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Social Media Login Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 27.00

Allows signup & login using pre-verified accounts on social media networks.

Possible Designs of the Social Media Login Buttons

This plugin comes with many design possibilities depending on the page you are placing the buttons and the settings you choose from the admin panel.

Social Media Login Buttons on Login Page

Social Media Login buttons can be placed in the Left, Right or Bottom of the Login page with 3 design possibilities. Admin can choose to show buttons with icon, text or both.

Social Media Login Buttons on Sign Up Page

Social Media Login buttons can be placed in the Left, Right or Bottom of the Signup page with 3 design possibilities. Admin can choose to show buttons with icon, text or both.

About the App

Offer 1 from SocialEngineSolutions: Flat 30% discount till 25th January, 2019. Get this plugin in $27 instead of $39 till offer last.

Offer 2 from SocialEngineSolutions: First Installation Service is FREE on purchase of this Plugin.

Offer 3 from SocialEngineSolutions: Free 1 hour custom service to be availed within 7 days of purchase of this plugin.

Social Media Login plugin increases user registrations on your website by allowing users to logging on your website using their existing social media credentials and pre-verified accounts.

This plugin provides single sign-on from existing social networking services and simplifies registrations and logins for your users. If the provider share user’s email information (Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, Flickr does not share the user email address, for example), then with this plugin you will get real email addresses rather than some fake email ids.

Key Features

  • Supported Providers: 10 supported providers including Twitter – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Hotmail (Microsoft Live), Vkontakte, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo and Flickr.
  • Quick Signup: Enable “Quick Signup” via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google & Hotmail providers for direct user account creation without entering details in signup form. Redirection of members can be chosen.
  • 1 Click Easy Registration & Login: With a one-click registration and login, this plugin improves customer retention. No need to worry about support requests due to forgotten passwords!
  • Integration with Popups in Our Themes: Social Media Login providers are integrated with the login and signup popups in themes from SocialEngineSolutions. Support available for SE login and signup popup also.
  • 100% Responsive: The social login interface is optimized for all devices and will automatically adjust to the resolution of your website in Mobile phones, tablets and desktop.
  • Seamless Integration: Social Media Login is fully customizable and will seamlessly integrate with existing login / registration system of your website.
  • Increases Customer Acquisition & Registrations: One Click login and signup makes it easy for users to come again and again to your website as they do not need to enter their details while logging or signup.
  • Clean and Simple UI: This plugin provides simple, neat and clean design to the login and signup forms and user will not afraid in signing up by seeing the traditional long signup forms.
  • Manage Trust & Get Updated: Since logging with other social networking services is a trend of Today, give your users good impression that your website is updated according to the latest trends.
  • Maximize Mobile Acquisition: With responsiveness of this plugin drive acquisition across all the devices and enable mobile users to easily login with Touch versus Type.
  • Retrieve Profile Picture: Login with social networking services will retrieve their profile pictures on those websites, so you will have good looking profiles on your websites.
  • Statistics: View Statistics of number of sign-ups with each social networking service provider.

Admin Panel

  • Admin can enable / disable social network service provider according to the requirements.
  • Admin can create APIs for each social network service provider.
  • Admin can enable / disable Quick Signup for supported providers. For each supported provider, admin can:
    • Choose default Profile Type
    • Choose default Member Level
    • Redirection of Member on Quick Signup
  • Configure Widgets for the placement and design of Login buttons on various places.
  • View Statistics

User Reviews



Recommended by Kaliptify on December 21st, 2018 at 7:10am

I want to especially thank the after-sales staff of this plug-in. When I encounter problems, they will take the trouble to help me solve them. Thank you very much indeed, and I believe you will get better and better

User Reviews

A new amazing plugin
Recommended by Rose Marie Perez on September 3rd, 2017 at 7:16pm

Here is another fantastic plugin from Socialengine Solutions. And as always...excellent work. Very sueful and a must have

Another must-have plugin from SES
Recommended by Vasil Vyagov on August 31st, 2017 at 7:51am

By purchasing this module I haven't expected anything else from Social Engine Solutions products , but another very useful add-on, which is well built and easy to control. Having the experience with the best and most of the well known Social Engine developers, for the present moment, after over an year working together-I'm sure you will not make a mistake, if decide to chose SES
Keep the good work guys!

great and easy to use
Recommended by Juan Hurtado on August 31st, 2017 at 5:15am

Finally what makes people sign in to mysite much faster than any form... It's spam free because you can log using the most trusted networks and it has a lot of cool little features, like for the admin checking which social media people are using more to sign in, it will retrieve their profile pictures on those websites so that at least the members will look more real, I love it ;)

It makes my site look great and it's very easy to use plus it has SES team behind it which makes it all the better ;)

Amazing and useful plugin...
Recommended by lud b. on August 30th, 2017 at 9:06pm

I can finally leave other third party plugim for this amazing new plugin. All the social I need to provide the best service to users.
I want to thank SES for the amazing support they always provide.

The best company for Socialengine I ever worked with.

Thanks for your job.

Amazing Social media login
Recommended by Stephen King on July 11th, 2017 at 2:01pm

I have been actually looking for a better way to make the sign up process easier on my site. but this plugin just answer that question for me. In three days I could immediately notice a fantastic change in the number of new users per day on my site. People are actually looking for a one click signup process and here is the answer.


We provide support via our SocialEngineSolutions client area from Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM (GMT + 05:30).


Below is a list of all versions of this product along with all the information including compatible SocialEngine PHP version. Major releases (as designated by the developer) are shown in bold. A major release tends to contain a great number of improvements, new features, or bug fixes. Minor releases are generally small patches and fixes. Please note that the developer's release version will not, in most cases, be the same version number as SocialEngine releases.

  • App Version SE PHP Version App Release Date Options
  • Version SE Version Date Options
  • 4.10.3p2 4.10.3p2 Aug 25, 2018 View


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Social Media Login Plugin

SocialEngine Certified SocialEngine Certified
$ 27.00
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