In order to ensure a uniform experience for our clients and third party developers, we’ve established these guidelines for product submissions to our marketplace. We recommend that you check currently approved products to see how others have formatted their listings.


  • Clear, non-blurry icons of good quality. These can be “flat” style (such as those seen at flaticon *if using icons that require attribution, please ensure to provide it).
  • Copyrighted artwork will be rejected if not being used for allowed representations. (Examples: Apple icon for iPhone mobile plugin is ok; Apple icon for a poll plugin is not ok because Apple doesn’t give permission for that)
  • Submit the icon in a size up to 330 x 200, high resolution for retina displays.


  • Clear, non-blurry images so the product can easily be seen.
  • Each screenshot should show the product features or functions.
  • Descriptions should match the product image. (Note that descriptions of the screenshot are not required)
  • Screenshots must show what the client is getting with this product. Do not show other paid products in the screenshot unless they come with this product purchase.
  • Use Insignia theme that comes with the SocialEngine script and not a custom theme for product images. (This does not apply to theme/template listings)
  • For products that cannot have a screenshot (perhaps something that is just for URLs), ensure to make good descriptions or a video demo (see below for where to put the video demo link).
  • Images need to be a 4:3 ratio.
  • Images cannot contain “adult” or pornographic material.

Product Details

  • Products that depend on another product to be purchased are not allowed as single listings. They can be “product packs or bundles” created with the developer SDK in the admin panel as a single .tar file.
  • Titles should be concise and give a good idea of what this is and must be unique in order to avoid confusion. (Examples: Ultimate Quizzes; Articles; Recipes; Music Store)
  • Category should match what this product is for.
  • Titles should not contain full or partial descriptions as those can go in either the short description or full description. (Example of a bad title: Ultimate Quizzes - make quizzes awesome ; Better title: Ultimate Quizzes)
  • Descriptions cannot contain links. Links can be put in the Additional Support section.
  • Descriptions should be formatted with markdown for a better looking listing. This can increase sales for you.
  • Descriptions should not make it seem as though this is a product by, or endorsed by, SocialEngine.
  • Descriptions cannot disparage SocialEngine or the SocialEngine product to try to make your product look better.
  • Some method of support is required. Fill in either the Email Support field or the Main Support URL fields or both if you have both.
  • A demo is not required but can get you more sales. Even a link to a video demo (added to the Additional Support section) would be better than no demo at all. See Theme requirements below.
  • All products being submitted for certification need to have the purchase terms or terms of service linked in the Additional Support section in case you have specific warranties/guarantee. This should spell out your refund policy, support policy, guarantees/warranties and terms of service.
  • It is required to put a link to your Privacy Policy in the Additional Support section due to GDPR requirements.
  • Ads are not allowed in the Admin Panel as we will show certified ads from SocialEngine marketplace. If you want more exposure, please contact us to discuss more ad options for pricing.

Theme/Template Requirements

  • Demo is required. *If you cannot provide a demo, you are required to have a link to view more screenshots in the extra resources, not in the description. Note that products or themes with demos receive more sales than those without as clients like to test things.

Certification Details:

In addition to the above general requirements, certified products must also follow the below guidelines:

Certification Acceptance Testing: Experts are solely responsible for testing the product well, making sure it works well from the perspective of technology, functionality, performance, errors or warnings, and user interface before submitting it for certification in SocialEngine Marketplace. After the expert submits the request, SocialEngine will require a minimum of five (5) business days to review, test and then approve / reject the certification request for a product. During this period, SocialEngine will test the product on a fresh installation of SocialEngine software and is free to do any kind of review of the product. After the testing, SocialEngine will let the expert know if the certification request for their product has been approved or rejected via email.

Compatibility with SocialEngine Software: Experts are required to ensure full compatibility of their product with SocialEngine core software and official plugins before submitting it for certification. Whenever any major or minor upgrades are released by SocialEngine of its core software, experts are required to test their products with that latest update and submit an updated version of their product on the Marketplace within thirty (30) days of that major or minor SocialEngine core Software release. SocialEngine has the right to un-certify any product at anytime if it does not meet SocialEngine’s compatibility standards.

