Live Demos

SocialEngine Cloud Demo

Here's a demonstration of our Board Theme, which is great for social networks that want to focus on photo-sharing and curation with lists.
Here's our Founders Community with our Stream Theme installed. This theme is great for creating voting-based networks like Reddit or Hacker News.
Here's a demonstration of our Clean Theme. Ideal for new or smaller communities and communities created for offline groups.
Here is a read-only demo of the SE Cloud control panel. Have a look around and check out all the features and settings - we are improving it daily!

SocialEngine PHP Demo

This demonstrates the user's view of your community. When you create your own SocialEngine-powered site, the design, style, and branding are completely customizable.
This demonstrates the admin's control panel. As a SocialEngine admin, you will use this area to configure and manage nearly every aspect of your social network.
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