Bookmarks and Shortcuts Plugin

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Now keep your favourite content just one click away using shortcuts for them.


User and automatic shortcuts list to jump to the desired page in just a single click.

Add / Remove Shortcuts

Add To Shortcuts and Remove From Shortcuts buttons on different content profile pages.

Automatic Shortcut Types

Admin section displaying the managing and creating automatic shortcut types.

About the App

Easy access to the favourite or frequently used content of the site is the need of the users and “Bookmarks” is the easiest way of doing that. It is a very interesting and beneficial feature in its own. So grant your SocialEngine based website a feature of adding bookmarks for the favourite content, using "Bookmarks and Shortcuts Plugin". This plugin allows you to show any content / item as a shortcut link or bookmark so that the favourites of the users remain only a click away. This will make the site experience more user friendly. You will have the complete control of how you want to allow shortcuts i.e, through the widget or automatically for the selected modules.


User Shortcuts Automatic Shortcuts
User can add shortcuts of any content / item profile page by clicking on the ‘Add to shortcuts Button’. Shortcuts for the content of any item type of selected module will be automatically created.

Key Features:

  • Caption: To give more clear idea about the content of shortcut links, enable the feature of showing the name of the module as a caption with the shortcut links.
  • Maximum Items: Set the maximum number of items to be shown for each shortcut type (module).
  • View More: Set the number of shortcut links after which you want to show the “View More” option.
  • Automatic Shortcut Type: Add and manage any automatic shortcut type for enabling shortcuts for a complete module.
  • Content Included: Choose what kind of user content you want to showcase in automatic shortcut types.
  • Member Level Settings: Allow the permissions of creating or viewing shortcuts on the basis of member level.


  • Add / Remove Shortcuts: This widget can be placed on any content / item profile page to show ‘Add to Shortcut Button’. Users can add that page to the shortcuts by simply clicking on this button.
  • User Shortcuts: This widget can be placed on any widgetized page to showcase all the shortcut links.


Global Settings Manage Automatic Shortcut Types Member Level Settings
To enable / disable various settings of the Shortcut Links. For adding and managing automatic shortcut types. To enable / disable various permissions per member level basis.

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This product has no reviews yet.

This product has no reviews yet.


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Bookmarks and Shortcuts Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 19.00
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