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Core Features

SocialEngine PHP makes diverse styles of social networking possible. You decide how your community members will connect, share, and interact with each other on your site. See all Core Features »

Dedicated Mobile Apps

The future is mobile, so why should your community get left behind? SocialEngine comes with free dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps that you can list in the Apple/Android store.
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Photo Albums

Members can populate feeds with images, connect via photo tagging, and share whole albums to create a visually engaging community. These days, a picture is worth a thousand likes.
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Give every member a voice with their own personal blog. In addition to encouraging content generation and personal expression, blogs improve the search engine visibility of your community.
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Members can create groups to socialize around any topic with other members who have similar interests. Groups act as smaller communities within your community, and are places of discussion and sharing under member control.
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Members can organize community events for online and offline activities. Event guests can share updates, links, music, photos, and videos in a special feed, or post a discussion topic just like a forum post.
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Chat & IM

Introduce live chat for a whole new level of interactivity. Real-time conversations can happen privately between members, or publicly in chat rooms.
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Music Sharing

From full playlists to single song posts, members can share music with your community by embedding music players into profiles, and by posting directly to the activity feed.
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Forums, the old-school framework for online communities, remain a popular form of interaction. Add forums so members can create and participate in discussions about their interests.
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Host classifieds listings for goods and services, and create a trusted community marketplace where members can post and browse items.
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Video Sharing

Members can share videos from YouTube, Vimeo or hundreds of popular sites or upload videos from their computers. Leverage viral social media to keep members engaged and entertained.
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Gather community feedback with polls. Members can ask one another questions and see results with illustrated statistical data.
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Travel Listings

Members can post travel listings and real estate. With the Travel plugin, you can create a free or paid travel community!
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Business Listings

Members can post business listings and promote their business. With the Business plugin, you can create a free or paid business community!
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Employment Listings

The Employment Listings plugin allows your members to post their job listings or search for jobs. This versatile plugin puts you in full control.
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Start Building Your Community Today

You'll have complete control with the flexibility to build whatever you want. Help is just a click away with our ticket desk, Learning Center, and active community. Our active development cycle ensures that you'll have bug patches, new features and improvements on a timely basis.

SocialEngine is award winning software for building social network communities.