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CMS / Custom Page Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
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Power-up your social site with ability to create fully custom content pages

CMS Page Landing

Editable via Layout Editor with wide range of built-in widgets such as recent created pages, featured / sponsored pages list, categories, popular tags

Page View Display

Full display with many different modes with or without layout wrapper, built-in photo album support, ability to comment

Admin Controls

Manage and search pages, ability to mark pages as featured or sponsored, multi-level categories support, full permission settings

About the App

This plugin allows site admin or members (configurable) to build additional content pages for your social network. Using WYSIWYG editor, you have freedom to design pages any way you like. Additional social and media tools such as photos uploading, sharing, and comments can be optionally attached to pages. With many settings and permission controls, this plugin is extremely flexible in term of customization, you can virtual turn this plugin from simply admin content management page to a full featured member plugin for various type of content page posting and sharing such as guides, resources, mini wiki, notes, full announcements etc..


Landing / Browse Pages
  • CMS Landing/Home Page, Browse Page, and Profile Page are manageable via Layout Editor using built-in widgets.
  • Categories listing with customizable descriptions
  • Support sub-categories
  • Recent posted pages, sticky pages block
  • Popular tags
  • Browse and search by category, tag, keyword, etc..
  • Customizable search fields for additional page questions
  • Different ordering options with pre-sorting configurable by admin
Member Manage / Posting Pages
  • Easy browsing / search for member's posted pages
  • Category, Title, Description, Keywords etc..
  • WYSIWYG Editor for page content
  • Customizable additional fields
  • Privacy for view / comment options
  • Optional custom script and style code
  • Ability to save page as draft
  • Ability to turn page online / offline for maintainance
  • Control page layout or pure content only page
  • Optional display blocks (title, photo, infos, tools, comments)
  • Photos uploading and management
View Page
  • Display with default layout or no layout
  • Page title, description, keywords are auto meta inserted for SEO
  • Optional display standardized page header
  • Optional display uploaded page photos
  • Optional display page category, poster, tag, date time etc..
  • Optional display link tools like Share, Report etc..
  • Optinoal display page comments
  • Integrated with Member Profile
  • Recent Posted Pages
  • Featured Pages
  • Sticky Pages
  • Configurable title, max display pages, show extra details


Manage Pages
  • Easy to browse pages using sorting and filter form
  • Overview pages details like title, view, date, owner, icons etc..
  • Mark page as Featured / Sticky
  • View / Edit / Delete pages
Global Settings
  • Public / Private permission setting for non-logged in user
  • Pre-Sorting setting allow Featured / Sticky pages with higher ranking
  • Configurable pages to show per page
  • Configurable Photo Gallery on page view page
  • Configurable Popular Tags
  • Configurable Recent Posted pages
  • Configurable browse display page details
  • Control various mode for Page View display blocks
Member Level Setting
  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all pages
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to edit: no, owner only, all pages
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all pages
  • Permission to upload photos: no, yes
  • Permission to have custom script / style on pages
  • Auto mark as Featured / Sticky pages
  • Privacy for View / Comment options
  • Limit number of pages can be posted (quota)
  • HTML filtering supported
Category / Question Field
  • Easy to manage categories, edit, delete, move etc..
  • Support category descriptions for landing page display
  • Allow to add additional fields
  • Control customized fields to be search-able, displayable.
  • Support sub-categories (2nd level)

Screenshots and Demo

Please visit our website for more details.

User Reviews



RADCODES - Top Apps and Top support
Recommended by Michael Ingledew on March 3rd, 2012 at 7:58pm

I started using RADCODES over two years ago and right now if I need any plugin I go to RADCODES website first.

Excellent and usable plugins coupled with outstanding customer support!

Very good plugin
Recommended by Gemma Monter on March 1st, 2012 at 11:02pm

This is a very good plugin, easy to install and support answer so quik.

TOP 10 Provider
Recommended by Juliana Cavicchioli on August 24th, 2011 at 8:07pm

The support is unbelievable. They are quick, honest and incredible kind. The plugin is amazing. Only missed the option to upload (through uploader and not URL) image in the body of the page. Added on {2011-08-24 20:13:54} I was just told by Vincent (who by the way is one the best providers I've deal with) that the functionality I'm missing is available on last version of plugin. GREAT!

Unbvelieable support
Recommended by Frankie Aladi on June 3rd, 2011 at 1:34pm

I am moved to write this review simply because of the level of support I have received from this company. As a newbie with SE, I did have a lot of questions 99% of them had absolutely nothing to do with the plugin, mostly questions on SE, the developer always answered my questions, before, during and after purchase. This is the main reason for this review. As for the plugin itself, It is exactly what I hoped for and it does its job very well. Makes it easy to create and manage additional pages on the fly. Really nice plugin if you are looking for a fast way to create additional pages. Based on my particular needs, I will grade this plugin an " A"

Recommended by Hani Bagedo on January 25th, 2011 at 12:13am

Why is the website not access able for radcodes

Fantastic product
Recommended by Cheryl Oosthuizen on December 9th, 2010 at 9:08am

As usual, an excellent plugin from this developer. It is easy to install, easy to use and has the most fantastic Wysywig Editor out of all plugins. Once you've set it up in Member Levels, you can use a lot more html and attributes than the simple editors we normally get.

Service and support is also above average.!

I totally recomment this plugin.

Another winner by radCodes!
Recommended by Richard Sands on November 26th, 2010 at 12:21am

I searched high and low for a flexible plug-in that is solid and dependable and I found it here with the CMS Page Plug-in. I am by no means a programmer but with some minor guidance from Vincent (who ALWAYS provides great customer service) I was able to dial it in to full fill a core element to my site. It was extremely easy to purchase and upload into my site in minutes.

Keep up the great work!!



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CMS / Custom Page Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
$ 60.00 Buy Now
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