SocialEngine experts.

Room 214 developers began experimenting with SocialEngine Cloud for one of its clients in 2013, starting and growing a branded community of over 100,000 members within the first year. New ideas about where the platform could go continued emerging, and Room 214’s acquisition of SocialEngine kicked-off at the beginning of 2014.

With new vision and inspiration, the mission of the company remains as its original co-founders intended: connecting people with shared passions and interests everywhere. Stay up to date on all happenings and product updates via the SocialEngine blog or contact us here.

Leadership Team

James Clark

James Clark

Co-President and COO
Emerging as a leader in high-tech PR in the 90's, James' career taught him early on about the power of online conversations matched with visual storytelling. With a passion for serving others, James dives deeply into the kind of research and problem solving that helps turn visions into realities. Always hands-on, James works closely with product owner initiatives that follow through on vision and direction for SocialEngine's product roadmap. Recent favorite quote: "Don't think, meat. It only hurts the team."
Jason Cormier

Jason Cormier

Co-President and CMO
Starting his career as a web developer in the 90's, Jason's journey as an entreprenuer and business leader evloved through the ever-changing practice of digital marketing and social media. Partnering with highschool friend, James Clark, to start Room 214 in 2004, Jason helped bring the technical side of marketing to the forefront of growing businesses online. Today, he helps guide strategy based on the greatest value customers are finding from SocialEngine. Recent favorite quote: "First who then what."
Stepan Mazurov

Stepan Mazurov

Affectionately known as "The Russian," Stepan's development experience begam at Room 214 nearly a decade ago, where he developed a proprietary blog and RSS feed platform that would eventually power popular online communities for the Travel Channel, Bernina, Bioelements and more. Managing and training teams for a range of open source software development projects followed for five years prior to re-uniting with friends to lead SocialEngine. Recent favorite quote: "How do you like me now?"
Kyle Neal

Kyle Neal

Customer Service Lead
If you have a problem, yo, he'll solve it. All he asks is that you check out the hook while the DJ revolves it. Having Kyle on the case is like having Tina Fey as your dentist. Sure being at the dentist is terrible, but at least you'll have fun while you're there.

Top 3 SocialEngine Initiatives for 2017

1. Growth of the new SocialEngine Experts area: a.) Providing greater customer access to a range of reliable experts for custom setup, design, development, hosting and marketing resources. b.) Providing greater visibility for SocialEngine experts worldwide.

2. Launch of SocialEngine Marketplace: Providing third-party developer plugin certifications, and access to third-party plugins through a central location where SocialEngine customers and developers can review and purchase a range of reliable applications.

3. Execution of new SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud Roadmaps: a.) Updated framework to improve speed and scalability for SocialEngine PHP. b.) International language support and further API development to better support third-party plugins and mobile-friendly themes for SocialEngine Cloud.

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