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Feature random videos or a specific video category in this widget.

Show Random Videos to Your Members

This horizontal view shows how you can set up the widget by category. You can choose different categories to show off on a custom page you make in the layout editor.

Easy Install and Set up!

Very easy to install and set up. Just point and click to install via package manager and then drag and drop via the layout editor!

Settings to Put You in Control!

Control exactly how you want it to display, how many videos you want to see, the length of the description for the videos and even choose a category.

About the App

This free SocialEngine plugin will add a block to display Random videos by all categories or by a category that you choose on your site wherever you want it via the Layout Editor.

Note that the only place to get our SocialEngine Random Videos widget is here . It is a free download. If you find it anyplace else, that would be an illegal copy and could contain back doors and malware. Why get an illegal copy when you can get the original free?


  • You choose how many videos¬†show in the block.
  • You choose the category to display or display from all categories.
  • Choose between Vertical and Horizontal display.
  • You control how long the blogs' description is in the block.
  • Multi-language compatible. Phrases for "By" and "Posted on" are in the language manager.
  • Add your own block title.
  • Simple install and setup.


  • This only shows the videos and does not have a button to play the videos.
  • Horizontal plugin works best with a limit of 3 videos for how many to show.
  • Horizontal plugin works best with a word limit of 125 for the text length.
  • The demo site has a custom page set up to show different ways to use the plugin. You can easily make the same type of page using your layout editor.

You could monetize with this by creating a "Featured" category and putting videos in there that your members pay you to feature. Just set the video category to that category number and voila!

Requires at least SocialEngine PHP version 4.9.4p4 We recommend being on current 4.10.3p2

Demo Log in: Note to replace the "AT" and "DOT" below with @ and .

Login: demo(AT)scripttechs(DOT)com

Password: awesome

Login: demo1(AT)scripttechs(DOT)com

Password: awesome

Installation instructions are found in our ScriptTechs forum which is linked in the App Support tab. Support for free plugins is via our forum. Limited support via our BryZar help desk.

If you like this free plugin, please be sure to rate it. Seeing good ratings keeps us making more plugins. You can consider a rating your thank you for our work

This product has no reviews yet.

This product has no reviews yet.


Support for free plugins is via our ScriptTechs' forum. Our help desk support (via our BryZar company) is limited for free plugins.


Below is a list of all versions of this product along with all the information including compatible SocialEngine PHP version. Major releases (as designated by the developer) are shown in bold. A major release tends to contain a great number of improvements, new features, or bug fixes. Minor releases are generally small patches and fixes. Please note that the developer's release version will not, in most cases, be the same version number as SocialEngine releases.

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Random Videos Widget

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
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