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Link Share / Bookmark Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
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Submit, discover, & share interesting news and stories around the web

Link Landing Home Page

A long list of built-in widgets with many optional settings which let you totally control the look-n-feel of the page via Layout Editor

Link Profile Page

Showcase link details with built-in Comments box to encourage discussion among your members, support for preview photos and videos

Admin Controls

Manage links, ability to mark links as Favorited, many permission controls, support for custom fields and questions, plus multi-level categories

About the App

This plugin lets your users discover remarkable, latest, hottest trends, and stories on the net by sharing and submitting links. Users can vote for favorite links to boost up it ranking, increase its exposure. If you ever want to run similar site like Digg, Reddit etc.. then you have found it!

Key Features

  • Link Landing Home / Browse Popular / Upcoming Links pages are built using Layout Editor, allow you to drag and drop built-in review widgets just like global Home Page
  • Link Profile Page is also built using Layout Editor with many widgets, similar to Member Profile Page
  • Support sub-categories (2nd-level)
  • Slideshow for featured links
  • Support additional customizable fields / questions
  • Detailed Member Level and Global settings
  • Ability to determine how links should be published as popular
  • Built-in anti-cheat for voting
  • Ability to control whether user can edit submitted link url
  • Auto vote for member submitted link
  • Auto suggest form fills by parsing url content
  • Auto photo / thumbnail supported
  • Remote validation for url to make sure link is valid
  • Reciprocal link check (optional link-back requirement for link submission)
  • Control and prevent duplicated submission per site-wide, user-wide, or allow multiple submission.
  • Domain and host banning.
  • Support built-in previews for many popular video / image hosting sites (such as youtube)
  • Supported 3 media type: text, image, video
  • Tagging and popular tag cloud
  • Detailed link browsing and search capibility
  • Varieties of sorting by point, vote, date, comment, popularities etc..
  • Powerful search system to show only what user want to see
  • Many built-in widgets which let you list links on any custom page (layout editor) in variety of ways.
  • Links can be marked as featured which show-case on home page
  • Profile integration and full member's link listing page
  • Comment / Like / Report / Sharing on link view page
  • many more ..

General Widgets

Below are built-in link widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the landing / custom page anyway you like.

  • List Links: this is a generic link listings widget, which can be used for different purposes depending on the setting paramerters that you set (the Link Landing Home Page is built using main widget)
    • Title Header
    • Max Link Entry (control number of links to be displayed)
    • User (limit links created by specific user)
    • Keywords (limit links match certain keywords)
    • Status (show only Popular links, or Upcoming links)
    • Category (show only links belong to selected category)
    • Sorting (varieties of ordering, such as trending, recent, alphabet, most voted/commented/viewed/clicked etc..)
    • Time Period (limit links submitted within defined period, such as 24 hours, weekly, monthly etc..)
    • Media Type (only show photo links, video links, or story links)
    • Featured Link (only show featured links)
    • Display Style (wide mode for main column, narrow mode for left/right side columns)
    • Display Output (control what to show: photo, details, meta, description, vote box)
  • Profile Links: Displays a member's links on their profile. It also supports displaying links that are created by specific page/subject owner, example: when use this widget on Group Profile page, and config User=OWNER mode, it would shows links created by the group's owner. If you set User=VIEWER mode, then the widget will displays links created by current logged in member.
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Links above
    • Two user's filtering mode: OWNER (link's created by owner of the current viewing page) and VIEWER (link's created by the current active logged in member)
  • Featured Links: display featured links in slideshow format
    • Support many settings / parameters similar to List Links above
  • Top Submitters: displays list of top link's submitters
    • Title Header
    • Max Link Entry (control number of members to be displayed)
    • Sorting (by total points, or total links)
    • Time Period (limit links submitted within defined period, such as 24 hours, weekly, monthly etc..)
  • Top Voters: displays list of top link's voters
    • Title Header
    • Max Link Entry (control number of members to be displayed)
    • Sorting (by all vote count, up vote, down/bury vote)
    • Time Period (limit links submitted within defined period, such as 24 hours, weekly, monthly etc..)
  • Categories (optional display control for photo / details / description)
  • Search Form
  • Main Menu Navigation (Browse Links | My Links | Post New Link)
  • Submit New Link
  • Popular Tags: display popular tag cloud
    • Limit number of tags
    • Sort tag by total count, or name

