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Wink / Poke Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
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A simple way to increase your member engagement

Wink Home Page

Editable via Layout Editor with many built-in widgets such as Popular Winks, Featured slideshow, Sponsored sticker, Top Senders / Receivers, Recent Activities etc..

Wink Profile Page

Display list of wink's activities between members, showcase top senders, and top receivers to encourage even more engagement

Admin Controls

Manage and search winks, browse activities, control member permissions, and categories to fit your needs

About the App

This plugin allows your members to send wink, poke, and variety type of actions, objects to other members. It helps you create a more fun / interactive environment for your site, increase exposure and engagement between your members.

Key Features

  • Main public pages are widgetized, and manageable via Admin :: Layout Editor
    • Wink Home / Landing Page
    • Wink Browse Page
    • Wink Profile Page
    • Wink Activity Profile Page
    • Member's Wink Page
  • Browse wink, poke, and different actions / objects with search / filter options
  • Integrated featured / sponsored winks to promo cool/fun actions
  • Popular winks for most sent by members
  • Top stats for most active wink senders and receivers
  • Member's wink page for activities, most sent / received winks, and popular senders / receivers
  • Integrated with member profile page with quick send wink link, and tabs
  • Support optional message, and privacy for sent winks.
  • Wink activity streams
  • Many built-in widgets allow you to totally control the layout / design per your needs

Back-End Features

  • Manage winks with sorting / filtering
  • View and manage member's sent wink activities with searching supported
  • Categories can have photo/icon and description with ability to move / ordering them
  • Add and define any type of wink, poke, and actions / objects
  • User-Level control permission, who can send, view, receive winks etc..
  • Ability to mark winks as featured / sponsored
  • Support pre-ordering to push more prioritized winks on top


Home Page and Browse Page
  • Browse Winks
  • Categories
  • Send New Wink
  • List Wink Activities
  • List Winks
  • Main Menu
  • Featured Winks
  • Sponsored Winks
  • Search Form
  • Top Receivers
  • Top Senders
Wink Profile
  • Wink Activities
  • Wink Breadcrumb
  • Wink Description
  • Wink Icon Featured
  • Wink Icon Sponsored
  • Wink Info
  • Wink Photo
  • Wink Send Link
  • Wink Social Share
  • Wink Title
  • Wink Tools
  • Wink Top Receivers
  • Wink Top Senders
Wink Activity (Sent Wink) Profile
  • Activity Breadcrumb
  • Activity Comments
  • Activity Details
  • Activity History
  • Activity Social Shares
  • Activty Tools
Wink Member Profile
  • Member Activities
  • Member Breadcrumb
  • Member Most Received Winks
  • Member Most Sent Winks
  • Member Photo
  • Member Send Wink Link
  • Member Social Shares
  • Member Title
  • Member Top Receivers
  • Member Top Senders

Screenshots and Demo

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User Reviews



Recommended by Jody Boyer on January 10th, 2012 at 11:52pm

Great Plugin for any site!

Wink/Poke/Slam/Do Anything/Customise, and more...
Recommended by Sean White on January 9th, 2012 at 5:35am

I have to say, this is the first review I've written about a third party product so far, during my time using Social Engine; and for someone like me with fairly little knowledge of any web language or installing things on servers, or customising third party products, this plugin is pretty intuitive.

If you don't like the fact that you're "winking" at someone, you can change it. - That's what struck me about this plugin; It's about as customisable as you can get with Social Engine plugins. I was screaming out for something just like Facebook's "Super-Poke" app, and this plugin answered my call.

Don't like it being a "winks" plugin? You can change it!
I changed it to "slam'd" (playing off the popular tv show "punk'd") so that my customers could perform virtual wrestling moves on one another (my customer base is wrestling fans, in case you didn't get that!) ;)

Through this plugin, I've just developed a great little app game for my social network, at a fraction of the cost.

It comes with 4 standard "emoticon" style images, but you can change or delete these and even add your own, just like I did.

If people aren't using certain "winks" or whatever you decide to call them, you can highlight these "unused" actions by listing them as "featured" or "sponsored" actions and they'll show up in aesthetically pleasing slideshow widgets.

You can change every word and reference to "wink" or "winks" or any action such as "winked at" and make it your own just by searching in the Social Engine language manager. - I later found out this can be done for most things on Social Engine, but I discovered it with this plugin...

Even in the admin panel, if things still show up as "winks" or whatever, you can change that in the menu manager too.

On the other hand, if you just want a simple "Pokes" plugin for now, perhaps with the option to expand on it later, this is still a handy add-on for you. Again, you can customise the add-on simply to showcase one action: "Poke" and trim the plugin back to a very basic level and still enjoy it for your needs, safe in the knowledge that if you ever changed your mind and wanted to add more actions, you wouldn't need to buy any further plugins; you could just add to your existing set-up by adding more actions to the list of pokes/winks or whatever.

There's really a lot you can do with this add-on and it certainly suits a variety of needs. Well worth having!

I purchased the installation service with this plugin as I wasn't yet confident to install things myself, and Vincent from Radcodes did the job fairly swiftly once I'd sent him the necessary details in a support ticket. (These people aren't mind readers; they won't install your plugins straight after purchase - you need to give them your FTP information otherwise they can't access your server!)

I even e-mailed Vincent for support and he responded within 24 hours with a comprehensive and detailed answer, enabling me to further modify the plugin.

Of the many developers out there, most either don't offer support past version 3 or they have disappeared off the face of the earth... There are a few good Social Engine plugin developers, still, and Radcodes is one you can trust.

At the risk of sounding cheesy.... These codes are rad.

Amazing Plugin & funny
Recommended by rony semaan on December 3rd, 2011 at 5:27am

People need to express themselves differently than typing words, this Plugin is great cuz members can poke/winks each other w/out the need of typing anything. i like the icons graphics & the Plugin is very easy to install & setup.
I recommend anyone to add add as its fun & people will love it.


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Wink / Poke Plugin

  • by Radcodes for SocialEngine PHP v : 4.8 - 4.10.2
$ 40.00 Buy Now
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