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News / RSS Importer Plugin

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Automatically fetch latest News from top News providers directly on your site.

News Home Page

Special widgets like News Banner, Breaking News, Ajax based Category News, Trending News Sidebar, Ajax based Main News Home etc. makes this page attractive and engaging to explore various types of News.

My RSS Page

Users can view, edit, delete their RSS Feeds at one place i.e. My RSS Page. Various details like RSS category, status, date and original URL can also be viewed from here. You can also manually fetch News from 'Get News' link of your RSS Feeds.

News View Page

Showcase News in detail containing information in various forms: text, images or videos. Option to move from current News to next or previous one, ‘Read Full News here’ button to redirect you to the original source of News.

About the App

News plays a vital role in everyone’s day to day life. It provides access to current events and up-to-date information around the world. Without regular access to news, most people would be unaware of the various events taking place, both locally and around the world, that have an impact on their lives. The two modes for reaching the News is through Newspaper or Online source. Nowadays, people are switching from Newspaper to Online source for latest News. Newspapers have static content i.e. its content cannot be updated once published whereas in the case of Online source if anything is reported anywhere around the world, it gets published in a matter of minutes.

Nowadays, all the top News providers publish their News content online. Anyone can access their website anytime for latest happenings around the world. But, what if you want your site members to have updates of current events around the world on your website only. The solution for it is our 'News / RSS Importer and Aggregator' plugin.

News / RSS Importer and Aggregator plugin enables News updates from top News providers through RSS Feeds importer on one platform i.e. your website. All you need to do is save the RSS Feed link of your favorite News source and your website will start receiving latest News updates on its real time basis through Cron job scheduler. Now, your site members do not require to navigate to other online sources for News updates making your website more engageable.

RSS Importer can break you free from the cycle of either over-checking or under-finding content by delivering the content to you as it is published.


  • Two ways to add news on site:
    • Add News: Users can add news manually via ‘Add News’ page.
    • RSS Feeds: News can be added via RSS Feeds.
  • News can be auto updated through Cron job scheduler for the news added by a RSS Feed.
  • Activity feeds generation for news added via RSS Feeds or manually.
  • Option to fetch only Excerpt or Full Content from the RSS Feeds.
  • Option to upload thumbnail images while adding a news, if it is not uploaded then default thumbnail image will be used.
  • News can be marked as Breaking News, Sponsored and Featured.
  • Admin can blacklist URLs for not allowing news to be fetched from certain RSS Feeds.
  • Robust classification of news via categories, sub-categories and 3rd level categories.
  • Member level settings to restrict user’s action performing capabilities.
  • Multiple social sharing options for news: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.
  • Users can subscribe RSS Feeds for their latest news updates.
  • Default Layout Templates for various themes with different widths.
  • Extensive searching via various filters to access the desired news.
  • Wide range of widgets available to setup your website as per your requirement.
  • Popular tags supported for the news:
    • Add tags while adding a news manually.
    • Tags gets automatically fetched with news from RSS Feeds.
  • Integrated with different plugins to provide add-on features for your website.
  • Statistics for Views, Likes and Comments on news.
  • This plugin is 100% responsive.
  • RTL supported.
  • It works well with any of SocialEngine's themes along with 3rd party themes that are developed by SocialEngine’s standards.

News Addition

  • Two ways to add news on site:
    • Add News Page: Users can add news manually via ‘Add News’ page.
    • RSS Feeds: News can be fetched automatically from RSS Feeds via Cron job scheduler.
  • Various fields to add news in detail like title, short description, detail description, category, tags, original news link etc.
  • Upload thumbnail for news or use default thumbnail.
  • Breaking News: Assign ‘Breaking News’ label to the most significant story of the moment. [Admin Configurable]
  • Featured & Sponsored News: Highlight specific news with ‘Featured’ and ‘ Sponsored’ label. [Admin Configurable]
  • Count of number of news, that user of a particular member level can add, can be controlled from Member Level settings. [Admin Configurable]
  • News can be published immediately or on the set date.
  • News can also be save as draft.
  • Privacy settings for:
    • View news
    • Comment on news

RSS Feeds Addition

  • Add RSS Feed URL to fetch news automatically with title, description, category, RSS logo etc.
  • Upload RSS logo or use RSS logo fetched automatically from RSS Feeds.
  • Enable / disable RSS Feed addition setting on per member level basis. [Admin Configurable]
  • RSS Feed can be published immediately or on the set date. RSS Feed can also be saved as draft.
  • Two ways to fetch news from RSS Feed:
    • Manually fetch news from RSS Feeds via My RSS page.
    • Auto-update news from RSS Feeds via Cron job scheduler.
  • Subscribe / unsubscribe RSS Feeds for to get updates about the latest fetched news.
  • Option to fetch Excerpt or Full Content like images, videos from RSS Feeds.

