Recommendations & Suggestions

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Engaging content discovery for your website members

Engaging widgetized content discovery page

Widgetized content discovery portal page with many aggregated content suggestion widgets

Algorithmic content recommendation

Unique algorithms to surface relevant content for website members

Recommendation and engagement dialog

Active recommendation increases interactivity and creates additional social communication channel

About the App

Recommendations plugin creates a whole new way for your website members to discover new content. Carefully designed algorithms create recommendations based on social path and other metrics, such as groups recently joined by member friends', popular events or events created by member friends' and so on.

The plugin supports any 3rd party content due to innovative design.

Widgetized content discovery portal allows your members to quickly find fresh and interesting content on your site.

Interactive recommendation widgets available for many pages as a separate widgets as well as a single recommendation widget which includes all the content in one widget and can be placed on user homepage or website homepage.

Specially designed caching mechanism ensures fast page loads.

Your website engagement will skyrocket and members will be happy to discover new and interesting content



  • Unique recommendations widgets for content pages
  • Supports all the official plugins, such as
    1. Recommended Groups
    2. Recommended Events
    3. Recommended Blogs
    4. Recommended Forums
    5. Recommended Albums
    6. ... and many more
  • Supports any 3rd party content
  • Deep Caching for fast pages access
  • Full administrative capability, manage and easily configure the plugin from admin panel

Advanced Features

  • Discover Page - Widgetized content discovery portal page with many aggregated content suggestion widgets
  • Engagement dialog - recommend new content, create active engagement with your site members
  • Advanced recommendation algorithms -

    1. Album - Created by my friends
    2. Album - My friends commented on
    3. Album - My friends liked
    4. Blog - Created by my friends
    5. Blog - My friends commented on
    6. Blog - My friends liked
    7. Classified - Created by my friends
    8. Classified - My friends commented on
    9. Classified - My friends liked
    10. Event - Created by my friends
    11. Event - My friends joined
    12. Event - From same event owner
    13. Event - From same category
    14. Forum - Created by my friends
    15. Forum - My friends posted on
    16. Forum - My friends watch
    17. Forum - My friends viewed
    18. Group - Created by my friends
    19. Group - My friends joined
    20. Group - From same group owner
    21. Group - From same category
    22. Music - Created by my friends
    23. Music - My friends commented on
    24. Music - My friends liked
    25. Poll - Created by my friends
    26. Poll - My friends commented on
    27. Poll - My friends voted on
    28. Poll - My friends liked
    29. Video - Created by my friends
    30. Video - My friends commented on
    31. Video - My friends liked
  • Suggest Friends - Recommend/suggest friends for new members or members that have less then 5 friends
  • Haven't been on site for a long period - Recommend interacting with a member that hasn't visited your site for a long time - such as 30 days
  • No Profile picture - Recommend a profile picture for new members or members with no profile photo

  • Create Generic suggestions for any 3rd party plugin

Administrative Features

  • Easily edit widgetized Content discovery page using SocialEngine Layout Manager
  • Disable/Enable direct menu links to content page
  • Disable/Enable and edit various parameters for many content plugibs
  • Place content discovery widgets on any widget-enabled supported page

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Recommendations & Suggestions

$ 69.00 Buy Now
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