Bulk User Importing / Exporting

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A set of tools to completely manage import and export of users on your website.

File Formats Supported For Import / Export Of Users

Up to 500 users can be imported in one go from a CSV file containing information of website users. While you can export / download the user information of your website users in any of the formats: CSV, JSON, EXCEL.

Export Information Of Only Selected User Types

You can filter out the members whose information you want to export based on their member level, approval status, enable status, sign up duration, and profile type.

Adding Single / Multiple Users

Using Dummy Users Creator / Importer plugin, you can add a single user to your website or can add multiple dummy users in one go via the admin panel. So, you can now create dummy users on your site to help enhance user engagement.

About the App

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Plugins Included In This Bundle:

Name Of The Plugin Cost
Dummy Users Creator / Importer $69
Export User Information Plugin $19
Total Price $88

But, we are offering this bundle in just $75, so, you'll get a discount of $13.

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Users are the strength of any website. So, management of users is an important task for an admin. If you've recently launched a new website, or have migrated from another CMS to SocialEngine, then lack of users will be a major concern for you and you want to have or need to create a set of initial users for your community. In such a case, there is a need to import users on the website.

While sometimes you need to export the details of your existing users for example, if you're going to integrate MailChimp or Sengrid like services or adding user fields to your CRM, then you need to export your users' details so that you can provide those details for the service integration. Keeping this in mind, we have created a package of our plugins which enables easy transfer of users into and out of your SocialEngine website.

The package is composed of below two plugins:

Dummy Users Creator / Importer

A newly setup website lacks users, so it is difficult to increase the engagement on the website. As existing users boost the confidence of users visiting your website to check the genuineness of the products or services you are showcasing on your website. Next problem one faces is how to add users to their website apart from adding users by doing manual signup which is a cumbersome and time-consuming job if you have to add users in bulk. So, this plugin makes it easy for you to create users from the admin panel for your newly launched website.

There are following three ways possible to import users:

  • Add a Single User: You can add a single user from the admin panel.
  • Add Dummy Users: It allows to create 50 to 100 of dummy users with the dummy details.
  • CSV Bulk Import: You can import users via CSV files containing the list of users. Maximum 500 users can be added in one go using this option, you can repeat the process if you want to add more users.

Export User Information Plugin

A simple and efficient tool to export complete user information like name, user id, gender, location, etc from your SocialEngine website to your system. The three possible formats in which you can export / download the user data fields are CSV, JSON, and Excel. The export of user information can be beneficial in cases like merging of sites, adding complete user data to a new website, targeting specific users for marketing purpose, while integrating services like MailChimp or Sendgrid where you require a list of receivers or simply adding user fields to your CRM.

What All This Package Offers?

  • Add single user from admin panel.
  • Create dummy users on your website for enhancing user engagement.
  • Add or Import users to the website via CSV file import.
  • Create, delete and rename various Users Information Templates consisting of user fields. You can export required user information of users based on these custom templates.
  • Based on various criteria, you can choose the users whose information you want to export.

So, this package is a complete solution for managing the import and export of users on your SocialEngine Community.

Benefits Of This Pack:

  • Importing users via CSV files in case you've migrated your website from another platform.
  • Importing users in bulk on your newly setup website.
  • Creation of dummy users on your newly setup website.
  • Merging the content and user base on a new website.
  • You can consolidate two sites along with their content and user base.
  • You can target some specific users for marketing purpose.
  • You can import all the users into an email list for your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

One-Click Installation

The package file is a tar file & this package will install seamlessly on your SocialEngine with the one-click Package installation feature.

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This product has no reviews yet.


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Bulk User Importing / Exporting

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 75.00
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