Piracy Policy

This policy covers all aspects of your account with us and all interactions on any of our websites. Webligo Developments, LLC takes a strong stance against software piracy of any kind.

For the purpose of this agreement, software piracy includes any of the following:

  • Distributing our software files without written permission.
  • Uploading our software files to any medium for downloading or sharing purposes.
  • Using reverse engineering techniques in order to copy our product.
  • Using “nulled” versions of our product. Nulled versions have the license removed and are available free at sites that offer such products. These are referred to as piracy sites and can say “for educational purposes.” You are encouraged to contact us should you find sites like this before downloading or using anything from them, to verify validity of its use.
  • Using nulled versions of third party expert products.
  • Sharing, uploading or distributing in any manner the products of experts in the SocialEngine store.

Should we find evidence of piracy, we will do one or all of the following after a full investigation:

  • Immediately remove your access to our community.
  • Restrict or remove your access to our store.
  • Remove your SocialEngine license, which becomes forfeit upon your sharing or distributing of our SocialEngine software files.
  • In the event of piracy of expert products, we will inform the expert of the issue. This will include sharing your email and domain with the expert. By using our store, you agree to these terms.
  • In the event of piracy by an expert, the expert account will be rejected and not allowed to be reinstated. We will inform any clients that ask, whether in private or public, the reason for your dismissal from the expert community.

We are aware that participating in pirated products can open your site and your computer to threats from malware, viruses, back doors and other undesirable effects of such actions. It is our sincere hope that these efforts will help protect the interests of our company, our clients, and those of our expert community.

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