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One Time Password (OTP) Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
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Verify user's Mobile Number during Registration or Landing Page form submission.


Phone Number can be enabled as a normal field or mandatory field during signup process. User has an option to login with default Email Address and Password, or provide your user an option to login via Password or OTP.


OTP is send to the registered phone number for a definite time duration. After this time duration, OTP gets expired. User can resend the OTP and continue the ongoing verification process.


User can associate country code and phone number from 'My Settings' section at user end. This number will be used for two factor verification during sign in process.

About the App

OTP Verification plugin verifies Mobile Number of users by sending verification code (OTP) during registration. It removes the possibility of a user registering with fake Email Address / Mobile Number. This plugin checks the existence of the Mobile Number and the ability of a user to access that Mobile Number.

OTP verification combines a user login—including a Password—with physical access to a smartphone or landline telephone to verify authorized access to an Account. A user can begin to log into a secured service by entering an ID and password, but then must receive a one-time code (OTC) or one-time password (OTP) via SMS texting or a voice telephone call using a phone number associated with the account. Entering this additional one-time credential constitutes the second step of verification or the second factor of authentication, with the idea that only someone who knows the correct account password and who physically possesses the required object (Mobile Phone and the associated Phone Number) can gain access to the account.

Key Features

Enable Phone Number as a field or mandatory field during signup process. Phone number of the user will be verified through OTP, thereby authenticating the user for your website. Option to login with default Email Address and Password, or provide your user an option to login via Password or OTP. Account security is quite important for the overall security of a website. Two factor authentication helps in achieving this security as user will require to enter both Password and OTP to login. OTP verification code can be send to website users in Numeric or Alphanumeric format based on the convenience of the website's admin.
OTP verification can be enabled for specific countries or all the countries based on the requirement of a website. Set a country as default which will be shown to users as pre-selected in signup form. If you have a multilingual website, then it would be logical to send OTP code and the message along with it in the native language of the user. This will make the connection strong of the website and its users. Set the count for number of login attempts via OTP verification. Once, the user exceeds these attempts, his account will be blocked for the defined period of time. This will block the unauthorised login attempts. The users who have linked a registered phone number with their account are listed separately. This will help in managing the details of such users in one place.
Compile the text in different languages, which you want to include with OTP verification code to be send to users for various process like: Sign Up, Login, Forget Password etc. Top two SMS Service has been integrated with this plugin: Amazon and Twilio and one service for testing purposes: Virtual SMS Client. Configure either one to start sending OTP verification code to your website users. Configured SMS service can also be used to send SMS to the website users by admin who have associated a phone number with their accounts. Users can be chosen based on Member Level, Profile Type or a particular user. View statistics related to SMS sent to users, over different time periods, for different process like: Sign Up, Login, Forget Password etc. or which are sent by Admin.

Users Control

Phone Number Two Factor Verification
Users can add / edit / change the associated phone number and country code with their account. Users can choose whether they want to enable / disable the two factor verification whenever they signin in their account.


  • OTP Duration: Set the time duration until which the OTP verification code will be valid.
  • OTP Code Length: Choose OTP code length between 3 and 9 for the OTP verification code being sent to site users.
  • OTP Code Format: Set the code format (Numeric or Alphanumeric) for the OTP verification code being sent to site users.
  • Allowed Countries: Choose the countries for which you want to enable OTP verification on your site. You can also set a default country which will be shown as pre-selected to site users.
  • Native Language: Option to send OTP verification message to users in their native language. Languages which are already configured and enabled on your site.
  • Login Options: Enable any one of the below login options on your site:
    • Default SocialEngine Login with Password.
    • Either with Password or OTP Verification Code.
    • Two Factor Verification i.e. both Password and OTP Verification Code.
  • Sign Up Process: Option to make Phone Number field mandatory in sign up process. You can also enable single or separate fields for Email Address and Phone Number in sign up form.
  • Manage Users: Manage users who have associated Phone Number with their account. They are listed separately from other users.
  • Send SMS: Send SMS to all or selected users, as per the requirement, who have associated Phone Number with their account.
  • Service Integration: Three services are available which can be configured with this plugin:
    • Amazon
    • Twilio
    • Virtual SMS Client: It allows to enable a service for testing purpose. A phone number is opened in the browser’s tab where user can receive OTP verification code.
  • Member Level Settings: Configure various settings on a per member level basis:
    • Two Factor Verification
    • OTP Count: Set the count of wrong attempts allowed to a user while entering a OTP verification code.
    • Time Duration to Reset OTP Count: Set the time duration after which OTP Count will be set to ‘0’.
    • User Blocking Duration: Set the time after which user can again attempt to signin / signup using OTP verification code.
  • SMS Templates: Set the template, in the various languages enabled on your site, to be sent in SMS with the OTP code for various process:
    • Signup
    • Login
    • Forget Password
    • Adding Phone Number
    • Editing Phone Number

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User Reviews



This worked perfectly
Recommended by Jett on December 6th, 2018 at 8:16am

This worked perfectly right after install. I used Amazon SMS, which the creators recommended. Another great product from SocialEngineAddons!

Nice Option to Avoid Spam
Recommended by Anita on October 25th, 2018 at 5:06am

This Option is perfect Choice if you think to Avoid Spam Signups. Working perfectly Integrated with Amazon SMS Feature. Think of using this Plugin Combined with following Plugins.



SMS Receiving is very fast and Instant. You can control OTP span from Admin panel. Thanks SEAO Team

This product has no reviews yet.


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One Time Password (OTP) Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 59.00
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