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Export User Information Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 19.00

Export your site's data fields to your system in three different formats.

File Formats

The three possible file formats in which user data can be downloaded are CSV, JSON and Excel.

Template Fields

For all the templates you can select different data fields so that if you want those fields in the export file, you can download using corresponding template.

Admin: Export User Information

You can filter users whose data you want to download.

About the App

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SocialEngineAddOns brings a simple and efficient tool “Export User Information Plugin - In CSV / Excel / JSON Files” to export complete user fields like name, user id, gender, location, etc from your site to your system in three different formats. This export of user information can be beneficial in cases like merging of sites, adding complete user data to a new website, targeting specific users for marketing purpose or simply adding user fields to your CRM. The three possible formats in which you can download the user data fields are CSV, JSON and Excel.

Key Features

Different Templates

Different templates can be created having different data fields selected so that you can choose the template according to what fields you want to export.

Profile Types

Templates can be created for any of the profile type so that you can filter the users on the basis of profile type while downloading the file.


You can filter out specific users whose data you want to download on the basis of filters like member level, profile type, etc

File Formats:

You can download the data fields file in three different formats: CSV, JSON and Excel.


  • When you purchase a website and want to merge the content and user base.
  • When you want to consolidate two sites and merge their content and user base.
  • When you want to target some specific users for marketing purpose.
  • When you want to import all the users into an email list or your CRM ( Customer Relationship Management)


Users Information Templates

Create, delete and rename various templates consisting of user fields.

Export Users Information

Based on various criteria, choose the users whose information you want to export.

Other Details:

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User Reviews



Recommended by Dave Aschaiek on December 28th, 2018 at 4:55pm

I’ve been buying plugins and service from SEAO for years and I always love their stuff and service. They know SocialEngine really well and always helps me with problems. They’re also generous at times with providing discounts. I would definitely consider them as one of the top Social Engine third party providers.

Exactly what I needed
Recommended by Bruce Jachens on November 5th, 2018 at 3:00pm

This plugin was exactly what I needed - The Social Engine Addons team got it installed for me very quickly - great plugin and great service!

Another great plugin!
Recommended by Peter Gruessing on August 10th, 2018 at 2:13pm

Another great plugin from SEAO! Works right out of the box, installs in minutes, and formats my users in a READABLE format that I can use in excel etc. If you have a lot of users and you need a nice clean list you can use to send emails to or use for a mail merge this is the plugin for you! Highly Recommended!

Peter Gruessing
Galify Inc.

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Export User Information Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 19.00
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