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Quality solutions for your website.

At ScriptTechs, we take great care with our plugins, tutorials, and services in order to provide the best experience for our clients. Our speciality is making small plugins/widgets at affordable prices. We also offer services to help with website setup.

Need tutorials for your website users? No problem! We can do those for you too, directly on your site or via documents or video delivered to you. ScriptTechs is part of BryZar company.

Services We Offer

We take great, professional care with every site we work on. Small tasks are also welcome.

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Responsiveness, Courteous, Diligence and Patience
Recommended by Sneaker Focus on March 11th, 2017 at 1:01am

Donna has been very quick to respond to any help I have needed which is important in using SE. She has completed task extremely fast and has made things right in so many senses of the phrase. Extremely diligent in assuring that her products are dependable and that it works correctly. She has also been very patient and poised in adversity. I appreciate what she has done and I am excited to look forward to what she is capable of in the future as she is one of the VERY FEW SE Experts/Developers located in the US. This is priceless to me as I am in Charlotte NC and a local presence/timezone is valuable to my company versus Developers overseas. I am actually surprised that this company doesnt have any reviews so if you have used her you know EVERYTHING I am saying is true. I recommend her company/her because she is remarkably easy to work with and very quick to get the job done. And based on my experience with other Developers who support SE ..... DONNA IS A HOMERUN! Support great customer service for your hard earned money and invest in those who work hard for you. Leave her a review if you have used her. P.S. its 3/10/2016 and she has 3 plugins..... 2 of them are FREE. What does that tell you?

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