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This plugin will automate sundry actions to boost up the growth of your website

User friendly procedure of creation

Auto actions for every object can be created easily by following mare 3 steps. Choose the resource type, related content and then select the required options to create desired auto action

Accomplish popularity of a website

Increase the popularity of your website by on-boarding users towards the finest content of your website. Also, increase the user engagement by creating various auto actions using Bot actions plugin

Beneficial in promoting the website

Website can be easily promoted if it's content has already been famous that is if the content has great number of likes, followers, members etc. Bot actions plugin serves the same for you

About the App

Bot Actions plugin is a unique plugin which helps in creating auto actions for the various modules present on the user's community. Auto action states the actions which gets performed automatically on the desired content of your website.


  • Automatic Actions
  • Filter Users
  • Automatic Friendships / Memberships
  • Easy Selection of Resource Type
  • Enable / Disable Auto Actions


Automatic Friendships Automatic Memberships
Auto action of Automatic Friendship can be created for making a particular member friends of other members of your site. It can be done in two ways. i.e. (a) Without friend requests sent: In this no friend requests / notifications would be sent and the member for which auto action is created will become friends of the target users. (b) With friend requests sent: Here friend requests will be sent automatically from the target users to the particular member for which auto action is created and friendships are confirmed only when that member would accept those friend requests. This can beneficial when admin wants to be a friend of all the members of his community, for better approach of content sharing etc. Or want some moderator or other admin serve the same purpose for the admin. Auto actions of Automatic membership of a group / event or Automatic addition of members to a group / event can also be created to add new members or existing members of your site to a group / event. This membership can also be made possible in two ways: (a) Without any membership requests: No requests for membership would be sent and members would become members of the group / event for which auto action is created. (b)With membership requests: Here, membership requests will be sent automatically from the target users to the owner of the group / event for which auto action is created and members will be added only when the content owner will accept the membership requests. A good number of members already existing in a group or an event is a key to capture attention of others, for that admin can take the site members towards some specific areas of his site which otherwise have a great chance of getting missed from member’s eyes.
Automatic Following Members Automatic Subscription
If you have enabled one way friendship on your site then auto actions can be made such that a person is automatically followed by other members of your site. These members can be new or existing members. Auto actions of Automatic Subscription of blogs can be made to auto subscribe a blog, so that a blog is automatically subscribed by new or existing members of your site. So, you can make popular among site users some great knowledgeable blog post on your site.
Increase in Popularity Maximising Promotions
Various auto actions can be created to increase the popularity of your site. Increase in number of likes and followers on the content would easily attract other people towards it. Promotion of a site is a much needed action to be done when a community a site is in its initial phase. Bot Action plugin will act like a booster for the growth of a website in its initial phases.
Automatic Likes Automatic Following Events
Create Automatic Likes on the created content like a group, event, blog, album, classified, etc. Increased number of likes on any particular content attracts users towards it and thus people’s attention can be gained towards any specific content of your site. Auto actions of Automatic following of events and people can be created such that events are automatically followed by existing or new users of your site. Automatic following of an event is a great way for promoting any event on your site. Event promotion also promotes your website.
Increasing User Engagement Maximising Interests
Whenever a new joiner, a users has to explore in order to build interest in the website. This plugin can ease this task by serving some sorted out content to them with the use of auto actions. Auto actions can be mapped with profile questions and profile types of a website. This would be very pleasing for the new users if they are initially served with the things they like and love, this would be similar as if someone serve you your favourite dish out of a number of dishes.
Gaining Users’ Attention Automatic Likes, Followers, Memberships and Friendships
A owner/admin can easily attract users whether new or existing towards any specific and significant content of site with the help of auto actions which otherwise would have been much difficult. Increasing number of likes, followers, memberships and friendships of would result in a significant increase in the number of overall activities going-on on your website. A good amount of activities on a website specifies its stats of heading towards growth and making its presence in the market.

Use Cases

  • If your website is in its initial stage, use the provided auto actions to promote it and grab maximum crowd towards it.
  • If you have created a new event, Auto actions like Auto-follow, Auto-join and Auto-liking will serve you with the purpose of event promotion.
  • To make auto actions work smoothly, many filters have been provided in the auto action creation form so that the users can be obtain more efficiently. Specific types of users can be brought towards specific content.
  • Auto action can be created for automatic friendship of site users with admin or with any other particular member. Auto actions can be created to build automatic connection between users and admin.
  • The more activities performed on the content can lead it more in the phase of growing its presence. Hence you are heading towards the way of being noticed.

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Bot Actions Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 69.00
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