Link Profile Widgets

Below are built-in link widgets which let you build Link Profile page (similar to Member Profile page) via Layout Editor

  • Profile Breadcrumb: display navigation path to the link in breadcrumb style (Links >> Popular/Upcoming >> Link Category)
  • Profile Title: display link main content (title, vote box, description, meta info, photo etc..)
  • Profile Preview: display link's preview (embed video / image) if detected
  • Profile Comments: display comment/like box
  • Profile Details: display link's customized questions and field answers
  • Profile Voters: display list of voters/buriers, option to set limit, and filter to only show vote up / down etc..
  • Profile Related Links: display related links by tag
  • Profile Submitter: display submitter info, photo, total submitted links
  • Profile Options: display menu actions (member links page, submit new link, edit link, delete link)
  • Profile Stats: display link's statistics such as total point, % liked, votes vs buries, who made link Popular, first member to vote / bury link
  • Profile Info: display link general information (created/updated date, status, category, type, tags etc..)
  • Profile Tools: display sharing / reporting options


  • Easy to browse submitted links using sorting and filter form
  • Mark link as Featured
  • View / Edit / Delete submission
  • Control number of link entries on browse pages
  • Optional validation for link url
  • Duplication url settings (unique site-wide, per user, no check)
  • Blacklisted domains
  • Ability to define how link entries should be sorted browse page by default
  • Set time period limit on browse pages
  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all reviews
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to edit: no, owner only, all reviews
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all reviews
  • Permission to comment: no, owner only, all reviews
  • Auto mark as Featured reviews on posting
  • Privacy for View / Comment options
  • Define number of points links need to get in order to become popular
  • Optional auto-vote for link owner
  • Control whether member can edit url after submission
  • Support sub-categories (2nd-level)
Customizable Fields/Questions
  • Allow to add additional fields/questions to link submission form
  • Control customized fields to be search-able, displayable.

Screenshots and Demo

Please visit our website for more details.

User Reviews



Not Recommended by Carlos V. Roman on December 5th, 2012 at 10:51pm

My links plugin doesnt work properly and is over priced. I often have problems and I get abusive responses back from Vince. Lately he belittled me and I shot back.

I would say horrible customer service. Additionally, I hired him at an hourly rate to help with CSS and he messed that up. Money not well spent.

I dont know if Vince will ever work with me but I would say to make sure if you experience something horrible with him or his company, immediately write a review. It has not been a pleasant experience in most cases.

Certified SocialEngine Expert
Radcodes responded on December 5th, 2012 at 11:19pm

I have been nice to you thru out the years, answering all your questions and helped you with your site even technical support period has been long ended. If you do not know how to use it properly, nor simple understand how things work does not mean the plugin is broken or has bugs. Many times, I have responded to you with info, and details on how to do things with clear explanation, but if you never take your time to read it, or at least try to do your part, and keep blaming then I'm not gonna waste my time. Cursing and use profanity, name-calling to someone who has been helping you speak loudly about the kind of person you are. You are the 1st customer out of 4000+ that ever do this. I do not need your appreciation (which you never do anyway), but please at least treat people with respect. I will never work with you again.

Recommended by Wes Petersen on July 19th, 2011 at 1:51am

Is this really worth $80? Someone please let me know....

I need a robust linking module but this seems fairly simple and has a high cost. Love the company though!

Works like a champ
Recommended by Donald Dubuque on July 10th, 2011 at 5:46am

Great module but mis-leading it it's title. It seems to only be a link adding module nothing to do with bookmarks or popular news. Unless I'm missing something. Wish there was more documentation.


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  • 66.7%
  • 33.3%

Link Share / Bookmark Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
$ 80.00 Buy Now
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