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Expert on SocialEngine Setup, Design, Developments & Consultancy

We are the Upwork's & Freelancer's Top Ranked SocialEngine Developer & Designers in last few years. We have completed more than 100+ SocialEngine website developments projects for our clients All over the World spanning across USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia through Upwork & Freelancer. We have working Experience from v3.0 to latest v4.9.

I have 7 years working experience on SocialEngine setup, design and developments.

Services We Offer

Our Team is able to implement all your ideas, thoughts and scratches into SocialEngine Design. We are able to design all your drawings into SocialEngine website.

Our Team is working on SocialEngine Developments and Customizations in last 7 years. We have developed and customized more than 100 SocialEngine websites in this long period of time. We are able to implement all your ideas and requirements into SocialEngine features. We have developed many modules and widgets for different SocialEngine websites. We have huge expertise both on SocialEngine Cloud and SocialEngine PHP versions. We are able to provide you any SocialEngine service including Module/Plugin Development and Customization, Custom Template Development, Payment Gateway Integration, APIs development, Scraping Data etc.

We are able to provide you hosting support for your SocialEngine website on hosting services like Amazon EC2, RDS, Cloudfront, AWS S3 Setup etc.

Our SEO Team is expert on Marketing SocialEngine Website.

Our Team has expertise on SocialEngine website Installation, Theme Installation, Plugin installation, API integration service at very low and affordable cost.

User Reviews



Project completed successfully.
Recommended by Ghana kelly on April 1st, 2018 at 5:59pm

The Project completed successfully. Its completed on time and in budget. Everything was perfect.


Great Experience, Highly Recommend.
Recommended by Eddie Fan on February 27th, 2018 at 4:38pm

I've been working with this developer for just over 2 years and they extent of functionality offered is incredible. They've built features that you didn't even know you wanted until you think of them and then you find they are already included. I will say that does mean there is a bit of a learning curve depending on what package or plugin you buy but once you figure it out, the sky is the limit.

The support structure is fantastic as well. I've sent questions, requests, bugs, user error scenarios and more to them and they respond quickly (usually within 12 hours) and fix the issues usually in the same time frame.

This guy has really expanded the functionality of the base product and I wouldn't do it without them!

He has some excellent skill and knowledge over SocialEgnine scripts. He has some magnificent skills
- very polite, gentlemen
- understand user requirements very well, whether they are delivered verbally or via paper spec.
- Expert in SocialEngine, including design and developments
- good, solid programmer, very skilled not only in SocialEngine in PHP and general programming
- good database programmer
- good understanding of program design, data modeling, business models

I recommend him for the best outcome

Unproductive and dishonorable.
Not Recommended by Peaceful Jay on February 22nd, 2018 at 6:52pm

First week he said he was working on the search bar, but in reality all he did was change the shape of the search bar. When asked what specifically he was doing all week he said "backend working", so I then responded "Ok, give me a copy of the backend coding you finished in a week", he didn't send me anything and got indignant. Getting the feeling that he was shady and not doing anything, I requested on a Monday that he spend the next week working on the theme of the website, something undeniably noticeable. Friday night rolls around and the site looks the EXACT SAME, and when I asked for proof of his work he refused to send it. And even after not doing anything to the site he refuses to give me my money back, and has stopped communicating with me. Social Engine, please handle this situation, your site directed me towards this individual, you hold some responsiblity. This is very unprofessional.

Great Job!
Recommended by Cameron Flener on October 10th, 2017 at 11:28am

Best Work And Best Support. I've worked with iLabsbd team for over 2 years now on various projects. I'm thankful that I found them to help me with my businesses.

They are excellent patient and always get the job done on time. They have an excellent 24/7 support system and understand the pule of the customer. They are able to implement any ideas and thoughts into SocialEngine website. They are Best.


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