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Review and select from a range of experts to help you with SocialEngine setup, design, development, hosting, & marketing.

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Are you a service-oriented pro eager to help SocialEngine customers get the most from their investment?

Setup Experts

Looking for an experienced professional to assist you with a SocialEngine PHP install? Need an expert in information architecutre and website planning? How about just a helping hand from somebody already knowledgable in the features of SocialEngine PHP or SocialEngine Cloud?

Design Experts

Interested in more than simply uploading your logo to an existing SocialEngine theme? Want a custom branding and user experience that goes beyond out-of-the box and other third-party SocialEngine templates? How about a look and feel that seamlessly integrates with your current website?

Development Experts

Need technical expertise that can get down and dirty with SocialEngine PHP code? Looking for a group of PHP programers and database gurus who customize SocialEngine sites all day long? How about just a CSS pro to further customize your responsive design in SocialEngine Cloud?

Hosting Experts

Looking for the best shared or dedicated server environment for your SocialEngine PHP install? Need guaranteed up-times, around the clock technical support and a hosting provider with a SocialEngine track record of success? How about a load-balanced, fully scalable solution for a larger community?

Marketing Experts

Need help growing and nurturing your social community? Looking for best practices, strategies, tips and tricks for getting more community members and engagement? Wondering how to monetize your community, or how to integrate it within your overall marketing plan?

Experts FAQ

Why did you change calling Developers to Experts?

We’re expanding our developer listing to include more products (you can now specialize in SocialEngine Cloud, for instance), but you can now also be considered a Hosting Expert, or Marketing Expert, which both do not fall under definition of “Developer”. So, we have decided to call you Experts!

If I'm interested in applying to be an expert, does it cost money?

Yes, We wanted to associate a small cost with keeping the listing to avoid low quality listings from being submitted. With the current developer listings, we’re having to reject a lot of applications from people simply filling it out without having any qualification. Additionally, if an Expert decides to move on, having it expire after a year will prevent our Experts directory (and marketplace) from being outdated. Currently the Expert Listing subscription is $20/year.

What about mods from the old site? Can we still list those?

You will need to re-submit your mods as products, which you can do once your expert application is approved.

I have already created my Expert Profile but it's status is "Unapproved". What should I do next?

Go to Expert Dashboard and if you find that the status of your profile is "Unapproved", it means that you've not yet submitted your expert profile for review by our team. Hit 'Submit' button and proceed with filling up your Billing details.

Why the status of my expert profile is set to ‘Hidden’ ?

After our team approves your expert profile, we don’t make your expert profile ‘Visible’ and instead keep it ‘Hidden’. This is because we want you to decide when to make it visible. To do so, you just need to go to Expert Dashboard and click on ‘Make Visible’ button.

How can I make sure that my expert profile doesn’t get rejected?

You can take care of below things while submitting your expert profile to make sure it doesn’t get rejected:

  • Upload a logo with good dimensions - not too vertical or horizontal.

  • Enter a description long enough to reach out to users. Very short descriptions don’t serve the purpose.

  • Example screenshots shouldn’t be used to display details of your products. These should display the work that you’ve done in past such as custom SocialEngine communities. If you don’t have any or can’t share them publicly, that’s OK, example screenshots are optional.

What’s supported in the main description?

You can do just about everything that’s in Markdown. Links and Images are disabled, and Headings lowered (H1 becomes H2, H2 becomes H3, etc). Headings, paragraphs, lists (ordered and not), bold, emphasis, blockquotes are all supported. HTML is not.

When I add links in description, they aren’t linked, why?

We do not allow links or images. We felt its would be too confusing for users to and we’ve wanted to limit look and style of the description. To mitigate this, we’ve added a custom link section specifically for you to list custom links.

I found a bug, what should I do?

If you’re having trouble submitting your application, replying to reviews, or creating a new account, let us know!

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