Product Version (Your Product): Experts are required to analyze the difference between minor and major upgrades well. Since major upgrades trigger reapproval from the SocialEngine team, it might take us some time to test, review and certify those upgrades. The new “major” upgrades will be available for download in the account dashboard of our site only after getting certified by our team.

Certified products must be uniform in versioning. These should coincide with SocialEngine release versions (4.8, 4.9, etc)

Each major version release will require re-certification testing. Minor version releases will not require testing.

In order to assure uniformity in versions, we define a Major version as any numbered release without an alpha-numeric sub-designation. We define a minor release as a release having an alpha-numeric sub-designation. See the examples below. Example: Major release (triggers re-certification) - 4.9, 4.9.1, 4.9.2, 4.9.3. Minor release (does not trigger re-certification) - 4.9.2m1, 4.9.2m2, 4.9.3m3

Though you can use any alphabetical character for your sub-designation, we suggest staying away from “a” or “b” as those tend to be used for alpha and beta releases in the software industry and “p” tends to be for patch releases.

Product Code:

  • No edits in core software: Products that edit our source code or database tables will not be accepted in the marketplace. We’ve found that source or database edits can cause stability, security, upgrade and other issues which cause clients much angst. As such, we will not allow any products that modify SocialEngine source code. If you need hooks, please contact our support to request them.
  • No License Callbacks: Certified products cannot contain license callbacks as our marketplace already provides licensing. An exception is for API callbacks such as for mobile apps, etc. These sort of callbacks MUST be in the description and a reason for the callback must be given in order to inform the client.
  • Only products that stand alone, without requiring a separate third party product to operate, can be considered for certification.
  • Products that require a "core" must include the "core" files in the uploaded .tar file. In your description, you can state that the product contains the "core" files. Both will install from the plugin manager. If a "core" exists, the install will just refresh it. Note that the core must still conform to our guidelines:
    • It should not be rendering unnecessary js files that are being used by apps not currently in use or not installed on a website.
    • It should not be containing any license callbacks as mentioned above.
    • It should not contain any ads.
  • Products must work in current stable release.
  • Payment for certification is per test. If your product fails the first test, you will need to pay again for testing.
  • Products will be tested on our own testing site. You will not have access to this site.
  • Products should be free from errors or warnings in the error logs. We will check the error logs and will decline products with errors or warnings in the logs. This is to prevent issues on client sites with error logs filling and causing site operational issues.
  • You will be responsible for support of your products.
  • You understand and agree that if a product receives excessive negative reviews and there is no visible effort to address these issues, the product will be removed and will need to be re-certified. The removal and recertification process will be at SocialEngine’s discretion.

Product Support Experts will provide all direct communications and services to and from Customers with respect to all support services. Expert will need to ensure that they provide a resolution for any support issue or problem as soon as it is commercially reasonable, but no later than five (5) business days from client contact.

Banners for Featured or Sponsored Products Featured or sponsored products appear on the main marketplace page in a sliding banner. For featured products, we’ll send an email requesting a banner. Sponsored products, once available, will have the same banner requirements but will be required to have a “Sponsored” icon in the image.

Please make your banners per the following:

  • 800 x 200 size.
  • Banner can have the certified icon in the artwork.
  • Banner can only be for the one item being featured or sponsored.
  • You can list the features of the product that you think would be most appealing, have a small icon to show the product, and/or have your company logo. See the Atlas banner in the main marketplace page for general setup.
  • No hidden links are allowed or hidden codes.
  • Pricing is not allowed in the banner.
  • No animation in the banners.
  • Please keep the banner art simple and use colors that would be appealing to many. Harsh colors won’t be accepted. Banners that are too “busy” won’t be accepted.

Note: To check out the detailed Technical Guidelines, you need to make sure you are logged-in as an expert.

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