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Mobile / Tablet - PWA Plugin

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$ 69.00

PWA utilises modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users.

Simple Approach to Launch App

Users should pursue a basic approach to launch the web application. The web app will be launched following basic steps.

Interactive Designs

PWA provides the attractive designs for your web app. Absolutely unique yet engaging designs to increase user's experience.

Looks Like App & SEO Friendly

PWA provides the experience of an app to the users. It is Google recommended, Secure, Affordable & SEO friendly.

About the App

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a web application that utilizes modern web abilities to convey an app like experience to users. These apps meet certain necessities, are conveyed to servers, available through URLs, and recorded via search engines. PWA removes the thin line between Websites and mobile apps. It is a hybrid of web pages and mobile application to make you experience the best of web and native apps.

Highlights !

Progressive Web Apps are installed quickly and directly on the user's device in one click eliminating the necessity to download it. This friction less installation allow users to enjoy service instead of installing the bulky native app. Progressive Web Apps easy to get and live on the user's home screen from the moment the user adds it to his home screen. There is no need to go through the app store process such as pay the fees or get the app approved etc . Your app goes live instantly..
Progressive Web App loads instantly, irrespective of the kind of network connection. The technique involved is Run time Caching with Service Worker, which reduces the time involved to load page and resources to a few milliseconds. One can rely on Progressive Web Apps, as they can work even when there is no or poor internet connectivity. Though the users will not able to load new content, but can view the pages which have been previously visited by them. PWAs uses only a fraction of the data as compared to Native apps.
Progressive Web Apps are synced with the website due to which every update on website will reflect on the app automatically. The update can be seen when PWA is loaded and it doesn’t have to be updated in the background or before launch as in the case of a native app. This plugin has it's own layout editor, theme editor and menu editor. Users may modify the layout of pages, theme colour or can also enable or disable menu items without affecting the desktop theme. But the sequence of menu items can not be changes using this menu editor.
Progressive Web Apps do not require different versions for various devices. Single app meets the requirements of all the endpoints on which it operates. The cost involved for progressive web apps is much less than what it takes to develop native apps. Progressive web app can help a website quickly reach a wider audience with relatively less effort. In the time, where competition is increasing day-by-day, expanding your market reach faster than your competitors can prove to be a decisive advantage.
Progressive Web Apps scores high in SEO and helps the interest limit and accessibility of any web. It loads quicker and this extraordinarily influences web searcher rankings. As quicker as website loads , it receives a ranking boost and are recorded rapidly. Better UI , No scrolling glitches, better speed, Service worker caching, Server-side rendering etc are some integral parts of PWA which results in providing better user experience. Better user experience is also because of the instant and reliable loading irrespective of the network connectivity.
PWA is also compatible with third party plugins. User Interface of Progressive Web Apps is directly proportionate to the existing responsiveness of the plugin. For the ease of users, PWA plugin has it's own mini admin panel which contains it's own Layout Editor, Theme Editor, Menu Editor. Users may make the changes in PWA layout being independent of layout of web pages.
This plugin supports RTL approach. Users who use languages pursuing right to left approach explicitly, can likewise have a progressive web app for their website. Just like an ordinary website, PWA can likewise be utilized on any platform, therefore, Progressive Web Apps are cross-platform and responsive. There are certain limitations with iOS device’s in-built features/functions but it works flawlessly in android devices.
Recommended by Google 12 DEFAULT COLOR SCHEMES
Progressive Web Apps are recommended by Google itself. This holds numerous reasons. But the major reason is the quality of web pages which is, without a doubt, provided by our this new plugin. 12 Default Themes, i.e. 6 light color themes and 6 dark color themes are provided by default in PWA. Users may also create their own color themes using the provided themes.
Push Notification Support
Push notifications allow apps to reach out to users with short messages that users may respond to. With this plugin users may send push notifications directly from their admin interface.


  1. Progressive Web Apps are 100% responsive.
  2. Progressive Web Apps work on HTTPS only.
  3. Progressive Web Apps are compatible with all 3rd party plugins which are developed following SE standards.


Using this section users can manage site title, left/right column, logo for banner image etc related settings. Users may likewise enable/disable the auto enable mode and footer using this section only. Users can manage app title, short name, URL, Description, Theme colour, background colour, screen orientation, app icon etc. using this section. Using this section, users can manage elements of header for logged in and non-logged in users distinctively. Likewise, Users can manage various settings for footer, main menu navigation and logo.
This plugin has it's own replica of layout editor. Using which users may set a new layout for it's progressive web app distinctively. These settings won't make any impact on layout of website. Just like layout editor, this plugin has a replica of theme editor as well. Using this theme editor user can modify the colour scheme distinctively than website. Similar to layout and theme editor, this separate menu editor helps to enable/disable various menu items adversely. Setting the sequence of menu items still be managed the main menu editor of admin panel.


  • Advanced Search
  • Create Account Banner
  • Header
  • Main Menu
  • Navigation Menu
  • Page Title
  • Search Box
  • Site Banner Logo
  • Site Logo
  • Startup Image
  • Show Offline Mode Message


  • PWAs has low data usage as compared to the native apps.
  • PWAs are easily refreshed and upgraded without relying on any app store.
  • Users can easily customise the PWA pages in any way. Any change made in layout of PWA pages will not effect the layout of web pages of your website.
  • Just like a normal website, PWA can also be used on any platform, therefore, Progressive Web Apps are cross-platform and responsive.
  • Web pages of a website in pwa mode can be refreshed very easily. Users need to just pull the page down and web pages will get refreshed.

If you like this plugin, please give your valuable / positive rating and reviews to keep us motivated to put perfection in our work. We thank you in advance for this gesture of support!

User Reviews



The PWA App is amazing
Recommended by Lex Frost on January 8th, 2019 at 8:52pm

My users love this feature on my site... it acts just like a written App for your social network, It is easy to setup and easy to customize without changing the layout of your normal site's look. I would recommend this plugin highly!

Recommended by Mikel Coreclark on December 22nd, 2018 at 3:41pm

FANTAASTIC...my mobile site looks and feels so much better. I had this pwa downloaded, uploaded to my server and working in 2 minutes and did not adjust any settings... Have to Recommend this one... Thanks SEAO.. mikel..

Best plugin
Recommended by Vo Xaun Truong on December 21st, 2018 at 9:13am

Tthis is best plugin. it is great. I like it so much. I also like their services. they are great team for services

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Mobile / Tablet - PWA Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 69.00
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