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Pet / Animal Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
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Create a virtual place to connect with fellow pet lovers and make a difference

Pet Home Page

Come with many built-in widgets such as Featured Pets slideshow, Sponsored Pets sticker, recently added pets, most viewed / commented / liked, plus Google Map with geo supported search

Pet Profile Page

Customizable via Layout Editor with built-in comments, photo album gallery, custom fields, discussion board tabs and many more

Admin Controls

Manage and search pets, ability to mark pets as Featured and/or Sponsored, detailed permission settings, support for custom fields / questions, and multi-level categories

About the App

This plugin allow to your user to have pets on your social networking site. It is extremely powerful and comes with plenty of features, with a lot of customization for admin. Please check out demo and see it for yourself.

Key Features

  • Pet home page and browse page are built using Layout Editor, allow you to drag and drop widgets just like global Home Page
  • Pet profile page is also similar to User Profile page, which can be modified using Layout Editor.
  • Mapping and location proximity search
  • Customizable fields and search
  • Admin approval process
  • Photo album view, upload, management
  • Support sub-categories (2nd level)
  • Discussion with sticky, closed topic supported
  • Featured / Sponsored icon with priority pre-sorting
  • Like / Unlike pet users
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Extensive built-in widgets


Landing / Browse Pets
  • Configurable via Admin Layout Editor (similar to Site/Member Home Page)
  • Built using built-in pet widgets, and can easily add other widgets, content etc.. to the page
  • Categories pet with customizable descriptions, icon
  • Recent posted pet, map, featured / sponsored blocks, most popular pets etc..
  • Popular pet tag cloud
  • Browse and search by category, tag, keyword etc..
  • Location proximity search supported
  • Customizable search fields for additional pet questions
  • Different ordering options with pre-sorting configurable by admin
Member Manage / Posting Pets
  • Easy browsing / search for member's posted pets
  • Category, Title, Description, Location, Keywords etc..
  • WYSIWYG Editor for full description content
  • Customizable additional fields
  • Privacy for view / comment / photo / discussion options
  • Ability to save page as draft
  • Ability to turn page online / offline for maintenance
  • Photos uploading and management
  • Location map, geo info editing
Pet Profile Page
  • Configurable via Admin Layout Page Editor (similar to User Profile)
  • Profile photo with quick link options
  • Pet overview with meta infos
  • Like / Unlike link with members preview
  • Activity feed and updates tab
  • Profile info tab (fields configurable in Admin)
  • About tab for pet full description (editable using WYSIWYG Editor)
  • Map for location and geo info (all adjustable by owner)
  • Photo gallery and album
  • Discussion with topic / post

Below are built-in widgets with a lot of configuration options / settings allowing you to customize the landing / profile pet page anyway you like.

  • Member Profile Tab - Profile Pets (configurable header, max pets, optional details, photo)
  • Pets - Pet Categories (configurable header, optional details, photo, description characters)
  • Pets - Featured Pets (configurable header, max pets, optional details, photo, title/description characters)
  • Pets - Sponsored Pets (configurable header, max pets, optional details, photo, title characters)
  • Pets - Recent Pets (configurable header, max pets, optional details, map, title/description characters)
  • Pets - Popular Tags (configurable header, number of tags, ordering)
  • Pets - Menu Navigation (Browse Pets | My Pets | Post New Pet)
  • Pets - Search Form
  • Pets - Most Commented (configurable header, max pets, optional details, photo, title characters, limit period)
  • Pets - Most Liked (configurable header, max pets, optional details, photo, title characters, limit period)
  • Pets - Most Viewed (configurable header, max pets, optional details, photo, title characters, limit period)
  • Profile - Pet Profile Photo (main pet photo)
  • Profile - Pet Profile Options (<span id="global_content_simple">displays a menu of actions such as edit, share, like, report etc.)</span>
  • Profile - Pet Profile Intro pet's short description with dynamic viewmore link
  • Profile - Pet Profile Meta poster, date, category, location, tags etc.
  • Profile - Pet Likes (display members liked the pet, configurable max members to be shown)
  • Profile - Activity Feed (built-in from core activity, configurable tab name)
  • Profile - Pet Profile Info (configurable tab name)
  • Profile - Pet Profile About (configurable tab name)
  • Profile - Pet Profile Map (configurable tab name)
  • Profile - Pet Profile Photos (configurable tab name)
  • Profile - Pet Profile Discussion (configurable tab name)
  • Profile - Profile Links (built-in from core link, configurable tab name)
Photo Album
  • Manage upload photos: title / description, delete, edit etc..
  • Photo gallery view album / single photo
  • Control who can upload photos
  • Photo tab on pet profile
  • Control who can post discussion
  • View / Edit / Delete Topics / Posts
  • Sticky and Closed posts
  • Discussion tab on pet profile


