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Custom & Short Profile URLs Plugin

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Provide your users a better way to remember and share their Profile URLs.

Custom & Short Member Profile URLs Plugin

Get custom and short URLs for the members on your website with this plugin. You can choose to enable the member URLs of your website to be directly opened after your webste's URL without the word 'profile' in it or place any custom word instead of 'profile' in the URLs.

Global Settings

Choose how to enable member profile URLs on your website - Globally or Member Level Based. If you choose Globally, then you can choose to enable Short URL or Custom URL for all the members on your website. For custom URL, you can enter the word of your choice.

Member Level Settings

Choose to enable short URL or Custom URL based on the Member Level of users on your website. Based on the Member Level, you can also choose to neither enable short URL nor enable custom URL. This can help you gain more paid subscriptions for your website.

About the App

Do you want to display the member profile URLs on your website according to your site’s concept like www.yourwebsite.com/custom/username or just display the username after site’s domain name like www.yourwebsite.com/username? If your answer is Yes, then this plugin will surely help you.
This plugin has the capability to enable you to choose the Custom URL slug or Short URL based on Member Levels on your website. This can be very helpful, as users will now can have their own memorable short URLs and even custom URLs based on their member levels.
You no longer need to have long profile URLs on your website.
Key Features
With this plugin, Member Profile URLs can be configured based on the Member Levels on your website. You can configure the URLs as:

Member Profile Short URLs Custom URL Slug in Member Profile URL Intelligent Automatic Banning System Member Level Based Short URL & Custom URL slug
You can choose to enable the short URLs for member profiles from “www.yourwebsite.com/profile/username” long URL to “www.yourwebsite.com/username” short URL and remove the “profile” slug from it. You can choose to replace a custom slug of your choice in place of “profile” in the member profile URL. The member profile URL will look like: “www.yourwebsite.com/CUSTOM/username” with custom URL slug. This plugin has intelligent banning system which automatically ban the URL slugs which are already on your website in both the member profiles and modules. With this plugin you do not have to worry about managing the URL banning manually. You can choose the Short URL and Custom slug based on the Member Levels of users on your website. Some members can have short URLs for their profiles and others can have custom URLs as per your requirement.

How Custom URL slug can be useful?

We will explain with an example here: If you have a website where you have 3 member levels namely: coaches, players and audience, then you can choose the member profile urls like:
This way the profiles will be more meaningful and SEO friendly.


Short and custom URLs can have many benefits. Below is the list of few of them:
Easy to Memorize Click-Through-Rate SEO Better Visibility and More Personalize
If users have short URLs or custom URLs according to what they are on your website it will be easy for them to remember their profile addresses (URLs) and thus easy to share. By using Short URLs and customize URLs you can increase your CTR as you will get more user engagement due to more personalization and profile visibility. Members will share their profile to tell their friends, family and relatives about their presence on your website. The Custom slug URL will enable you to choose any word which reflects your site’s concept and thus the URL will be visible when someone search for that word in any search engine. Short URLs in profile may also help you in increasing number of clicks. With Custom URL slug, your members can find better visibility for them on your website and will thus get more personalization. As if you have some professionals on your website, then you can simply showcase their profiles with www.yourwebsite.com/professionals/username.

Admin Panel

* Admin can choose to enable Short and Custom URLs Globally or Member level basis.
* Admin can choose to enable Short URL or Custom URLs for member profiles.
* Admin does not have to worry to ban URL manually, this plugin is made intelligent enough to handle all this stuff automatically.

User Reviews



Neet and simple!
Recommended by Luis Morales on January 3rd, 2019 at 10:28pm

Real cool and useful plugin that makes it very easy for members to share their profiles in other platforms. It makes everything abait it simple, better and shorter! I do recommend this plugin and Social Engine Solutions other plugins and themes!

Nice freebie
Recommended by didier mahan on January 1st, 2019 at 10:52am

This is another great plug-in by the SES team. We recommend it to anyone with a social network. It is a great way to allow your members to have unique Profile addresses. The short url makes much more sense for aesthetics.

Great Plugin!
Recommended by Shay Lev Ary on December 31st, 2018 at 2:34pm

Working great, i really like it! And most important - ITS FREE! This is a must plugin for every SE site owner!

The plugin is sleek
Recommended by Olumide Rev. on December 26th, 2018 at 3:23pm

I love the plugin because it just tidies up the url and makes it neater and shorter. Gone are those days of unnecessary long profile names,

Very Useful, it simplifies for your members to share there profiles and it's attractive
Recommended by Juan Hurtado on December 24th, 2018 at 8:02am

I like this plugin because it makes it very easy for members to share their profiles in other platforms. I must say I did have some minor issues at the beginning but one of the best things of this plugins is the team that it has baking it, so they fixed my issue very fast and now it works like a charm ;)
If you want to make easy for your members to share their profiles this plugins comes in very handy., I highly recommend it ;)

Didn't play well with other plugins YMMV
Recommended by Gerry Humphrey on July 1st, 2018 at 2:56am

When I enabled the short URL, it didn’t play well with other third-party plugins messing up the page. You might have a different experience and I recommend if you need something like this to at least try it. I really think it was an issue with the other plugins and not this. Hope it works for you because it is a cool feature.

Smart Plugin.
Recommended by Peter Marsino on March 17th, 2018 at 5:07pm

It only makes sense to have this plugin. This makes things easier for everyone. I'm surprised the Social Engine script doesn't have this built in...My favorite part about this plugin, It's Free !!!

Thank you SocialEngineSolutions
Recommended by lud b. on March 2nd, 2018 at 11:19pm

Thank you SocialEngineSolutions for providing this useful plugin for free. I was waiting for it. :-)

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Custom & Short Profile URLs Plugin

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