Searching & Filtering of News

  • Admin Search Form Settings: Choose which of the available search and filter fields should be shown in the form and what their sequence should be.
  • Searching of news based on Network & Location.Filtering based on:
    • Name / Keyword
    • RSS Feed
    • Everyone’s News, My Friend’s News and Only My Networks
    • Most Recent, Most Viewed, Most Liked, Most Commented, Alphabetically
    • Categories and their sub-categories

User Interface & Experience

  • Trendy, appealing and easy to navigate user interface.
  • Social sharing and other call to action options on hovering over News.
  • Subscribe / unsubscribe option for RSS Feeds.
  • Labels for Breaking News, Featured and Sponsored tags for News.

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User Reviews



Multiple Use Content Plugin
Recommended by Peter Marsino on December 29th, 2017 at 5:03pm

This plugin is great way to add content to your site, especially if you're just starting out and need to populate your pages with information. It's very easy to use and setting it up takes no time at all. Finding the feed URL's is just a simple Google search and this plugin will make your site look very professional. You can use it as a news feed importer, which works great, but if you don't need news on your site you can also use it for many other types of RSS importing like recipes, weather, shopping and many other categories. Very nice plugin for any SE site, check it out.

If you need content on your site, This is the plugin you need.
Recommended by Patrick Simons on June 8th, 2017 at 2:09pm

Adding easily news to your site, you fill your community with news feed or rss channels. Very valuable addition. Very well done SEAO. I love this plugin. Great Work.

Real News at Last !!!
Recommended by Simon Emery on March 26th, 2017 at 11:57am

Great job SocialEngineAddOns. I love real news, so do my members. Well coded plugin and works very well. Well done.

Thanks a million .....

Great plugin
Recommended by MD Nobles on March 23rd, 2017 at 10:04pm

I rather enjoy this plugin. It gives a clean and aesthetically pleasing layout that's sure to attract member traffic to your news page. It gives several layout options that's sure to provide something you're looking for, as well as a place to put those defining category images you've been looking to use.

Excellent Option for News Consolidation
Recommended by Sandeep Maurya on March 17th, 2017 at 6:51am

Keep your readers engaged with this out of the box --- free parser ---- News Plugin. You cant ask for more.

Agregation the newest information
Recommended by David Hirschfeld on March 16th, 2017 at 2:06pm

Collecting all necessary information to keep your community up to date can be tedious. With this plugin this issue can be solved instantly and with not much effort. SEAddons always thinking one step ahead.

Always Going to new heights
Recommended by John Papiccio on March 16th, 2017 at 7:39am

For a platform with so many features, this puts the icing on the cake, great stuff, keep up the great work guys.

A must have
Recommended by herearii on March 14th, 2017 at 7:27am

This product is just all you need if you would like to create more interactions with your users. Everything is here. You can put direct external rss in your community and the plugin does the job. As asual, the support is just EXCELLENT. SEAO is the best. =D

Great possibilities for my community!
Recommended by Artvanz.com on March 12th, 2017 at 8:21pm

When this plugin was announced I thought "Yes!" and I bought it immediately when it was released. It gives my community the extra touch and possibilities for my members to be kept up to date with new and important information that is essential for this network. Also the design/layout is great and as always; SEAO support is fantastic! Thank you guys for being innovative and such a great customer oriented team! Looking forward to other great plugins in the future. Kindly, Kristin :)

Great RSS feed
Recommended by Christine Menaged on March 10th, 2017 at 5:16am

This plug-in is well written and allows your to aggregate your favorite rss reed. The support for socialengineaddons is top notch, they are very helpful and knowledgeable.

A must have plugin!!!
Recommended by Syed Mahtab on March 9th, 2017 at 4:49am

I bought this plugin as soon as it was launched. News are integral part peoples life. Everyone wants to know what's happening around the globe. This plugin brings latest news to members activity feed once a day or you can choose to push top stories as frequently as you like by clicking get news (I do this every 3/4 hours time to keep my activity feed buzzing). My members are loving it.

Once again SEADDONS released another amazing plugin. Thank you team SEADDONS.

Social Engine addons plugins never let us down
Recommended by TRISTA STEWART on March 8th, 2017 at 11:05pm

These guys support and plugins could only be described in one word "awesome" they never let you down, we use many of their plugins and they are all great and they offer wonderful support for them all, this plugin is no different.

Great Plugin
Recommended by Oboye Olutoni Olutobi on March 7th, 2017 at 6:53pm

This plugin has it all when it comes to rss feeds, with great display and a wide range of customization + quality support from SEAO, i would definitely recommend it for anyone using social engine


Support is provided via the Support section of your SocialEngineAddOns Client Area from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM (GMT + 05:30).




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News / RSS Importer Plugin

$ 89.00 Buy Now
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