Manage Pages
  • Easy to browse pages using sorting and filter form
  • Overview pages details like title, view, date, owner, icons etc..
  • Mark page as Featured / Sticky
  • Approval
  • View / Edit / Delete pets
Global Settings
  • Public / Private permission setting for non-logged in user
  • Pre-Sorting setting allow Featured / Sponsored pages with higher ranking
  • Control number of pets on browse page
  • Control display map options: user preference, force, hidden
  • Customize pet map icon
  • Setting proximity distance unit (kilometer, mile)
  • Optional mark required fields: description, location, keywords
Member Level Setting
  • Granularity and detailed permission control
  • Permission to view: no, yes and for owner only, all pets
  • Permission to create: no, yes
  • Permission to edit: no, owner only, all pets
  • Permission to delete: no, owner only, all pets
  • Permission to comment: no, owner only, all pets
  • Permission to discuss: no, owner only, all pets
  • Permission to upload photos: no, owner only, all pets
  • Allow custom style: no, yes
  • Auto mark as Featured pets on posting
  • Auto mark as Sponsored pets on posting
  • Auto mark as Approved pets on posting
  • Privacy for View / Comment / Discussion / Photo Upload options
  • Limit number of pages can be posted (quota)
  • HTML / Tag Element Attribute filtering supported
Category / Customizable Fields
  • Easy to manage categories, edit, delete, move etc..
  • Support category descriptions for landing page display
  • Category icon photo upload supported
  • Support sub-categories (2nd level)
  • Allow to add additional fields, headers
  • Control customized fields to be search-able, displayable.

Screenshots and Demo

Please visit our website for more details.

User Reviews



If you want pets..
Recommended by Jamie Marvel on June 29th, 2012 at 2:50pm

If your site needs a way to integrate pets into your site this is a great choice. It is easy to install and administrate. In addition, it is flexible considering it is a very focussed plugin. I highly recommend it.

Note: I have put in a feature request and recieved no comment from the company. In fact, I would gladly pay for the feature. I am considering purchasing more plugins from this company. I will post if I get better response in the future. Support is a concern when reviewing a product purchase online. Added on {2012-07-23 19:47:08} I contacted the developer again with my request. I recieved a timely, helpful, and kind response.

An update to my review submitted June 29th

Nice Plugin - Excellent Support
Recommended by Tracey Gastineau on April 16th, 2012 at 10:40pm

We recently purchased the Pet Plugin. We have been very happy with the plugin and any time we have had a question Vincent has replied very quickly [usually within minutes]. His answers are straight forward and easy to understand. We highly recommend Radcodes!!

Recommended by Milan Gostimir on December 20th, 2011 at 6:38pm

Let&#039;s face it. People love their pets. And this feature is very likely to be used. Radcodes had made it turbo easy. Simple to install, easy to manage, and works excellent. Thank you!

great plugin and great support
Recommended by Francesco Marini on November 27th, 2011 at 10:34pm

great plugin and great support
Thank you Vincent
regards Francesco

A must have for any Social site!
Recommended by Luis Morales on April 12th, 2011 at 11:16pm

I have to give this plugin a 5 star rating. I have been wanting this plugin for a while now and just got it. Not only I got it, but also with it came great responses for my questions and a fast delivery service from Vincent. This is a must have plugin to any Social site in order to increment or start making profits. Nicely done, well explained and at a great price.

Great Plugin!
Recommended by steven mcintosh on March 18th, 2011 at 8:38pm

Works just like stated. I also needed a customization on one of the pages and had the answer in just a few hours.

Great job!

Great Plugin, Great Support
Recommended by Felicia Bass on January 29th, 2011 at 5:22am

This plugin works as described and then some. It is well thought out, logical and easy to use. I made a mistake and missed a module during install and customer support solved the problem quickly. Highly recommended. Thanks Radcodes.

Peter S.

Poor support for future versions of SE
Recommended by Michael Pena on November 18th, 2010 at 11:03pm

Purchased this plugin for SE v3 and it worked well. Wanted to upgrade to SE v4 so we purchased the pet plugin &quot;upgrade&quot;. Be warned that anyone purchasing an upgrade for the plugin from v3 to v4 will not be able to migrate their existing data. The plugin &quot;upgrade&quot; only updates the files and creates new tables to store the data, but offers no tool for migrating existing data. Therefore, you are stuck having to figure it out yourself or wipe your existing data clean and start over (not a good idea if you have 500+ users with pet data already in the system). Vincent, the president of Radcodes, offered virtually no help with migrating the old data whatsoever.

Bottom line, if you have an older version of this plugin, do not purchase the upgrade unless you know how to migrate all the old data yourself. We learned this the hard way.

Recommended by Richard Sands on October 19th, 2010 at 4:34pm

Great customer service and the plugin works perfectly!!


Recommended by Luca Tollio on October 14th, 2010 at 4:53pm

I am very satisfied with this plugin, it works well and is extremely well supported!


Our email support is available M-F during business hours.




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Pet / Animal Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
$ 60.00 Buy Now
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