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Facebook Clone Theme

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 59.00

Make your website a clone of facebook and attract all the facebook lovers….

Landing Page using Face

This is how the Landing Page looks using this theme. Recent Logins can also be shown on the Landing page just like Facebook.

Highlighted Features

User Shortcuts Widget can be placed on any widgetized page in order to display all the shortcuts. Different modules of your site can be shown as links or menu in Explore Links Widget in order to make exploring easy. Navigation Drawer to show various menus.

Theme Customization

You can choose any of the default color schemes provided for your site or you can also customize the theme as per your requirements. You can change theme color, widgets background color, website's body background image or color etc.

About the App

Keeping in mind the prominence of Facebook and best possible appearance for your website, we have come up with a new theme “Facebook Clone Theme”. This theme is fabricated with great user experience and lots of engaging features that can change the complete feel of your website. You can also customize various settings of some brand new widgets in order to make the content display more pleasing and website more fruitful.

Theme Features

When it comes to the appearance of a website, themes are the first thing that click into our mind. Themes constituting different layouts and widgets can change the complete feel of your site. Facebook Clone Theme is another such theme which can give your website a complete facebook look. Keeping in mind the design of Facebook, this theme is fabricated with great user experience, various astounding widgets and lots of engaging features. You can customize various settings in order to make the content display more awesome and website more fruitful.


  • Complete facebook look for your website
  • Astounding widgets for making widgetized pages more captivating
  • Customizable footer with engaging options
  • Tested and works well on all popular modern browsers
  • RTL supported
  • Complete new look with a navigation drawer
  • Header with advanced features
  • Works well with all official SocialEngine plugins
  • Well coded theme; Clean code using best CSS3 practices
  • Better layouts will improve the search engine optimization

Facebook Clone look

  • Default theme customization will give an impressive Facebook look
  • Landing Page, Member Home Page and Member Profile Page will completely resemble Facebook
  • Many Widgets are designed to provide all facebook like functionalities

Amazing Header

  • Floating header and wide layout
  • Sign in, Sign out and other important links in the header
  • Specified mini menu

Engaging Footer

  • Footer Menu can be customised easily from the Menu Editor
  • Easy Footer Text Customisation from the "Language Manager"
  • Language Choices in the Footer

Widgetized Pages

  • Engaging layouts for the content of your site
  • Adjustable columns for the widgetized pages
  • Member’s circular thumbnail images

Vertical Navigation Drawer

  • Amazing vertical dashboard navigation drawer
  • Uniquely designed logged-in member profile picture
  • Different layouts for dashboard navigation drawer

100% Responsive

  • This theme is 100% responsive i.e, it appears flawless on all the screen sizes.

Color Schemes

The default color scheme will be like Facebook. Including that there are total 10 color scheme options available in this theme. You can select any of them easily from the Admin Settings of the theme. There is also an option of custom colors in which you can customize the color scheme for your site.

Astounding Widgets

  • Add / Remove Shortcut Buttons
    • Needs to be placed on any content or item profile page to add that page as a shortcut link.
  • User Shortcuts
    • Can be placed on any widgetized page in order to display all the shortcuts.
  • Explore Links
    • Different modules of your site can be shown as links or menu in one section in order to make exploring easy.
  • Recent Logins
    • The recent logins functionality will not be restricted to the landing page only. Using this widget, you can show that on other pages as well like Login Page, etc.
  • Layout Scroll
    • Take scrolling to the next level, as the columns of the widgetized page will only scroll down till the content is available.


Customize various pages using widgets of this theme. Set Signup form Tagline and Image. Enable / Disable Floating Header. Select the member’s thumbnail image shape.
Enable / Disable Navigation Drawer. Add and manage Explore Links. Choose the layout of the home page. Enable creating Shortcut for any of the profile page.
You can modify this theme by doing customization through a separate CSS file. Customize the color scheme of the theme easily. Configure Footer Menus. Adjust the column width of widgetized pages.

Offer from SocialEngineAddOns: We offer FREE Installation Service on the purchase of this theme.

User Reviews



Good start
Recommended by Jett on October 25th, 2018 at 7:14am

I just started using this theme and will say that the company's 24/7 chat support was simply amazing. I highly recommend letting them do the theme install as opposed to your host or doing it yourself. Looking forward to doing more business together.

Nice Theme with Elegant Features.
Recommended by Anita on October 25th, 2018 at 5:02am

We are Using this Theme for Our Project. Its User Friendly and has tons of features. You can control everything Like Layout and Theme modifications from Admin panel. Adding Sidebar Widgets is easy task. SEAO Team efforts are seen in this Theme perfection.

Another Great Plugin!
Recommended by Peter Gruessing on September 5th, 2018 at 5:14am

Another great theme from SEAO! I had a few issues getting this installed and the SEAO team came through as they always do and got it running flawlessly in under an hour! Can't say enough, if you want a clean crisp theme that works buy this!

Peter Gruessing

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Facebook Clone Theme

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 59.00
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