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Member Review / Rating Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
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Build a more engaging community via reviews and ratings among members

Review Display Page

Showcase a review page with customizable questions, pros and cons, plus ability for others to mark review as helpful, support for comments

Review Home Page

Tons of built-in widgets that let you fully customize this page via Layout Editor, they can also be used on other pages as well

Member Profile Integration

Fully integrated with member profile page with rating breakdown, and average rating stars, plus summary of recent reviews

About the App

This plugin allow your social network to have a review system between your members. This can help your site to build up trust, enhance quality of connections across your network. Super great for service provider, professional, colleague networking sites. Beside posting general review, it also support additional pros / cons listing, as well as rating stars. Recommendation can also be made by members, and many more etc.

Key Features

  • Review Landing Home Page is built using Layout Editor, allow you to drag and drop built-in review widgets just like global Home Page
  • Support image star rating
  • Member can give recommend others
  • Support additional customizable fields / questions
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Members can vote for review's helpfulness
  • Popular Tags


Landing / Browse Reviews
  • Configurable via Admin Layout Editor (similar to Site/Member Home Page)
  • Built using built-in review widgets, and can easily add other widgets, content etc.. to the page
  • Recent posted reviews, featured review, various of top member rankings, break-down statistics etc..
  • Popular listing tag cloud
  • Browse and search by keyword, rating, recommend, with various of sorting options etc..
  • Customizable search fields for additional review questions
Member Manage / Posting Reviews
  • Easy browsing / search for member's posted reviews
  • Title, Review Body, Pros / Cons list, Keywords etc..
  • Rating stars / Recommendation check
  • Customizable additional fields
  • Privacy for view / comment options
Review Display Page
  • Member overview stats, and ratings
  • Reviewer details info
  • Others can vote and decide whether review is helpful
  • Built-in comment / like system
Member Reviews Page
  • Listing reviews posted for a specific member
  • Searching / Sorting supported
  • Member overview stats, and ratings
Reviewed Members Page
  • Listing reviews posted by a specific member
  • Searching / Sorting supported
  • Member overview stats, and ratings
Top Members Pages
  • Top Rated Members by weighted rating average
  • Most Recommended Members
  • Most Reviewed Members
  • Top Reviewer / Contributors

Below are built-in review widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the landing / custom page anyway you like.

  • Member Profile Page - Review Tabs (setting: tab name, number of entries, turn review details on/off)
  • Member Profile Page - Rating Star (show on side bar)
  • List Reviews (setting: header, max entries, optional show photo /details, sorting control, limit reviews by/for specific member, display format wide/narrow column, limit specify rating, limit show only recommended etc.. - basically, you can use this generic review listing widget to build a wide range of review displaying blocks)
  • Top Rated Members (setting: header, max entries, optional show on/off for photo / review details / stars)
  • Most Recommended Members (setting: header, max entries, optional show on/off for photo / review details / stars)
  • Most Reviewed Members (setting: header, max entries, optional show on/off for photo / review details / stars)
  • Top Reviewers (setting: header, max entries, optional show on/off for photo / review details)
  • Featured Review (review show-case)
  • Search Form
  • Top Menu Navigation (Browse Reviews | Manage | Post New | Top Members)
  • Create New Review
  • Popular Tags (setting: sorting orders)


Manage Reviews
  • Easy to browse reviews using sorting and filter form
  • Overview review details like title, reviewer, members, date, icons, ratings etc..
  • Mark page as Featured
  • View / Edit / Delete reviews
Global Settings
  • Control number of reviews on browse page
  • Control number of reviews on review listings / reviewed member page
Member Level Setting
  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all reviews
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to edit: no, owner only, all reviews
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all reviews
  • Permission to comment: no, owner only, all reviews
  • Auto mark as Featured reviews on posting
  • Privacy for View / Comment options
Customizable Fields/Questions
  • Allow to add additional fields/questions to review form
  • Control customized fields to be search-able, displayable.

Screenshots and Demo

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User Reviews



Excellent Feature
Recommended by JJUK on March 15th, 2014 at 12:56pm

Just what I wanted on my site!
Very pleased indeed.

I thoroughly recommend Radcodes for their plugins and excellent support


Incomplete plugin
Not Recommended by Ward Daggett on September 7th, 2012 at 8:56am

This plugin has no "location based" search on it in order for members to find other members to network with or to hire, based on location. For example; If you wanted to hire a developer from Dallas, Tx you wouldn't be able to find them because there's no search which makes this plugin "useless" in a business environment.

What I would have done was copied SE's default "Search Members" widget and integrated them both together. So now I'm stuck between deleting this plugin or going with Hire Experts.

Excellent plugin
Recommended by Paul Stidever on August 29th, 2011 at 9:10am

Just installed this plugin. Up till now we had an excellent site, using most mods and plugins fully, however the one area missing was good interaction between friends. This plugin has brought that alive. With some careful manipulation of the features, we now allow people to tell all on their friends in a humourous way, and everyone is flocking back to write their own on each other. Thanks for this one.

Yes ladies and gents they have a winner
Recommended by Donald Dubuque on July 10th, 2011 at 6:34am

I just installed this plugin and yes in keeping with there great skills, they have another winner on there hands. I'm looking forward to more from Radcodes.

Serious Wow Factor!
Recommended by Glenn K. Garnes on March 10th, 2011 at 12:01am

Vincent's review plugin is incredible. We have merchants who belong to our community and being able to have their customers post reviews not only helps them, but gives them a reason to refer people to join our social network. It's a perfect synergy tool.

This plugin is very feature rich, well laid out, easy to use, and an incredible value for the price. Another excellent job by Vincent. You rock!


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Member Review / Rating Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
$ 50.00 Buy Now
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